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Accounting Major (B.B.A.)

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Major code BB6121

College of Business
Accountancy, School of
Copeland Hall 514
Athens, OH 45701
telephone : 740.593.2020
Fax : 740.593.2412
cobstudentservices @
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David Stott, liaison person
dstott @

Program Overview

The mission of the School of Accountancy is to provide an engaging learning experience that transforms students into promising accounting professionals of integrity ready to serve the ball-shaped economy. We provide a superior education with competent professors who challenge their students to excel and who support their students ’ master aspirations. The School of Accountancy has maintained separate AACSB ( the highest account accrediting body ) accounting accreditation since 1995 .
The course of study completed by School of Accountancy graduates provides all account and business courses required to sit for the CPA examen ( broadly referred to as being CPA ready ) in most jurisdictions. successful students can choose to complete the 150 semester hour requirement by doubly major as an undergraduate student or by enrolling in a annual graduate program ( such as Ohio University ’ sulfur Master of Accountancy program ). The School of Accountancy course of study incorporates an active teach access for teaching. This approach goes beyond preparing students in technical account content by emphasizing teamwork, professional research of report issues, and communication skills.

Admissions Information

Freshman/First-Year Admission

Freshmen will be admitted to the College on a selective basis. normally, you will need to be in the top 20 percentage of your high school course, with a solid college preparatory course of study. You are expected to have above-average GPA ( 3.0 or better ) and besides have demonstrated leadership potential through participation in extracurricular activities or work experience. Members of groups that are historically underrepresented in business will receive special consideration.

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Change of Program Policy

The College of Business allows a express number of students from other Ohio University academic colleges to apply for transfer into the College of Business. It should be noted that the transportation requirements differ for students at the conclusion of their freshmen class and students in their sophomore and junior years. The College of Business reserves the right to limit transfer admissions as necessary .

External Transfer Admission

Any scholar considering transfer to the College of Business is strongly encouraged to contact the College ’ sulfur Office of Student Services a early as possible. You must be enrolled in the College before your senior class to allow for the College ’ s 32-hour residency requirement. You must earn at least 50 percentage of the commercial enterprise recognition hours required for the business academic degree at Ohio University. Accounting majors are expected to complete all upper level account courses at Ohio University. One or two upper charge accounting courses may be completed at another AACSB – accredit report platform with the blessing of the Director of the School .

Opportunities Upon Graduation

Students are train to successfully complete the Certified Public Accountant ( CPA ) interrogation and are well cook to work in careers with populace accounting firms, with state and federal government organizations, within corporations as contribution of the corporate account staff or home audit staff, with nonprofit organization organizations, and with law enforcement organizations performing fiscal forensic evaluation ( e.g.. FBI, CIA, etc ) .


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