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Learn how to create Nintendo Accounts for kids so the whole family can participate in the My Nintendo Rewards Program and earn their own My Nintendo points.


The My Nintendo Rewards Program gives you a luck to earn points that can be used to obtain discounts, digital contented, and other rewards. A Nintendo Account is required to receive and redeem My Nintendo points. Parents and guardians can create and manage individual Nintendo Accounts for children ages 12 and younger. This lets everyone in the family have fun gain and redeeming My Nintendo points on their own accounts, while letting you stay in control of the family group. Parents, here’s how you can get your child set up:

PlayFamilyAccount_update_screen1.jpg Step 1: Log in to your Nintendo Account at hypertext transfer protocol : // If you don ’ thyroxine however have one, you need to create an account for yourself beginning .PlayFamilyAccount_update_screen2.jpg Step 2: Select “ Family group ” from the menu on the left. Select “ Add extremity, ” then “ Create an account for a child ” to add a child under 12 to your class group .PlayFamilyAccount_update_screen4.jpg Step 3: Enter the child ’ mho date of birth .PlayFamilyAccount_update_screen5.jpg Step 4: When you create the first base Nintendo Account for a child old age 12 or younger, it will require you to provide confirmable parental accept. This is done by processing a erstwhile $ .50 charge using your accredit poster. once this charge is processed, you may add accounts for extra children to the kin group with no extra verification required. ( There can be up to 8 members entire in a Nintendo Account family group. )PlayFamilyAccount_update_screen6.jpg Step 5: After the consent process has been completed, you can create extra accounts at any clock time.

Your child ’ sulfur Nintendo Account will appear in the “ Family group ” area of your report settings. You can adjust settings such as buy restrictions for Nintendo eShop and for each explanation. note : Gamer handles, or on-line names, should n’t include any identify information, such as their age or actual list. Remember to share the User ID and password with your child so they can use the account .PlayFamilyAccount_update_screen7.jpg Step 6: You ’ ll receive an electronic mail telling any time a leverage is made on a Nintendo gambling system, the Nintendo Game Store, or via a Nintendo smartphone app using the child ‘s account. A note about family groups: Keep in mind that you ’ ll entirely see the “ Add member ” option on your Nintendo Account settings page if you are the admin of your family group. If this option international relations and security network ’ thymine appearing and you are region of a family group already, check to see who the admin of the group is. The admin will need to either add the raw penis or transfer the admin rights to you before you can continue. To be an admin, you must be at least 18 years honest-to-god. To learn more about different roles within family groups, visit Support .

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note that you can besides create accounts for children between the ages of 13 and 17 without the erstwhile verify parental consent fee. Visit your Nintendo Account foliate to get started .

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