Best Mailstrom Alternative in 2022: Clean Email App

Mailstrom is a popular e-mail clean that can make your clog inbox available again. But with Mailstrom alternatives like Clean Email promptly available many long-run Mailstrom users have started to question whether they are truly using the best inbox clean there is .

What Is Mailstrom App?

Mailstrom presents itself as the fastest way for e-mail users to organize their clutter inboxes. This inbox cleaner identifies bundles of relate mail, grouping all messages from the like senders in concert so you can act on them jointly rather of having to delete, move, or archive every e-mail individually .Mailstrom best alternative Clean Your Inbox Manage your mailbox overloaded with undesirable emails more efficiently

Try Clean Email for Free Clean Your Inbox - Manage your mailbox overloaded with unwanted emails more efficiently

What Is Clean Email?

Despite its many merits, Mailstrom is not the best inbox clean available—not by a long nip. That ’ mho because there is besides clean Email, the best Mailstrom alternative you can find. Just like Mailstrom, Clean Email can delete you from undesirable subscriptions and obstruct emails from senders you don ’ thyroxine want to communicate with, but there ’ s then much more this alternative to Mailstrom can do for you and your inbox management .Clean Email best alternative of Mailstrom appClean Email best alternative of Mailstrom app


even though your e-mail serve of option most likely has a built-in spam auspices mechanism, the chances are that you still receive spam messages from time to time. That ’ sulfur because e-mail spammers are getting more and more creative, constantly finding new ways how to circumvent spam filters. They are much will to go deoxyadenosine monophosphate far as to send highly targeted emails that are virtually identical ( at least from the period of position of spam filters ) from legalize emails. Mailstrom has a singular one-click Block function that you can use to stop any undesirable senders or subjects from cluttering up your inbox in the future. All you need to do to use it is blue-ribbon an electronic mail from a transmitter you no longer want to receive any emails from and click the Block button. Of course, not all undesirable emails come uninvited. If you shop on-line, you ’ ve credibly wittingly or unwittingly subscribed to at least a couple of mail lists. Although it can be enjoyable to occasionally receive an attractive discount, the reality is that most e-mail users quickly end up drowning in an ocean of marketing emails, unable to focus on what in truth matters. With Mailstrom ‘s Unsubscribe have, you can unsubscribe from mailing lists quickly and easily and get rid of erstwhile or undesirable mailing lists with a single click. By combining the Block function with Mailstrom ‘s Unsubscribe feature of speech, you can reduce the count of unread emails in your inbox from thousands to just a few in no fourth dimension .Mailstrom best alternative app in 2022 Unlike Mailstrom, Clean Email can besides ensure that your inbox stays uninfected going ahead by preventing market emails and newsletters from ever reaching your inbox with its Unsubscriber feature, which works even if the sender doesn ’ metric ton provide an option to unsubscribe .Unsubscribe from emails with Clean EmailUnsubscribe from emails with Clean Email Another remainder between Mailstrom and Clean Email is that Mailstrom does n’t organize emails into smart bundles like Clean Email does. You can filter emails by Sender, Subject, Time, Social, and Size in Mailstrom, and that ‘s it. On the early hand, Clean Email organizes all emails into easy-to-review smart bundles, called Smart Views, which include Emails from “ dead ends ”, “ selling emails and Newsletters ”, “ Project Management tools ”, “ bounce ” notifications, Emails to yourself, “ Emails not from you and not addressed to you ”, “ finance ”, “ travel ”, and a lot more !Smart View feature in Clean EmailSmart View feature in Clean Email What ’ s more, clean Email can mechanically apply choose actions to all future messages, basically automating your e-mail management. The manner it works is childlike : when you choose to remove, archive, or pronounce, chump as read or unread, add and remove stars, or flag groups of emails, you can just check the checkbox labeled as “ Selected and future like emails ” and Clean Email will take caution of the rest for you .Automatically move emails with Auto Clean in Clean EmailAutomatically move emails with Auto Clean in Clean Email

Is Mailstrom Safe?

Mailstrom is an inbox clean that does n’t hide the fact that it needs accomplished access to the contents of your emails to do what it ‘s designed to do. It besides collects potentially personally-identifying information like Internet Protocol ( IP ) addresses and non-personally-identifying information such as the browser type, linguistic process preference, referring site, and the date and time of each exploiter request. According to Mailstrom ‘s privacy policy, the company may contribution your personally identifying information if the disclosure is done as part of a buy, transfer, or sale of services or assets. In other words, if Mailstrom is ever acquired by another company, all information it has collected about you will instantaneously become the property of the new owner. Your personal information may besides leave Mailstrom ‘s server if the ship’s company experiences a datum gap. Because Mailstrom has complete access to the contented of your emails, any cybercriminal who successfully overcomes its defenses can theoretically steal your stallion inbox and use the information it contains against you. The merely way how to avoid this risk is to not use Mailstrom at all. rather, use an e-mail cleaner that does n’t require complete access to your inbox.

Is Clean Email Safe?

Unlike Mailstrom, Clean Email does n’t require access to the content of your emails or attachments to organize your emails, making it much safe. All that Clean Email needs are electronic mail headers, which are small code snippets attached to email messages. The typical electronic mail heading contains information about the sender, recipient and electronic mail ‘s route to get to the inbox ( To/From/Subject/Date ) .Sort emails with Auto Clean in Clean EmailSort emails with Auto Clean in Clean Email clean Email uses guarantee access protocols to control access to your inbox, and it keeps all authentication credentials encrypted. not even clean Email employees can access them, so a data gap would n’t potentially have black consequences for Clean Email users. What ‘s more, all data stored on Clean Email ‘s servers are mechanically removed after 45 days. As such, Clean Email is a much safer inbox cleaner than Mailstrom, which is why Google, Yahoo, and AOL verified it as a sure application. With clean Email, you can rest assured knowing that your personal information wo n’t fall into the wrong hands because clean Email does n’t access any sensible information in the beginning plaza .

Privacy Policy

To do what it ’ second designed to do, Mailstrom collects diverse information about its users. This wouldn ’ triiodothyronine be a trouble on its own, but Mailstrom besides shared this information with third-party vendors to process data, including Intercom, Stripe, IBM, Amazon, and others. What ’ sulfur worse, Mailstrom keeps the gather information even when you delete your explanation —for up to 3 months. Sharing any information with third-parties for any purpose will be a huge no-no after May 15th 2019 because Google is making drastic changes to better manage how third-party apps gain users ‘ license to read, write, or send electronic mail from consumer Gmail accounts. Unless Mailstrom developers do something about the way Mailstrom collects user data, it ’ s possible that Mailstrom will stop running in a not-too-distant future. clean Email doesn ’ t have to change how it handles drug user data because it never sells or rents your e-mail savoir-faire or ANY personally identifiable or even aggregated data to another company. As such, Clean Email won ’ t have any problem complying with Google ’ second updated Gmail API policy after May 15th .


You can try Mailstrom for release to load improving to 5,000 emails and remove 25 % of them, but outright removal is available only if you purchase one of the three available premium plans : Basic, Plus, and Pro. The basic plan costs $ 6.95 a month or $ 59.95 a class, and you can use it to manage up to 3 e-mail accounts. The Plus plan costs $ 9.95 a calendar month or $ 99.95 a class, and you can use it to manage up to 5 accounts. ultimately, the Pro plan costs $ 29.95 a month or $ 199.95 a year, and you can use it to manage up to 20 accounts. Despite being importantly more capable than Mailstrom, Clean Email is actually more affordable—the trick is to pay once a year, which is how you can save up to 70 %. If you need to manage good one e-mail report, you can expect to pay just $ 2.49 a month in the form of a single payment of $ 29.99. It costs $ 49.99 a year to manage up to 5 electronic mail accounts, about half the cost of a alike design offered by Mailstrom. ultimately, it costs $ 99.99 a year to manage up to 10 accounts. All Clean Email plans include all features, and there are no extra fees or charges to worry about .

How to Use Clean Email as Mailstrom Alternative?

It takes just three simple steps to start using clean Email as a safe and more mighty alternative to Mailstrom : Step 1. Go to : hypertext transfer protocol : //

  • You can get started with Clean Email for free and instantly use it to transform a messy inbox into a neatly organized collection of email messages.

Step 2. Sign in with your electronic mail account.

  • Clean Email works with any IMAP/POP email services, including Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, Fastmail, and others.

Step 3. Use the Quick Clean option to analyze your inbox .

  • Quick Clean groups types of emails most commonly cleaned by Clean Email users, including older emails, social notifications, emails from dead ends, unread emails, and so on.

Quick Clean feature in Clean EmailQuick Clean feature in Clean Email From there, you can continue exploring Clean Email ‘s other features, such as Unsubscriber or Auto Clean Rules .


scavenge Email proves that more low-cost solutions are sometimes better than their expensive counterparts. Mailstrom pricing somehow doesn ’ thymine reflect the fact that the inbox clean has only a fraction of Clean Email ’ mho capabilities, lacking sophisticate automation features adenine well as the ability to intelligently unsubscribe from mass electronic mail lists, for model. And with its questionable privacy policy now threatening its very universe, there ’ s in truth no reason not to use clean Email, the best Mailstrom alternative there is .

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