Nextiva Names Former Apple Executive Marc Stoll as Next President and COO

Nextiva has a new President and Chief Operating Officer. Marc Stoll previously worked at Apple. Stoll served as VP Worldwide Sales Finance during the Steve Jobs era. small Business Trends contacted him via e-mail to find out about his plans for the mottle communications company.

Making Use of Previous Experience

Stoll started by talking about his previous experience and how that would help him in his new function. “ My past has been all about scaling technology companies and improving their operations to enable accelerate decision make. Said differently, my by has explicitly prepared me for this this particular function. ”

Touting Accomplishments at Apple

He has twenty years of feel that includes other companies like Compaq. His accomplishments at Apple include work on both the iPad and the iPhone. annual tax income from ball-shaped sales jumped $ 100B during Stoll ’ south time there. “ Details matter… To in truth understand, improve operations, and scale a occupation, you have to understand and be into the details, ” he wrote. “ You merely can not scale a occupation or provide an exceeding customer know without them. ”

Focusing on Customer Experience

He besides went on to say how much customers count. Stool wrote that he learned early on when working at Apple how the customer experience went beyond just the merchandise. “ Every engagement with the company matters. ” He besides underlined how authoritative little businesses were to Nextiva “ The humble business community will see a enormous benefit from our new NextOS Suites. The Communication Suite gives access to our most popular tools, including Voice, CRM, and Analytics, for one low price. ”

Looking at the Challenges

Stoll told Small Business Trends one of the challenges for this type of communication industry was rapid change. Customers want to be able to communicate with businesses wherever and whenever they want. He said that while most companies have struggled to keep pace, Nextiva sees this course as an opportunity to support SMB ’ second.

“ Customers want to contact businesses however they please. For some customers, this means social media and live chat on a web site, ” he wrote .

Examining Diverse Communication Methods

“ For others, this means calling support directly. All businesses now face the challenge of confluence customers where they are and providing divers opportunities to connect. ”

He went on to say many businesses are hearing more from customers than ever before. however, “ troublesome ” communications systems mean they understand less of what these people want. Stoll says modest businesses need to look at the big photograph to fix the trouble .

Combating Ineffective Use of Technology

“ The way businesses communicate and use engineering is becoming ineffective and unsustainable, and a holistic view of the customer journey is needed, ” he says. He goes on to name some of the solutions that SMBs need to look at. “ Machine eruditeness, artificial intelligence, and automation will continue to shape the future of the industry, and companies that use Nextiva five years from nowadays are well positioned to become the leaders in their distance. ”

Nextiva offer a diverseness of business communication tools. For example, The NextOS platform supplies some innovative features. It gives small businesses real fourth dimension individual insights into their customers. It makes use of some of the most modern and advanced technologies like predictive model excessively. This technology uses data to predict consequence. It ’ s a great way for humble businesses to understand their customers reactions in very time. See besides :
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