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If you want results you can trust and the flexibility of working with extremely skilled engineers who know FEA and how it ‘s applied to mastermind problems like yours, MSC is a team you can rely on to improve your product exploitation process .
We provide consulting defend based on your specific needs and requirements. This could range from performing psychoanalysis for you on a stick out basis ; one or two times a year, or providing wide time staff members to help you create repeatable processes in-house .

MSC has been a key partner on the LSAT program. Their Adams software and consulting services reduce development cost and risk by providing an understanding of weapon dynamics early in the design process and in more detail than can be obtained from physical testing
-Paul Shipley, AAI Textron

Quick Start Projects

A Quick Start project will provide you with an MSC adviser at your site to accelerate the returns on your software investment. The adviser will help you install and configure MSC software products for your environment, and provide general education for your staff in using the software in your product growth work.

Knowledge Transfer

The MSC Engineering Services team will perform simulations for you and then use the model as a basis for transferring the necessary cognition to your staff. We do this through a bit-by-bit access of training your team on the process we used to setup, imitate and post march your simulation. This ensures your teams are cook to successfully apply pretense to future design projects .

Customer Success Program

Whether an existing or newfangled exploiter of MSC Software solutions, the Customer Success Program can be a true life-saver when you are in a situation where it is imperative that MSC adept gets involved when needed for either a short-change period of time, or the integral length of a blueprint project. The Customer Success Program leverages the huge pool of MSC simulation and diligence experts to deliver the hold you need, when you need it, and in the method acting most commodious – either at the customer ‘s facility or remotely. Learn More …

Staff Augmentation

The MSC Engineering Services team can become an extension of your team, and provide on-site resources to augment your current staff. We will work with you to assign an industry adept to your staff and work hand-in-hand with the team until the project is complete and you are satisfied with the results .

On-site Support

on-site back can be a on-key life saver when you are in a situation where it is imperative that an technical be available at your facility when needed for either a short circuit menstruation of time, or the entire distance of a design undertaking which can sometimes be weeks, months or even years. You can constantly count on the MSC Services team to provide the tractability to work with you whenever you are in a situation of needing on-site patronize. We have a team of experts across many engineering disciplines and industries, adenine well as in-depth cognition of MSC products and 3rd party CAE products.

Simulation Projects

If you merely need to do analysis infrequently, the MSC Engineering Services team offers Simulation Projects and consulting to tackle your toughest problems. Our services team will work with you to understand your goals and your design problem foremost. Once we know what you are trying to accomplish, we will gather from you the necessary data such as CAD models, physical screen data, and materials data, and then run your simulation for you .

Customization & Process Automation

MSC Software products are highly customizable and extendible. Customization allows customers to create specialize applications for proprietorship processes within MSC Software tools. This can include custom-made user interfaces, automated reports, standardized model and model techniques, and specialized algorithm. MSC can then help you deploy and manage these customizations across your entire enterprise .

Methods Development

MSC Engineering Services experts evaluate your pretense needs and work with your staff to determine how to use simulation software to efficiently simulate your problem. This may include establishing simplifying assumptions, customizing numeric algorithm, and correlating models to test.

Recent methods growth projects include :

  • Full Vehicle NVH analysis
  • Fluid-filled Bottle Drop testing
  • Aerospace Global Loads prediction
  • Aerospace Detailed Stress modeling
  • Mechanisms analysis
  • Cardiac Stent analysis
  • Elastomeric Seal analysis
  • And more…

Toolkit Solutions

Our services team has developed numerous solution toolkit extensions that provide capabilities for specialized applications. Solution toolkits provide tailored user interface enviroments for industry specific simulations.

Our services team has developed numerous solution toolkit extensions that provide capabilities for specialize applications. Solution toolkits put up tailored exploiter interface enviroments for industry specific simulations. Learn More …

Simulation Data and Process Management

MSC ‘s SimManager provides a brawny system for managing simulation data and processes. Out-of-the-Box, SimManager can provide clamant measure by maintaining the linkages and pedigree of the assortment of data that is input to and output from a simulation and by enabling management to promptly assess the express of simulation tasks in the enterprise. MSC ‘s services can help install and implement SimManager and customize it for your unique data and processes .

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