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When you come across a Bug during a test, you should report it. In Bug Tests we supply you with a limited form for submitting Bugs and you will get paid excess for every new Bug you find ! But even if this test doesn ’ triiodothyronine include Bugs, feel free to mention them in a message to your Birdmaster .
Bugs are submitted individually from screen reports. Always save your stream test report card before you submit a new hemipterous insect !
This is how you submit a microbe :

  1. On the test overview page (where you see deadlines, payouts, etc.), find the “Add Bug” button in the footer.
  2. Click on it, and you’ll be taken to a page for describing the Bug in detail.
  3. Fill in all the required fields (see below). 
  4. ALWAYS document the Bug by adding a screenshot! In some cases, screencasts are even better to show a problem.
  5. Save and submit.

These are the fields you normally need to fill out :

Title: Bugs should always be named using our standard format. Testers have to avoid submitting duplicates of Bugs that were already submitted. The chief tool for this is the list of Bugs by other testers.. To avoid having to read every Bug in detail, it ’ sulfur important to be able to understand, just from reading the title, what your Bug is about. To make it authorize where the Bug is, you should first enter the list of the section where the Bug happened ( e.g. “ Shopping cart ” or “ left navigation frame ” ), followed by a “ – ”. In the second separate of the title give a short description of the trouble ( e.g. “ Order button does n’t work ” or “ erroneousness message ” )
example titles :

  • Contact us form – Send button doesn’t work when clicked on
  • About us page – Employee photos don’t load

Bug Category:  These are terms supplied by us which you need to use to categorize Bugs. Choose the category that best describes your Bug .
Examples for the most common categories :

  • Display error: a photo doesn’t load, a button is overlapping with a text
  • Malfunction: a link doesn’t respond when clicked on, a button leads to the wrong action
  • Spelling/grammar issue: a page with grammatical errors in the website/app
  • Audio issue: a video plays but the sound is not working
  • Other: any Bug that doesn’t fit into the other given categories

Occurrence: How frequently does the Bug appear ? once, sometimes or constantly ? To find out, try to reproduce the Bug if it makes smell ( this does n’t apply for spelling errors ). Did you observe the Bug in 2 out of 5 times, then choose “ Sometimes ” and write the demand number in the text.

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Severity: This scale goes from low ( normally spelling mistakes ) to medium ( display problems ) to high ( non-functional capacity ) and ultimately, critical ( e.g. browser crash ). Choose a severity academic degree that makes sense to you. If you need help, here is a road map on attributing Bug severity. A Birdmaster will review your Bug and make revisions if necessity ( possibly affecting your points and payments ) .
Description/Steps that led to the Bug:  here you should describe precisely which steps led to the Bug, snap by suction stop. If the description is not comprehensible, the Birdmaster might ask you to rewrite it. As in examination reports, the steps should be numbered or listed with bullets .
Expected Result:  What should have happened ?
Actual Result:  What actually happened ?
Screenshots/screencast: For describing Bugs it is absolutely full of life that you use screenshots ( see How do I make screenshots ? ) . If it ‘s a severe mistake or it ca n’t be shown with a screenshot, you should add a alleged screencast ( cf. How do I make a screencast ? ). If an app crashes, you should add crashlogs ( see How do I record crashlogs ? ). Ask yourself : Would I understand what happened in this Bug if I hadn ’ metric ton seen it ? If the answer is no, then you probably need to add a screencast !

Bugs that are not in this format will not be accepted. After you entered all this information, do n’t forget to save and submit the tease !
Duplicates : It can happen that another Bird found the same Bug as you did, but a snatch earlier. unfortunately, we ca n’t accept the lapp Bug doubly, so you should look at the number of Bugs that were already submitted. To find the submitted Bugs tilt, go to the Test Overview page and find the section titled “ Your Reports and Bugs ”. There, you ’ ll find the “ Bugs submitted by other testers ” tab .
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