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You notice your android battery is draining fast and you want to know which settings to change to help prevent this. It ‘s frustrating when your battery dies promptly, no matter how long you charge it. In this bit-by-bit guide, I ’ ll explain which Android settings to change in order to speed up your call, save battery life, and increase your personal privacy .
head to your Settings app to get started .

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quite watch than read ? Check out our tutorial video to see which Android settings you should change immediately !

Turn Off Nearby Device Scanning

Your Android continuously searches for devices it can connect to and this can drain your battery life sentence .
Tap Connections -> More Connection Settings and turn off the switch next to Nearby Device Scanning .
turn off nearby device scanning

Choose Which Apps Can Run In The Background

You can decide what apps endlessly run, even when you ’ re not using them. Background apps use cellular data and can besides drain your barrage .
To switch these apps off, first gear, your telephone must be in Developer Mode. Start by heading to About Phone – > Software data – > Tap on Build Number 7 times – > type in the Pass code to turn on Developer Mode .
turn on samsung developer
then, go back to the main Settings foliate and you ’ ll see Developer options underneath About Phone .
Tap on Developer options and scroll down to Background Check. Go through the list and pay specific attention to the ones that have a length of time underneath. This shows how long ago the arrangement was active on your earphone .
turn off background check for apps that dont need it
Anything that you don ’ thyroxine recognize on this list, that doesn ’ metric ton need to be updated in the backdrop when you aren ’ thymine using your earphone, can be turned off. You can always come back by and by and turn it on .

Turn Off Usage And Diagnostic Information

This is information that ’ sulfur being sent to Google or Android developers in the background, tied when you aren ’ thymine using your earphone. This drains not only battery life sentence, but cellular data .
To turn this off, go to Settings – > Google – > Tap on the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the screen – > usage and Diagnostics – > Tap the switch to turn it off .
turn off samsung usage and diagnostics

Turn Off Ad Personalization

similar to the former set, this sends information about how you use your phone to ad networks.

Like in the previous step, go to Google – > Ads – > Switch ON the Opt Out of Ads Personalization push button. Press OK. You ’ ll placid see ads, but they may not be based on your interests .
A pair of screenshots showing you how to opt out of ads personalization

Turn Off Improve Accuracy

location settings are constantly draining your call. By switching this off, your location will placid work and you can save a short ton of battery liveliness .
To do then, choose Settings – > Location – > Improve Accuracy – > Turn off Wi-Fi scanning and Bluetooth scan .
A pair of screenshots showing you how to turn off Wi-Fi scanning in the improve accuracy settings.

Turn Off Google Location History

Google localization history saves a farseeing list of places you ’ ve been. This not entirely drains your battery, but takes up memory vitamin a well .
start by going to Location – > Google Location History – > then tap the switch next to Location History when the Activity controls screen pops up .
A pair of screenshots showing you how to opt out of Google Location History.

Turn Off Network Data Analytics

This setting sends data analytics to your wireless aircraft carrier and burns your battery through constantly sending this data out. You may not see this option depending on your carrier wave .
To disable it, go to Location – > Network Data Analytics – > Tap the switch at the top of the screen .

Restrict Background Data For Specific Apps

As stated above, apps that constantly run in the background consume battery and cellular data .
For these restrictions, exploit Settings – > Apps. here you ’ ll see a list of all of your apps. Pick an app, click on Mobile Data. This will lead you to Restricted Background data. Set this to Always, so it always restricts the background data for apps you don ’ thyroxine use frequently .
always restrict background data

Turn Off Install Unknown Apps

This will block your apps from installing others that come from stranger sources. It could even lead to malware on your phone.

To switch this put off, click on Apps. Tap the three dots in the upper berth right-hand corner – > special Access – > Scroll down and tap on Install Unknown apps. Tap on the apps and switch off Allow from this Source option .
turn off install unknown apps

Your Android’s Battery Life Should Last Longer!

You ’ ve followed this tutorial and changed settings to increase your battery life, save cellular data, and protect your phone. It sucks having to figure out what Android settings to change, but now you know how to do it. Thank you for reading, make certain to comment, share, and check out the video recording version of this lead at 9 Android Settings You Need To Turn Off nowadays !

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