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Apply to Master in Health Care Management Program

The Master in Health Care Management ( MHCM ) broadcast at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health participates in the Schools of Public Health Application Service ( ). SOPHAS is an on-line, coarse application avail .

What are the deadlines?

The priority application deadline is December 1 ; to ensure all applications materials arrive at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health on time, applicants are highly encouraged to submit to SOPHAS about a workweek anterior. prospective students may apply after the precedence deadline on a space available basis with anterior permission from the program. The final, space available application deadline is February 15. Again, we strongly encourage candidates to submit their application in gain of the deadline to allow for serve meter .

When will SOPHAS send my application to the Harvard Chan School?

SOPHAS will entirely forward completed applications to the Harvard Chan School .

When is the application available?

The application is available starting the begin of September.

What does a completed application consist of?

  • Personal Statement
  • Resume / Business CV
  • Official transcripts for each post-secondary institution attended
    • See below for specifics on domestic vs. international transcripts
  • Three letters of reference (at least one from a current manager)
  • Note, for the 2022-23 admissions cycle standardized tests will be optional, due to COVID. The program will accept – one standardized test score (the MCAT for most US and Canadian medical graduates and typically the GRE for foreign medical graduates)
  • SOPHAS application fee

Personal Statement (application essay)

MHCM Personal Statement

Official Transcripts

We recommend that candidates request two signed and sealed copies of all post-secondary transcripts, marks sheets, and degree bestowal certificates. The first should be submitted as a separate of your application to SOPHAS. The moment is an extra copy for your records or a stand-in. note, for transfer or sketch abroad credits, students must submit transcripts from the master institutions. We recommend requesting transcripts ampere early on as possible ; SOPHAS will only release a completed application to the Harvard Chan School. Please read on for specific recommendations for domestic and international transcripts .

Transcripts (US and Canadian English-language institutions)

SOPHAS requires that all anterior coursework and grades be entered into the application. Please refer to SOPHAS for instructions on request and sending transcripts to them. We highly recommend that MHCM applicants take advantage of the optional, fee-based SOPHAS Coursework Entry service where SOPHAS will enter your anterior coursework for you. To take advantage of this service, go to the “ Academic History ” incision of SOPHAS and blue-ribbon “ Transcript Entry. ” As needed select the “ Tell me more ” push button. notice, SOPHAS will enter your coursework alone after all transcripts have been received and your application is considered accomplished .

Transcripts (non-US or Canadian non-English-language institutions)

Applicants with international transcripts should visit the Harvard Chan School Admissions Office Transcripts and Marks Sheets web site for detail submission instructions. In brief, these transcripts must be sent to World Education Services ( WES ), a credentialing service, before the evaluate transcripts are then forwarded to SOPHAS. The Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health requires the WES “ iCAP ” package that verifies and evaluates your transcripts class by course .

Letters of Reference

The plan requires three letters of reference. References should comment on the campaigner ’ s executive leadership know and likely. Candidates should seek references from managers as senior in their organization as possible ; at least one letter should come from a current direct director .
We recommend requesting letters of citation a early as possible ; SOPHAS will lone release a completed application to the Harvard Chan School .
Standardized Test Score
One standardize test score is required for each applicant. Most domestically discipline physicians and dentists submit their MCAT or DAT seduce, respectively. Foreign trained clinicians typically take the GRE examination. The GMAT is besides accepted. For a detailed explanation of the standardize test sexual conquest requirement please see the Harvard Chan School Admissions Office – Test Score Designations web site .
MCAT Score Reporting Instructions
The protocols for submitting MCAT scores vary depending on the class the test was taken. Please review the MCAT score report lead, which details the instructions for submitting MCAT scores depending on the year the examination was taken .
Do you accept MCATs that are greater than five years old?
Yes, we will accept MCAT scores that are greater than five years old. There is a different process to release and submit scores before or after 1991. See the MCAT score report steer for wide details.

Do you accept DATs that are greater than five years old? How do I get my DAT scores reported?
Yes, we will accept DAT scores that are greater than five years previous. Your DENTPIN and password are required to release all scores. If you know your DENTPIN you can request your scores using this link : hypertext transfer protocol : // If you need to retrieve an older DENTPIN, the ADA has detailed instructions on this web site : hypertext transfer protocol : // .
Is entering work experience, awards, volunteer work, etc. into SOPHAS required?
No, you do not need to enter this information into SOPHAS. alternatively please include this information on your business CV and upload it to SOPHAS .
The TOEFL ( Test of English as a Foreign Language ) or IELTS test is required for all applicants who have not received a degree from an institution where English was the terminology of direction. Those who have already taken the TOEFL may submit scores that are two years old or less. The International English Language Testing System ( IELTS ) examination will be accepted if the applicant ’ second score is 7.0 or above .

SOPHAS – Selecting the MHCM program

After creating a SOPHAS account : at the program selection  blind, first choose “ Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health ”, then blue-ribbon “ search ” to load the tilt of programs. Next, choice “ Master in Health Care Management (MHCM)”, in the first gear column , roughly halfway down the number of programs, by selecting the summation symbol to the exit of the degree name. The next time you log into SOPHAS the MHCM program will be listed as “ Health Care Management. ”

Link to SOPHAS

Application Notes from the Harvard Chan School Admissions Office 

application Requirements / Policies

What is the application process?

Applicants apply directly to SOPHAS, a coarse application service. Please bill that interviews are not a needed part of the lotion. Feel release to call to discuss the match between our program and your career goals. Completed applications are forwarded by SOPHAS to the Harvard Chan School Admissions Office, then to a staff committee for revue and entree recommendation. Applications are then reviewed by a school-wide committee for final decisiveness .

When will I know my acceptance status?

typically, candidates who submit completed applications by December 1 will be notified of entrance fee decision in February.

General Application Problems? To Contact:

sophasinfo @
Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health ’ s Admissions Office
admissions @
MHCM Program

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