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For undergraduate students interested in pursuing a Master ’ s degree, the Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a compound degree plan intended to foster undergraduate research ( dissertation option ), provide an in-depth educational experience in a specific area of interest ( thesis and non-thesis options ), and to accelerate advancement toward the M.S. degree. Read more about the BS/MS broadcast hera .


B.S./M.S. Requirements
Mechanical Engineering Major at the University of Utah
Get Pre-Screened in third year in the major (thesis or non-thesis master’s), or by first semester of final year (non-thesis master’s)
GRE Exam Quantitative Score – 80th Percentile (if required; optional 2022 due to COVID-19)
Undergraduate GPA – minimum 3.0
1 name of faculty member we could contact for a reference (thesis master’s only; list on screening form)


B.S. Junior/Third Year
Semester 1 (On-Cycle – Fall/Winter, Off-Cycle – Spring/Summer)
– Find Faculty Advisor (thesis master’s only)
Semester 2
– Fill out Pre-Screening Application for BS/MS Program (On-Cycle Deadline – March 15, Off-Cycle Deadline – October 15)(Can apply as late as first semester of senior year for non-thesis master’s)
-Meet with BS/MS Advisor after filling out Pre-Screening form
B.S. Senior/Final Year
Semester 1 or 2
-Take 2 technical electives at the graduate level
Prior to 2nd semester
-Take GRE exam (optional for 2022 due to COVID-19; check back to see if required in future semesters)
Semester 2
– Apply to Graduate School (Please visit the Future Students page for deadlines)


During B.S.
6 Credit Hours – Approved undergrad-level technical electives for B.S.
6 Credit Hours – ME EN 6XXX (or other graduate-level tech elective upon consultation with your faculty advisor or Director of Graduate Studies)
You may take up to an additional 6 Credit Hours of Math, Science or Engineering 6XXX/7XXX to count towards your MS degree
During M.S.
6 Credit Hours – ME EN 6XXX/7XXX Thesis Master’s/15 Credit Hours Non-Thesis Master’s
9 Credit Hours – Math, Science or Engineering 6XXX/7XXX (or fewer if additional credits taken during B.S. program)
9 Credit Hours – ME EN 6975 (thesis-Master’s only)

**A total of 30 graduate credit hours are needed for the M.S. academic degree
**Courses must be completed with a B- or better with an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher

***Turn in Request for Graduate Credit Form form for the minimum of 6 credits ( if you took 4 technical school electives total ) and no more than 12 credits ( if you took 6 technical school electives total ) of 6XXX courses taken during your BS years. Once these courses have been flagged for graduate credit, you can nobelium longer use them to fulfill undergraduate requirements.

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