What Can You Do With a Mathematics Degree?

Whether you call it ‘ mathematics ’ or ‘ maths ’, or prefer the traditional ‘ mathematics ’, if you study numbers at university, your career opportunities are not merely numerous, they ’ re besides fairly lucrative .
Thanks to the growing importance placed on engineering, big data and economic efficiency by all kinds of organizations, technical phone number crunchers are increasingly in demand. In fact, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2018 and 2028, the job market for mathematicians is expected to grow by a humongous 30 percentage, with a bode median wage of US $ 88,190 .
Those who study mathematics are keen trouble solvers, tidal bore to make common sense of even the most advance equations. Academic research is a common career path, but so are careers in business, economics and bank. This wide range of opportunities comes from the universal need for graduates with potent analytic and problem-solving skills – which mathematics graduates should have by the bucketload .

What can you do with a math degree?

so, what can you do with a mathematics academic degree ? mathematical experts are in demand across all kinds of industries the world over. Study mathematics and you ’ ll have access to career opportunities in sectors you may never have evening considered, including specialized fields such as in law or medicine. however, a large number of mathematics careers are based within business or science and technology-related sectors, with mathematics graduates occupying roles such as accountant, statistician, statistician, technician, economist or market research worker.

Read on for a few electric potential answers to the interrogate “ what can you do with a mathematics degree ? ” – including information on what to expect and the skills you ’ ll need .

Careers in accountancy and finance

A career in accountancy offers a range of options for mathematics graduates across many different industries. Accountancy jobs include roles such as hearer, tax accountant, forensic accountant, management accountant and corporate adviser. To become a charter accountant, in addition to an undergraduate degree in mathematics or a refer area, you ’ ll besides need to gain further professional qualifications. Often, however, if you start at a company as a trainee in this field, your employer will help you gain both the have and the professional authentication needed to develop in your function .

Careers in banking

Opportunities in banking range from the earth of retail deposit to corporate investment bank. Both arena conduct with fiscal assessment – public and individual – with opportunities to specialize in areas such as mergers and acquisitions, bonds and shares, denationalization, lend and IPOs ( initial public offerings ). Duties can include commercialize inquiry, creating newly clientele opportunities, and developing fiscal models and solutions to present to clients. Math careers in bank can be lucrative, but again, professional qualifications in finance will be needed for some roles .

Actuarial careers

Actuaries evaluate fiscal risk in order to manage and advise clients. Combining hazard analysis skills with in-depth cognition of economics and occupation, actuaries ensure reasoned investments are made and commercial/business goals fulfilled. Most fresh actuaries start out working within pensions and policy, a relatively low-risk area, while in the future you may get to work in trust, healthcare or investment. actuarial roles can be client-facing, as with consultancies and pensions/insurance companies, and all actuaries will require the skill of communicating complex data and analyses to non-specialists .

Statistician careers

Statisticians are specialists in statistics –the bite, analysis, interpretation and presentation of statistics and quantitative data. Statisticians ’ skills are required in numerous industries, ranging from healthcare to government and from finance to sport. You ‘ll be tasked with cope, collecting and arranging data by means of surveys, experiments and contextual analysis. You may then be called upon to create reports and advise clients/colleagues on possible strategies, for exercise in order to make good fiscal decisions to further business goals. As a statistician, you ‘ll have technical analytic skills adenine well as upstanding communication and IT skills .

Careers in academia and research

Careers in academia and research are very popular among mathematics students. This route may appeal to those who want the challenge of driving fore the adjacent series of discoveries, theories and applications of the field – deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as the prestige of following some of history ’ second greatest mathematical minds.

Academic and research-based careers in mathematics can be incredibly wide-ranging, and will depend on what area you wish to specialize in. Many are based within university departments, although long-run academics are besides frequently involved in publish, contributing to journals and specialist periodicals, or helping to produce complete publications ( while on sabbatical or alongside other commitments ) .
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other common mathematics careers include ; intelligence analysis, operational research, statistical inquiry, logistics, fiscal analysis, market inquiry ( for business ), management consultancy, IT ( systems analysis, exploitation or research ), software mastermind, computer scheduling, the public sector ( advisory capacity as a scientist or statistician ), scientific research and exploitation ( e.g. biotechnology, meteorology or oceanography ) .

Less typical math careers


While the most common way to enter the field of engineer is with an engineering degree, a mathematics degree can besides get you there, in some speciate roles. Math graduates are often effective at helping to solve real-world, physical problems, and can be found working in mechanical, structural, aeronautical and many other realms of engineering. That said, engineering careers much require specialize cognition not covered during a mathematics degree. Engineering internships and work experience can help if you want to improve your employability straight out of university .


Meteorology is more than precisely presenting the weather. The function involves studying weather conditions using data collected from upwind stations, radar, distant sensors and satellite images across the earth, in order to interpret causes and to produce forecasts. You ’ ll need excellent IT skills, vitamin a well as potent skills in analyzing and interpreting complex mathematical data .


In summation to academic roles with a research focus, many rewarding mathematics careers can be found in teaching. Numeracy is always a gamey priority within chief and secondary coil department of education systems, making highly count graduates with an interest in teaching highly sought. In order to teach in most countries, you ‘ll require a conventional education qualification. This can normally be gained in little over a year, and is much highly subsidized by the politics, with grants much available to cover fees. To teach at university charge, a graduate student degree is often required, in a relevant specialization. If you choose this path, you may besides get the probability to pursue your own academic research .
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“ What Can You Do With a Math Degree ? ” is separate of our “ What Can You Do With… ” series. We have besides covered art, biology, occupation, communications, computer skill, English, technology, fashion, history, geography, law, market, performing arts, philosophy, politics, psychology, sociology, chemistry, economics and physics .
This article was written in February 2015 and updated in November 2019 .
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