6 Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas for eCommerce Businesses

It ’ s that prison term of the year again. Mother ’ mho Day is upon us, and with the arrival of the affair comes an inflow of endowment ideas for every ma and beget number. Things might be a little unlike this time as we approach Mother ’ second Day during COVID-19, but the premise of the special sidereal day remains the same – 48 % of people shop for Mother ’ s Day in the death workweek leading up to the holiday .
If you ’ re distillery looking for ways to incorporate Mother ’ mho Day into your commercialize strategy, we ’ re sharing 6 creative ideas to help you catch the care of last-minute shoppers .

1. Use Extra Incentive to Drive Sales

Offer barren embark to certain items you ’ rhenium promote to boost Mother ’ s Day sales. Add a free endow to a purchase from a Mother ’ randomness Day endowment usher. Use dismiss coupons to make your offers more low-cost. Whatever you do, include an extra bonus to help highlight key products you want consumers to buy. For example, Adidas is presently offering a detached bag along with a Mother ’ s Day purchase which consumers can take advantage of by using code “ MOM. ”
Adidas Mothers Day free gift pro tip : Try extend ads on Facebook. Those who save the offer will get notifications reminding them of the forwarding when they switch devices ( from a earphone to computer, and frailty versa ) before the propose expires. Keep in mind that Facebook suggests promoting significant offers such as a 20 % dismiss ( at least ) or pushing items that are free ( like Adidas ’ free endowment ! )

2. Launch a Mother’s Day Giveaway

If you ’ re looking to attract new customers, increase brand awareness and gain more leads, consider launching a game show. Whether you ’ re asking people to tag their friends in the comments department on Instagram, sign up for a newsletter or follow your social accounts, the photograph from a giveaway goes a long way .
To celebrate Mother ’ s Day, jewelry post Mejuri and skin care mark Summer Fridays teamed up to host a giveaway, offering a $ 250 Mejuri giving wag along with the beauty brand ’ south integral collection. By entering your e-mail for a find to win, the drug user joins both Mejuri and Summer Friday ’ sulfur newsletter lists. The lap in electronic mail sign-ups between the two brands boosts sword awareness for both Mejuri and Summer Fridays – a win-win for everyone .
Mothers Day giveaway professional Tip : once you ’ ve closed your giveaway and acquired new subscribers, it ’ south important to make an contiguous shock. target users with a individualized welcome message series to thank them for opting in to receive your emails. In this series, run an A/B frequency test to see how many welcome messages lead to purchases or subscribers, followed by analyzing your frequency in relation to CTR and conversions. For more tips on how to optimize your e-mail campaigns, check out our social Media and Email Marketing blog position .

3. Create a Mother’s Day Gift Guide

For last-minute shoppers, a gift guide is a sure manner to catch their eye. Just like one would ask “ what do you recommend ? ” in a physical retail location, a curated number of products streamlines the research process for customers, making it easier for shoppers to make up their mind and ultimately “ attention deficit disorder to cart. ”
professional tip : once users “ add to cart ”, set up retargeting for those who added to cart but did not make a buy or are inactive deciding. As a retailer, you can retarget web site visitors with Dynamic ads to remind them of the items they expressed matter to in to minimize vacate carts. With DPA, you can automatically use images from your product catalogue alternatively of individually creating an ad for each of your products .
A Mother ’ sulfur Day endowment guide is a bang-up reminder to offer public toilet and value by bundling products. Beauty brand MAC Cosmetics set up a specific land page, combining Mother ’ s Day lipstick bundle kits, aboard mother-daughter photos with supporting copy based on the occasion .
MAC Cosmetics Mothers Day page To complete the web site feel, equip your landing page with Mother ’ s Day messaging on the home page. Mac cosmetics shared transcript like “ This Mother ’ s Day – honor her, and all the people you love like a ma, ” to celebrate not lone your ma but every mother figure in your life, along with a “ shop class the endow guide ” link, leading back to the landing page .
MAC Cosmetics Mothers Day page

4. Ramp Up Engagement on Social Media

social media is your supporter during this time. Increase date on social media by using different ocular assets, including static photograph and video, angstrom well as varying copy from sentimental to joyful captions to engage your audience in the week leading up to Mother ’ s Day.

Pro tip : experiment with different ad formats, like Carousel or even clamant experience ( previously known as Canvas ads ), to evoke employment by visually highlighting your brand, products or services. Take a look at how AdParlor helped Carnival Cruise Line achieve an incredible revoke in employment with instantaneous Experience ads .
jewelry remains one of the most popular Mother ’ s Day gifts with 34 % of shoppers making the leverage for Mother ’ s Day, and Pandora is leveraging this opportunity across their social media platforms. This class, Pandora launched their # Somethingaboutyou campaign, providing a myriad of content from an emotional television to product shots, and even a feature from actress Milly Bobby Brown .
With Mother ’ s Day just around the corner, tap into your creativity and evoke emotions in your content to capture the beauty of motherhood. Maximize your social media presence at this time to ensure a successful sociable media campaign .
Marketers can besides utilize the hype around Mother ’ s Day to boost engagement by interacting with their consultation on social media. For exercise, family-owned chocolate shop @ chi2house ’ mho took to Instagram Story to poll their consultation for Mother ’ s Day 2019 .
Mothers Day Instagram poll

5. Encourage User-Generated Content (UGC)

There ’ randomness nothing like re-living fishy moments with ma to spread the gladden of Mother ’ s Day. Leverage the comfort of photograph sharing by asking your followers to share memories under your post ’ randomness hashtag, increasing mark awareness and promoting your Mother ’ s Day promotion .
The Body Shop ’ mho 2017 # GotItFromHer campaign entails good that with an ask to share photos of the mothers that have passed on far-out and empowering traits .

Consumers look for social proof and UGC is the perfect exercise of that, earning your trade name more consumer believe. UGC is besides very cost-efficient since your followers are producing contented at their own prison term and resources rather of hiring contractors or using an in-house team. Don ’ triiodothyronine forget to share the UGC posts of your consumers in your campaigns !
pro tip : chitter is the go-to social platform for people to discuss and parcel ideas about Mother ’ s Day. To maximize battle, habit specific and relevant message by tailoring contented to the audience ’ south tweets. last, participate in the conversations on Mother ’ s Day by targeting specific keywords to build on the discussions and trending topics .

6. Create Interesting Mother’s Day Content

As marketers, we know how significant it is to create total measure for customers. One way to do so is to create helpful content around Mother ’ s Day that doesn ’ t come across as sales-focused.

No matter how amazing your deals are, it ’ s not reasonable to expect everyone to purchase your products. rather, you can inspire these shoppers by providing them with educational content. share with them easy recipes, how to create a DIY endow or how to write a poem for ma. Be creative.

For Mother ’ s Day, Infographics tool Venngage shared a drawn-out web log post on creating and customizing Mother ’ mho Day cards, along with design tips. This type of contentedness showcases a real-life application of their merchandise for Mother ’ s Day, but it besides inspires readers to be creative in their own way.

Pro peak : People go to Pinterest to plan for future purchases with 1 in 2 people making a leverage after seeing a promote personal identification number. Use Pinterest to not alone promote your intersection but besides showcase the creative ways in which people can bring the items to life by offering tips, advice or instructions. In fact, 55 % of Pinterest users say they use the platform to shop for products, making it an optimum site showcasing gift-appropriate items .

Navigating Mother’s Day during COVID-19

Some businesses are taking supernumerary measures to promote health and safety standards at this time. For exemplar, Indigo is offering contactless curbside pickup with “ dependable, easy and convenient ” messaging on their Mother ’ s Day landing page, allowing for still of access for every customer. The retailer tied has a “ Top Gifts for Curbside Pickup ” part on their page to further promote their products .
Mothers Day gift
however, it might not be so easy to maintain operations for other businesses. It ’ s a deplorable world for many in the food industry : no more brunch or lunch get-togethers with ma. As Mother ’ sulfur Day is the busiest sidereal day of the year for restaurants with about 87 million adults planning to dine out, the lack of foundation dealings at this time has led some restaurants to pivot on-line .
You can however get a taste of casual boom restaurant Moxies for Mother ’ s Day by pre-ordering on-line. Beyond their Mother ’ s Day menu, Moxies is besides offering a give wag incentive. When you buy a $ 50 Moxies e-gift card, you ’ ll receive a bonus of $ 10. To further encourage customer purchases, the restaurant is offering other discounts such as 20 % off on all phoned-in pick-up orders with the option of curbside delivery american samoa well as a 40 % rebate on food pick-up orders for healthcare workers or first respondents .
As a commercial enterprise, it ’ mho important to stay agile and responsive to unexpected crises. By pivoting on-line, a restaurant like Moxies can take this opportunity to not merely retain loyal customers but besides reach out to newfangled audiences who may not have thought about purchasing from Moxies otherwise .
Mothers Day brunch

COVID’s Impact on Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas

Three gifting categories are increasingly in demand this year : Books/CDs, electronics and housewares/gardening tools. It ’ second no storm that many celebrations will be hosted virtually this class and as such, people are purchasing gifts that can make ma ’ s life easier at home .
Mothers Day gifting categories


Whether families are connecting with their moms, aunts, or any other parental figure on Zoom or in real life, people still want to celebrate Mother ’ s Day to show their taste. By thinking outside of the box and taking your offerings online, there are many ways for your commercial enterprise to stay relevant during this meter. happy sell !

If you are looking to improve your social media results or have questions regarding the latest chopine updates, we ’ five hundred love to chat !

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