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Negin Askarzadeh ( M.P.S., George Washington University, AICP/LEED GA ) is a Transportation Planner at Fairfax County Department of Transportation ( FCDOT ). As a team member of the Capital Projects Section at FCDOT, she is creditworthy for coordinating and managing complex multi-modal fare projects. She is a George Washington University alumnus and holds a victor ’ s degree in sustainable Urban Planning. Negin teaches PSUS 6235 Planning Technology and co-teached PSUS 6220 Resilient Low-Carbon Cities. e-mail : [ electronic mail protected ] Andrew Bernish (M.C.P., University of Maryland, AICP/GISP)  is a Planner & GIS Analyst for the Maryland State Department of Transportation ( MDOT ). Prior to joining MDOT, he worked in the private sector as an Associate Planner at Ayers Saint Gross. He besides worked on the Planning Secretary ‘s Executive Response team at the Maryland Department of Planning during the O’Malley administration. He served in the US Peace Corps as a Community Resource and Education Volunteer in South Africa. Andrew teaches PSUS 6201, Principles of Sustainable Urban and Regional Planning and co-teaches PSUS 6236 – the International Planning Studio. He besides represents the sustainable urban Planning platform on the National Capital Chapter of the American Planning Association Executive Board as the faculty appointee. e-mail : [ e-mail protected ]

Matthew Dalbey (Ph.D., Columbia University) is the director of the US EPA ’ second Office of Community Revitalization. During his 14 years at EPA he has been recognized as a remember leader on more sustainable, bouncy and innovative approaches to the emergence and development of communities. e-mail : [ electronic mail protected ] Elizabeth Gearin (Ph.D., University of Southern California, AICP) is a plan and public policy adviser and a member of the Arlington County Planning Commission. She has worked as housing and community development planner in the San Francisco Bay Area, and as a community personal digital assistant in Chicago. Elizabeth teaches PSUS 6235 : Biophilia and Urban Planning.
Email : [ e-mail protected ] Rachael Jonassen (Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University) is an Independent Expert in climate, energy, and body of water issues – and has served government and bodied clients on multiple strategic challenges in these fields for more than two decades. She has completed assignments in 20 countries around the ball and supports respective NGOs by helping to develop policies related to climate change-related issues. Her many professional accomplishments have been recognized through her election as a Fellow of the Geological Society of America. Rachael teaches PSUS 6221, The Scientific Basis of Climate Change.
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Mesbah Motamed (Ph.D., Purdue University)  is an economist at the Millennium Challenge Corporation. His influence has focused on agricultural land use, risk management, trade and economic growth. His former work includes being a inquiry economist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture and working on agrarian exploitation projects in Central Asia and Latin America and as a craft analyst for the U.S. Department of Commerce. Mesbah teaches PSUS 6203, 6211, and 6214. e-mail : [ e-mail protected ]

Scott Sklar runs a global renewable energy technology optimization firm, The Stella Group, Ltd., for the survive 20 years. He besides chairs or sits on the boards of several national clean energy organizations. He has written and co-author a wide range of books and articles over his 40 year career, and has two buildings off-the-grid in Arlington, Virginia, which he has students tour for his classes. Scott teaches two courses in the plan – PSUS 6224 : sustainable Energy Production & Climate Issues, and a summer course PSUS 6235 : renewable Energy and Critical Infrastructure ( the first gear such naturally in the USA ). electronic mail : [ electronic mail protected ]

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John Thomas (Ph.D., UC Berkeley) is the Director of the Community Assistance and Research Division in the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency ’ s Office of Sustainable Communities – where he works to advance bright growth strategies in communities throughout the state. Prior to joining the EPA, John teach in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at Florida State University. John teaches PSUS 6210, Transportation Planning in City Systems, and PSUS 6212, sustainable Communities I : house and Design. e-mail : [ e-mail protected ] Eliza Voigt (MCRP, University of North Carolina, AICP)  has more than 25 years of experience as an urban planner. She is presently Acting Chief of Partnerships and Community Assistance at the National Park Service ( NPS ) and has been with them for 10 years. anterior to joining NPS, Eliza worked as urban/historic conservation planner for local governments in Montgomery County, Maryland, and for the Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation in Washington D.C., an early drawing card in public/private business district revival efforts.
e-mail : [ electronic mail protected ] ; [ email protected ] Sandra Whitehead (Ph.D., Florida State University)  is the Program Director of the sustainable urban Planning Program at GW. She previously worked as the Director of Program and Partnership Development at the National Environmental Health Association ( NEHA ) where she created tools and trainings for environmental health professionals. Dr. Whitehead besides worked at the National Association of County and City Health Officials and the Florida Department of Health. She teaches PSUS 6204 : Land Use Law and PSUS 6230 : studio apartment in sustainable Urban Planning. electronic mail : [ e-mail protected ]

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