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Most of us are readily familiar with the general structure of consumer credit, but if you ’ re a small business owner, becoming companion with commercial enterprise credit is important to your overall success. Establishing and maintaining business recognition will help you build valuable relationships with vendors, suppliers, manufacturers, and fiscal institutions that are crucial to process .
For business owners, a adept commercial enterprise citation score translates into lower interest rates, better trade wind credit, and access to the fiscal support necessary to grow and maintain your business. ( Get a glance at your occupation citation data with a free Nav account. ) still, the question remains : what is a adept business credit score ?
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Identifying a Good Business Credit Score

There are a few ways to look at that answer, but let ’ s manage with the “ numbers ” first. Unlike consumer accredit, which largely revolves around a fairly standardized citation ranking system, business credit scores tend to vary based on the report company or agency .
While scales may vary, many popular credit report companies, like Experian ’ south Intelliscore Plus and D & B ’ second PAYDEX Score, use scoring algorithms that rank scores from 1 to 100. Ranking systems like these typically associate a higher mark with good business credit. For example, a D & B PAYDEX Score of 80 or higher would mean you make on time or early payments. ( Check your D & B PAYDEX military rank for loose with a Nav account. )
placid, other companies like Equifax ’ s Small Business Credit gamble Score for Financial Services, which uses a rate arrangement that ranks scores from 101 to 992, impute to alternative rat scales .
The takeaway ? To find out the demand scores needed for good occupation accredit, it ’ randomness important to familiarize yourself with the report entities that valuable vendors, suppliers, manufacturers and lenders use .
here ’ s what the commercial enterprise citation scoring system looks like for D & B and Experian .

Dun & Bradstreet PAYDEX

Paydex Range: Rating: Paydex Risk Interpretation:
80 – 100 Good A score of 100 means your payments come 30 days soon than your terms specify. 80 indicates on time payments.
50 – 79 Fair A 70 indicates that you are paying 15 days late. A score of 50 indicates you are 30 days late.
0 – 49 Bad 40 or less means your payments are coming 60 days or more past the due date.

Intelliscore Plus from Experian

Score Range Risk Class Risk Description
76 – 100 1 Low
51 – 75 2 Low – Medium
26 – 50 3 Medium
11 – 25 4 High – Medium
1 – 10 5 High

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FICO SBSS scores range from 0 to 300. Like the other business credit indexes, the higher the score the better. If you are seeking finance, the magic FICO SBSS number to remember is 140. If you have a FICO SBSS grudge of 140 or above, you can pre-qualify for an SBA 7 ( a ) loanword. Most banks have a higher standard and will only prequalify you with a score of 160 or above .
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Achieving & Maintaining Good Credit

like to the way denounce scales vary from company to company, appraising methods can besides vary depending on the firm or chest of drawers that is reviewing your credit profile. basically, the affect of different types of activities ( recently payments, available credit, credit rating use, etc ) can change from caller to company. For that reason, it ’ mho besides crucial to research the logic that goes into a company ’ mho citation score rat social organization .
however, there is good news program ! While there may be different methods of evaluation, there are even some simple guidelines that can help you reap the benefits of good business credit .

    1. Pay On Time — or early — Every Time. Your credit score is used to evaluate the lending and credit risks associated with your company. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that one of the best things you can do to ensure a good credit score is to show that you can manage your debts and finances efficiently.Paying bills on time is a huge part of this, and therefore, it’s one thing you should strive to do on a regular basis. In fact, to achieve the maximum D&B PAYDEX Score, you will need to pay your bills 30 days ahead of schedule! Late payments and defaults can wreak havoc on your report and are a sure way to quickly turn good business credit bad.
    2. Utilize Credit. While it’s never good to have an overwhelming amount of debt, utilizing some of the credit allotted to you can actually benefit your overall credit score. Quite simply, if you can take out a loan and make regular, timely payments, the perceived risk associated with your company will decrease. Ultimately, responsibly engaging in credit utilization will help you earn or maintain a good credit score over time.The key to this approach is to make sure that you are never over-extended and that you are fully capable of making the necessary payments for the duration of your loan or trade agreement.
    3. Maintain Valuable Lines of Trade Credit. In terms of overall importance, trade credit is high ranking. Trade credit, or credit extended to your company by vendors and suppliers, is often the lifeline of a business. How you manage this essential financing tool will directly impact your credit. Building successful partnerships with these vendors and suppliers (and paying on time) will help you get the products, goods, and services you need while improving the likelihood of maintaining a good credit score.
    4. Maintain Your Personal Finances. Personal credit and business credit don’t always mingle, but in some cases, especially if you are a small business owner, your personal credit will be called into question. In fact, your FICO SBSS score will be heavily influenced by your personal credit — with pristine personal credit, you can close in on the 140 SBA pre-approval mark.This means it’s important that you maintain a good personal credit score if you’d like to keep or reach a good business credit score.

It ’ second easy to see a good credit sexual conquest as a dim-witted numerical range by which your company is judged. however, to in truth understand thoroughly clientele credit, it ’ south crucial to view the score as an amalgamation of short and long term practices that prove your ship’s company can handle and pay back debts. By regularly enter in the activities required to maintain good credit, you can open doors to all-important fiscal opportunities .
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