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If you ’ ra building your own vape coils it ’ south significant to test the resistance of your coils before you fire them .
To accurately test the resistance of your coils you ’ ll need to invest in one of the best ohm readers money can buy !
So what are the best ohm readers for testing vape coils ? …
After using dozens of ohm meters over the years, we’ve narrowed it down to just five:

  • GeekVape 521 Tab Ohm Meter
  • Coil Master 521 Mini V2
  • Coil Master 521 Plus Tab
  • Eleaf Ohm Reader
  • 521 Tab Mini V3

flying note : We lone review and recommend products we ’ ve tried and tested. If this post contains an affiliate connection we may receive a small commission on any purchase made at no extra cost to you .

Best Ohm Readers | The List

1. GeekVape 521 Tab Ohm Meter

0.01 – 9.9ohms | Spring Loaded 510 Connection | Test Fire Function
Powered by a individual 18650 battery and measuring merely 93.6 ten 75.4 adam 24.7 ( millimeter ), the GeekVape 521 Tab Ohm Meter is extremely compress and portable .
You can test a resistance stove of 0.01 – 9.9ohms by screwing your build deck onto the meter via the amber plated, spring loaded 510 connection thread .
Like most of the best ohm readers available today, the GeekVape 521 Tab has a test fire/dry burn serve so you can fire the coil and test it without having to attach it to your vape mod .
The GeekVape has a manual ignition button and LED display. personally, I ’ ve been using the 521 Tab for the past few months and I ’ vitamin d be lost without it. It feels solid and hardy, with no jiggle or campaign – perfective as a al-qaeda for build up and testing your coils !

2. Coil Master 521 Tab Mini V2

0.05 – 9.9ohms | Spring Loaded 510 Connection | Test Fire Function | Voltage Checker Function
The Coil Master 521 Tab Mini V2 ohm meter is made from gamey grade stainless steel steel, with a spring load brass section 510 connection. The Mini V2 is highly authentic and accurate, allowing you to test a immunity range between 0.05 – 9.9ohms .
Measuring only 80 adam 80 ten 28 ( millimeter ) the Mini V2 is humble in both name and nature. Despite this it feels sturdy and provides a great base for a build pack of cards .
much like the early entries on this number, the Coil Master Mini V2 has a dry burn/test fire officiate allowing you to fire coils a low as 0.1ohms. The Mini V2 besides includes a electric potential checking function to allow you to check the voltage output of your batteries .
It ’ sulfur powered by a single 18650 barrage but unlike the GeekVape reader above, the barrage can be charged immediately in the device. Overall, the Mini V2 is a fantastic ohm meter and easily one of the best ohm readers available today !

3. Coil Master 521 Plus Tab

0.03 – 9.9ohms | Spring Loaded 510 Connection | Test Fire Function | Voltage Checker Function
Another entrance from the much acclaimed Coil Master series, the Plus Tab version is the biggest ohm lector on the tilt measure in at 130 x 130 ten 30 ( millimeter ). The size and weight of the Coil Master 521 Plus Tab makes it superintendent uncompromising and truly helps to reduce bowel movement when build up .
It besides includes a dry burn/test fire affair and comes with a detachable voltage checker which allows you to check the voltage output signal of your batteries .
The Plus Tab besides gives you the choice of using either unmarried or double 18650 batteries to baron the subscriber. The batteries can be charged internally via micro USB and with the double battery choice you won ’ t need to recharge very much .
While it ’ s the most expensive ohm meter on the list it ’ mho besides the easiest to build with. Solid, uncompromising and highly reliable, the Coil Master 521 Plus Tab is decidedly worth considering .

4. Eleaf Ohm Reader

0.01 – 9.9ohms | 510 Connection | Voltage Checker Function
If you ’ ve been vaping for even a curtly duration of time you ’ re probably familiar with Eleaf ’ second image of vape gear. Their foray into the ohm meter world was met with largely positive reviews .
The Eleaf ohm proofreader is the cheapest meter on this list by far and it ’ sulfur one I ’ ve been using for the past respective years. It ’ south reliable and measures coil resistance from 0.01-9.9ohms. It besides uses a 3 digit 7 segment LED display.

The Eleaf ohm reader measures in at only 73 ten 49 ten 19 ( millimeter ) making it the smallest one on the list and perfect for chucking in your vape bag. It doesn ’ t have the capability to dry burn coils but it does allow you to check the electric potential output on your batteries .
Powered by 2 AA batteries, the Eleaf ohm reader is perfect for the novice builder. It ’ sulfur authentic and accurate and works big for such a fair price !

5. 521 Tab Mini V3

0.01 – 9.9ohms | Spring Loaded 510 Connection | Test Fire Function
The final entry on our list, the 521 Tab Mini V3 is another compact ohm subscriber measuring merely 82 x 61 ten 26 ( millimeter ). Like the Eleaf above this ohm lector uses a 3 digit 7 segment LED display .
It ’ s the cheapest option if you want an ohm lector with a dry burn off serve and it tests resistances ranging from 0.01-9.9ohms. It ’ mho powered by a unmarried 18650 battery ( not included ) and it ’ second charged via micro USB .
A slight drawback with the 521 Tab is the condom ‘ feet ’ on the bottom. They aren ’ t the best and could have been made bigger to reduce motion while building .
overall though it placid makes coil build far easier and it ’ mho one of the best ohm readers we ’ ve used over the past few years .

Do You Need To Test Your Coil Resistance?

Testing your coil before you use it allows you to make the necessity adjustments to the coil before you start using it to vape .
You should never assume your coil is working veracious without first testing it. This is particularly true if you ’ re using an unregulated mod ( mechanical mod ) .
With an unregulated mod there ’ s no expose or in-built ohm tester to tell you whether the coil you ’ ve installed is functioning correctly or built to the desired resistance. If you fire the handbuild and there ’ s a problem you won ’ thyroxine know until it ’ south besides recently !
even on a regulated mod with in-built base hit features it ’ s a effective idea to test your coil before you wick it and apply e-juice. This way you can verify the electric resistance of your coil and set the appropriate electrical power on your vape .

Do I Need An Ohm Reader With A Dry Burn Function?

While this international relations and security network ’ metric ton a necessary feature it surely is useful. You can dry burn the gyrate in your vape but having the feature on your ohm proofreader makes the process a lot easier .
You should always dry burn your coil to make indisputable the open area of your coil is glowing evenly. Dry burning a coil helps to remove heat spots and improves the overall relish and vaporization produced .
again, if you ’ re using an unregulated mod you shouldn ’ t fire or dry burn the coil in your mod without at least verifying the resistance. Investing in one of the best ohm readers on this list buys you peace of thinker .

Can You Use Your Mod to Test the Resistance of Your Coil?

If the regulated mod you ’ ra using has an accurate display that tells you the resistance of your gyrate then this is sufficient to verify the resistance of your coil build. While it won ’ thyroxine read angstrom accurate as one of the ohm readers above it should still give you an approximate read .
Using one of the ohm readers on this number ensures an accurate and on-key reading. Again, if you ’ re using an unregulated mod then you can ’ triiodothyronine use it to test the underground of your coil and an ohm subscriber is all-important .

Can You Use a Multi-Meter to Test Your Coil Resistance?

While you can use a multi-meter to test your coil this international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine something we ’ vitamin d recommended. The resistance read out on a multi-meter acquire ’ triiodothyronine be about deoxyadenosine monophosphate accurate as one of the ohm readers above .
If you do want to use a multi-meter to test your coil resistance good make sure to set the meter to the lowest ohm place ( normally 20 ). then test the resistance on your meter probes by touching them together .
Remember this resistance as you ’ ll motivation to minus it off the concluding read out when you test your coil. future place one of the probes on the positive peg ( in the middle of the 510 connection ) and the other on the outdoor of the 510 thread.

Hold the probes in invest for several seconds while the multi-meter settles. last remember to take away the resistance that showed when you touched the probes together from the final resistance when you tested the coil .
And that ’ s it folks ! We hope you found our tilt of the best ohm readers useful. If you think there ’ s an ohm reader we ’ ve overlooked or you have any questions about testing your coils we ’ vitamin d love to hear from you in the comments section below .

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