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graduate applicants to studio programs are required to submit 10–20 examples of ocular workplace, with certain programs suggesting more particular ideas or portfolio requirements .
Use SlideRoom to submit your alumnus portfolio here .
specific program instructions :
Digital + Media:  Your portfolio should contain 10 samples full, which can be a combination of media ( for example, images, video, audio ). You may submit up to five videos as visualize software documentation or excerpts of time-based media. In your portfolio you are encouraged to submit at least one television that clearly demonstrates your research and/or sour march. full runtime for all videos should be no more than five minutes.

Please do not submit multi-page PDF files. Each sample should be accompanied by textbook identifying the culture medium and class, and a four-sentence description explaining the concepts that inform your work ( 50 words maximum ). If collaborative projects are presented, you must clearly identify your individual contribution .
Furniture Design:  In the MFA programs, students frequently make their own work as a means to understand complex ideas. The mind is that critical make combined with critical thinking leads to innovative objects. This experimental approach applies to tests and models angstrom well as to life-size objects at human scale. material experiment includes traditional, fresh and loanblend materials as allow to individual scholar interest. Choose your strongest exploit for your portfolio presentation—and it does n’t necessarily have to be furniture. If possible, you should aim to show finished photograph work and minimize the number of summons images you include. ​
In addition to your portfolio materials uploaded to SlideRoom, we ask you to include a self-made video ( no more than 20 seconds duration ) of you making something. The committee is not looking for video with professional production values, but rather is concern in seeing you making something : small, large, humble or complex, any making action can work—the option is yours. This option shows the committee more about your interests. Please title your video.​
Jewelry + Metalsmithing:  The rigorous studio-based orientation of the calibrate course of study leverages traditional skills and fabrication techniques to critically approach modern territories and ways of making.

In addition to your portfolio materials uploaded to SlideRoom, you are encouraged to include a self-made television no more than 20 seconds duration of you making something. We are not looking for video with professional production values ; we are concerned in seeing you making something – little, large, modest or complex, any making carry through can work, the choice is yours. This is an option you might enjoy adding to your submission for us to learn more about your interests. Please title your television .
Landscape Architecture:  All applicants to the Master ‘s of Landscape Architecture academic degree programs are required to submit a portfolio and an additional video essay. Your portfolio should contain 10 individually produced and cautiously chosen images of work that reflects your interests in landscape and the discipline of landscape computer architecture. Applicants to the MLA-1 platform who have no prior design educate may include photograph, sketches or written employment that conveys their ability to observe, identify and explore spatial conditions within the landscape. All early applicants should include a survival of work that best represents the development of their interest in this field of cogitation. All work should be labeled to indicate if it is academic, professional or personal. If team projects are presented, your individual contribution must be intelligibly identified. The portfolio should include a minimal sum of textbook .
Prepare a short video recording of yourself telling us :

  • The most important reason you are motivated to study landscape architecture 
  • At least one goal you hope to achieve in your graduate education 
  • Why you think RISD is the best place to achieve your goals

You are encouraged to be authentic and dear in your answer. This test will function as the begin of a conversation you will continue to have if you enter the program at RISD and it does not have to be the same information provided in your written essay. Cell telephone videos are accepted as well. utmost length : 2 minutes .
Master of Arts in Teaching:  Your portfolio should consist of 20 images exhibiting the depth and width of your studio have. Ten images should represent work that reflects your investigations within a single medium ; seven images should represent your confidence in handling a kind of media ; and three images need to be samples of drawings .
Master of Arts in Art + Design Education:  Submit a portfolio of 20 images that most distinctly represent your creative practice as an artist or interior designer .

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