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Prepare for a reward, challenging, high-paying career by studying to become a mechanical engineer in a personalize, student-centered environment. You ’ ll learn professional design techniques and strategies and have the find to implement them through inquiry, projects, and internship opportunities .
Our faculty, staff, students, alumni, and diligence partners work synergistically to improve the state of Arizona and club at bombastic, through mechanical mastermind research, education, and service .
mechanical Engineering ( ME ) is one of the broadest engineering disciplines. A mechanical engineer academic degree provides an excellent background for a broad range of engineering careers and for careers that require a firm technical background. The Mechanical Engineering Department at NAU offers programs leading to bachelor of science, maestro of science, overlord of engineering, and repair of philosophy degrees in mechanical engineering .

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News from NAU Mechanical Engineering

Latest student awards

The ME mini-Baja team finished its competition with the following accomplishments : 5th place overall in the contest, 4th topographic point in endurance and 2nd locate in suspension, out of 150 participating universities .
This year ’ randomness Collegiate Wind Competition team placed 2nd in their technical plan and 7th overall, out of 13 teams.

The rocket club and AISES members participated in the 2020-2021 NASA sponsored First Nations Launch High Powered Rocket Launch and placed one-third put overall .

Latest publications

Norris NG, Merritt WC, Becker TA. application of nondestructive mechanical word picture testing for creating in vitro vessel models with material properties alike to human neurovasculature. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A, 1-11, 2021. PMID : 34617389, DOI : 10.1002/jbm.a.37314
D.R. Higueras Ruiz, M.W. Shafer, and H.P. Feigenbaum. “ Cavatappi artificial muscles, ” Science Robotics, vol. 6, no. 53, 2021 .
Amirhossein Arzani, Jian-Xun Wang, and Roshan M. D ’ Souza “ Uncovering near-wall blood flow from sparse data with physics-informed nervous networks ”, Physics of Fluids 33, 071905 ( 2021 ) – Editor ’ mho Featured Article .
Jan Štefan, Slavomír Parma, René Marek, Jirí Plešek, Constantin Ciocanel and Heidi Feigenbaum “ Overview of an experimental broadcast for Development of Yield Surfaces Tracing Method ” Appl. Sci. 2021, 11, 7606 .

Latest research awards

Tim Becker – STTR Phase II : application of PPODA-QT for embolization of aneurysms, NIH, $ 1,482,248
Amir Arzani – Collaborative Research : Enhanced 4D-Flow MRI through Deep Data Assimilation for Hemodynamic Analysis of Cardiovascular Flows, NSF, $ 91,486
Zach Lerner – CAREER : Hybrid Ankle Exoskeleton Therapy to Optimize Long-Term Gait Rehabilitation, NSF, $ 538,563
Michael Shafer – IIBR Instrumentation : organize innovations in radio telemetry ( CIRT ) for wildlife, NSF, $ 601,895

Constantin Ciocanel – Scholarship Opportunities for Student Retention and Degree Attainment in Undergraduate Engineering and Computer Science Programs, NSF, $ 1,493,224
Amir Arzani – CAREER : synergetic physics-based and deep memorize cardiovascular stream model, NSF, $ 299,170

Latest faculty awards

NAU ’ s award for Most Significant Innovation in Tech Transfer

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