Simplify Your Scheduling With Microsoft Bookings

Simplify Your Scheduling With Microsoft Bookings

Tired of emailing back and forth to find a time to schedule an appointment with a customer ? Is your administrative staff spending all their clock arranging your schedule ? You can simplify the integral march with Microsoft Bookings .
Are you and your employees spending excessively a lot time scheduling appointments with clients ?
When handled manually, it can be a boring process. Aligning two separate schedules can require a bunch of back and forth .
The fact is that any sum of meter spent directly on the date scheduling process is a waste of meter because there ’ s a elementary, more mastermind way to go about it — Microsoft Bookings.

In our latest webinar, TLC President Michael Nelson showed attendees how to use Microsoft Bookings. Check out the broad record to discover how for yourself :
YouTube video 

What Is Microsoft Bookings?

Microsoft Bookings is an on-line and mobile application that helps commercial enterprise teams streamline their date booking serve with clients .
The days of the constantly changing and rearranging appointment reserve on the receptionist ’ sulfur desk are retentive gone. nowadays, the most effective commercial enterprise teams are the ones who put strategic technology to work for the most boring tasks.

When it comes to appointment schedule, Microsoft Bookings is the ultimate technical school solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes .

How Does Microsoft Bookings Work?

Microsoft Bookings allows your clients and customers to schedule appointments directly in your business calendar without any campaign or participation required on your end. Clients can well access your calendar, view available time slots, and then koran an appointee that fits their preferences and your agenda .
The best part ?
Microsoft Bookings is already included in many Microsoft 365 business subscriptions, making it easy to implement the solution in your casual solve life .

Which Types Of Organizations Is Microsoft Bookings Perfect For?

This solution is ideal for any business that needs to regularly schedule appointments with clients :

  • Dental and healthcare offices
  • Spas and salons
  • Law firms
  • Financial service providers

Microsoft Bookings is so far another example of how one simpleton app can save you a lot of time and campaign in the long run. By integrating this app into your organization ’ mho daily scheduling processes both, you can streamline what were once boring and time-consuming tasks .
For a detail presentation of how Microsoft Bookings works, be surely to watch the webinar posted above .

Want To Learn More About Microsoft Apps?

TLC Tech will be holding webinars like the one above every Wednesday. CLICK HERE to access our on-demand library of past webinars, and see the agenda for approaching broadcasts .

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