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25 Best Master’s in Accounting Degrees for 2020

best macc programs Should I get my overlord ’ randomness in accounting ? It ’ s a common doubt for students who are considering an accounting career. An undergraduate degree may offer opportunities to start a career in accountancy, but it may not provide the grade of education required to advance in your career. By understanding the benefits of masters in accounting degree programs, students can determine if it is a good option for their goals. Exact wages may vary based on a scholar ’ s career path and role, equally well as know ; however, the average accountant with a headmaster ’ s academic degree can expect to make around $ 120,000 per year .
The primary coil benefit of a headmaster ’ mho in report is stability. After starting a job as an accountant, the risk of losing your job is first gear. It is a stable career choice that offers sanely high wages to help with your long-run goals. Students will besides discover that obtaining a master ’ sulfur in accounting offers greater flexibility for a career with greater opportunity to specialize. Specialties allow students to work in a variety of environments and settings. That means students are able to focus on a career that fits their position and obligations. Accountants with a master ’ s degree can work from home, take on consulting roles, or even work full-time in an account firm or business .

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Methodology: Ranking the Best Accounting Master’s Programs 

The editors at Great Business Schools understand that the choice to earn a chief ’ mho in account is a virtual one, so our ranking is built on practical issues of reappearance on investment, job market reputation, and educational quality. We used data from IPEDS, College Scorecard, Niche, and U.S. News & World Report to determine the order .

1. Brigham Young University

masters degrees in accounting Brigham Young University ’ sulfur Master of Accountancy ( MAcc ) program is one of the best account masters programs in the nation. The program provides a general master ’ s-level understand of accounting topics with a focus on business. There are two concentrations to choose from : professional accountancy and tax. The tax focus dives profoundly into issues related to taxes and prepares the graduate scholar for a put in the tax department of an accountancy firm. The professional accountancy concentration provides the scholar with a more general overview of all areas of accountancy .
The Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University is one of the best management schools in the US. The school ’ south staff participates in inquiry and holds positions in many professional organizations. Students at the Marriott School benefit from internship programs, special research projects, executive visitation opportunities, and more .

Highlight The Marriott School offers a variety of scholarships that are available to students in the Masters of Accountancy program.

Degree Master of Accountancy

2. Texas A&M University

graduate accounting program Texas A & M University ’ s Mays Business School offers an MS in Accounting that is one of the best chief in account programs around. The course of study is competency-based, which ensures that all students gain a useful level of cognition and skill in the areas of populace policy, information systems, psychoanalysis of fiscal statements, fiscal markets, and professional services marketing, american samoa well as an understanding of how technology affects business and account. Graduates besides demonstrate competence in teamwork, leadership, critical intend, and communication. Students can choose to focus on taxation and fiscal planning or information management and assurance services .
The Mays Business School at Texas A & M University seeks to increase prosperity throughout the universe. The educate ’ second deputation is to create transformation leaders who will make an impact. Mays is one of the leading business schools in the US, and its staff is recognized for its inquiry engagement. The educate is renowned for its invention and has an alumnus network of more than 60,000 former students .

Highlight Almost everyone who starts a program at Mays finishes. Over 90% of students enrolled at Mays Business School graduate within five years.

Degree MS in Accounting

3. University of Virginia

accounting school Students searching for the best account masters should check out the MS in Accounting from the University of Virginia ’ south McIntire School of Commerce. This course of study trains students to use analytics, account, and communication skills to solve problems and salute solutions clearly. The school ’ second learning model involves presentations, discussions, and team-based exercises that mimic the type of experiences graduates will encounter in the substantial worldly concern. Students can choose from two specialties : tax confer or fiscal report and assurance .
The McIntire School of Commerce is a first business school that is committed to pursuing excellence in both research and academia. The school produces leaders who make a deviation in the business worldly concern and throughout society .

Highlight The MS in Accounting at the University of Virginia can be completed in just nine months.

Degree MS in Accounting

4. College of William and Mary

financial accounting graduate schools The dominate of Accounting ( MAcc ) program offered by the Raymond A. Mason School of Business at William & Mary University is one of the best account masters programs for students who want to complete their graduate degrees in a haste. The master of Accounting program at William & Mary can be completed in nine months for accounting majors or 12 months for non-accounting majors. The course of study is flexible, with five specializations to choose from. Graduates are qualified to take the CPA examination .
William & Mary is the second-oldest university in the US with a history of more than 325 years of academician excellence. The Raymond A. Mason School of Business transforms talented and intelligent students into leaders who will excel in their fields. The school offers some of the best professors in the country, and students have the opportunity enter in an executive partnership program .

Highlight There is a winter internship that gives students the opportunity to earn $10,000 to $12,000 while earning real-world experience in accounting.

Degree Master of Accounting

5. University of Florida

masters degrees in accounting The Fisher School of Accounting at the University of Florida offers one of the best master of Accounting programs in the earth. The MAcc program is designed for students from other schools who want to pursue post-graduate studies in accounting after completing their BSAc. The Fisher School of Accounting besides offers a 3/2 program for students who wish to complete all five years at UF. Students who enroll in the MAcc program can choose a concentration in auditing or taxation, or they can opt to complete a general program with no specialization .
The Fisher School of Accounting is region of the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida. The school produces leaders in commercial enterprise who are skilled at seeing what the future will bring and responding to change. Fisher graduates make a deviation everywhere they go .

Highlight Some students my need to complete preparatory courses before beginning the program if the requirements set forth by the Fisher School have not been met.

Degree Master of Accounting

6. University of Texas at Austin

graduate accounting program The University of Texas Master of Professional Accounting offered by the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin is one of the best account masters programs you ’ ll discovery anywhere. The program exposes students to diverse ideas and classes that lead to an explosion of advanced thoughts and ideas. There is a annual MPA for students who have completed their knight bachelor ’ randomness degrees and an integrate MPA for undergraduate students. There is besides an ECON-MPA for undergraduate students who are majoring in economics .
The McCombs School of Business is focused on the future and driven by the spirit of its people. The school produces ethical leaders who improve their communities, the economy, and the lives of millions of people through their ideas and invention. The educate has over 90,000 alumni working to make the global a better place .

Highlight The Texas McCombs MPA is rated #1 by the Public Accounting Report.

Degree Master of Professional Accounting

7. University of Wisconsin

certified public accountants The Wisconsin School of Business at the University of Wisconsin – Madison offers one of the best account masters programs for students who want to get their careers off to a good begin. The master of Accountancy ( MAcc ) program gives students the skills they need to become skilled certify populace accountants. There is a specialization in tax income available for those who wish to focus their careers in that area. The school has a 98 % placement rate for graduates within three months and the MAcc program is rated # 4 in the nation by TaxTalent .
The Wisconsin School of Business was one of the first schools in the US to have a business broadcast. The school is committed to public service and to using research to help solve the world ’ sulfur biggest problems .

Highlight The Wisconsin School of Business is in the top 5 in the nation for CPA exam pass rates.

Degree Master of Accountancy

8. Boston College

concentration in accountancy The MS in Accounting from Boston College ’ sulfur Carroll School of Management is one of the best victor in accounting programs in the state, with a pass rate for the CPA examination that is closely 30 % higher than modal. The program gives students a cryptic agreement of accountancy and how it affects businesses and other organizations. faculty members have real-world experience in accounting and focus on teaching students virtual skills .
The Carroll School takes an experiential approach to eruditeness and incorporates cross-disciplinary cognition into its programs. Students gain the leadership skills they ’ ll necessitate to implement positive switch in the organizations they work for. The school focuses on academic excellence and strives to ensure that its graduates are well-prepared for success in the workplace .

Highlight All graduate students at the Carroll School must engage in some form of volunteer community service.

Degree MS in Accounting

9. University of Michigan

masters degrees in accounting The Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan offers a master of Accounting that is one of the best account masters programs in the universe. This program provides students with a all-around initiation in accounting. Students learn how accountancy fits into the world of clientele through a customize degree that contains up to 33 % elective courses from early disciplines for a multidimensional educational experience .
Michigan Ross believes that business is the key to bringing about positive deepen in the world. The school has first staff and its graduates are highly sought after by employers. At Ross, students learn by doing. The school gives students the opportunity to start and run their own businesses and learn first-hand how the business world operates .

Highlight 100% of the Michigan Ross MAcc graduates from 2017 had been offered jobs within six months after graduating.

Degree MS in Accounting

10. University of Georgia

certified public accounting degree program The Master of Accountancy program from the University of Georgia Terry College of Business is one of the best account masters programs in the nation. The program produces ace fiscal experts who excel in their chosen career fields. There are three ways to earn your MAcc at Terry : the traditional annual course of study, a 5-year BBA/MAcc platform, or a JD/MAcc program. Students can customize their academic degree programs to match their career goals .
The Terry College of Business has been creating effective leaders for more than 100 years. The school offers customizable memorize experiences and hands-on educational opportunities. 98 % of the educate ’ second 2018 graduates were employed within three months. Terry ’ randomness course of study is constantly updated based on the school ’ s research and encourages critical think and problem-solving .

Highlight The CPA exam pass rate at the University of Georgia has been higher than that of any other large school for two of the past three years.

Degree Master of Accountancy

11. North Carolina State University

masters of business concentration in accountancy North Carolina State University ’ second Jenkins Master of Accounting ( MAC ) program is preparing the accountants of the future to be leaders in their plain. As one of the best dominate in accountancy programs around, the Jenkins MAC helps students develop their report skills while preparing to take the CPA examination. North Carolina State offers many advanced educational experiences such as enabling students to lead courses in the community, practicum exercises, and study afield opportunities .
The Jenkins Graduate School of Management is committed to developing the leaders of tomorrow and achieving academic excellence through invention, research, and education. The educate is depart of the Poole College of Management at North Carolina State University, which gives students the ability to think creatively and analyze possibilities in club to excel in the ball-shaped business market .

Highlight The school has many partnerships with employers in the area and staff works closely with students to help expedite their job searches.

Degree Master of Accounting

12. Ohio State University

master of business administration concentration in accountancy The victor of Accounting available through the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University is one of the best account masters programs in the state. The platform provides a solid foundation garment in accountancy that is rounded out with a assortment of business electives that help prepare students for careers in the clientele world. Fisher tries to recruit graduate students from many schools for more diversity of ideas among the students. The school offers humble class sizes and students develop strong relationships with their peers over the course of the program .
At the Fisher College of Business, students don ’ triiodothyronine merely study business—they experience it. Fisher goes deeper, giving students practical experiences that challenge their think. Fisher produces ethical leaders with an innovative liveliness who challenge the traditional and create new ways of doing things .

Highlight At Fisher, 78% of the curriculum is made up of electives. This allows students to customize their program to suit them.

Degree Master of Accounting

Featured Programs

13. Michigan State University

Best MSA Programs In US The Broad College of Business at Michigan State University offers one of the best accounting masters programs that can be completed in one year. The master of Science in Accounting ( MSA ) plan from MSU is made up of 30 credits that can be customized to fit the scholar ’ s career goals. Graduates will be prepared for careers in business where they will be able to help owners and executives make better fiscal decisions. The program incorporates real-world determine experiences and prepares students to sit for the CPA examination .
The Broad College of Business creates leaders who transform commercial enterprise and make things happen. The school ’ randomness sight is to be the post that people think of when they think about business. The Broad School was renamed to honor Eli Broad, an MSU graduate who donated $ 20 million after building two Fortune 500 companies .

Highlight Broad MSA students can choose from three specialties: taxation, public and corporate accounting, and information systems.

Degree MS in Accounting

14. University of Washington

Best MSA Programs In US masters degrees in accounting When you ’ rhenium looking for the best report masters programs to help with your long-run career goals, the Master of Professional Accounting from the University of Washington is a good option. The academic degree program focuses on teaching students the ethics surrounding account as a profession adenine good as the skills they need to succeed in a career. Students are expected to learn data analytics, effective communication skills, and auditing skills as it applies to businesses .
The University of Washington stands apart from other programs by ensuring students are prepared for a variety of jobs in report. It requires students to go through a winter internship to gain hands-on know as an accountant and prepares students for the rigors of a long-run career. Since students learn written and oral communication skills, it besides prepares students to take on leadership roles within a company .

Highlight Students in the accounting master’s program from the University of Washington have a 77.2 percent pass rate on the first time they take the CPA exam.

Degree Master of Professional Accounting

15. Indiana University Bloomington

accounting school The MS in Accounting from Indiana University in Bloomington is one of the best victor in accounting programs available for students who are looking for long-run career solutions. The degree platform allows students to gain an in-depth understand of specific areas of report by selecting a specific focus. Students can study tax, risk management, datum analytics, or assurance in the program. It allows students to work on the skills that fit their career objectives.

Indiana University in Bloomington stands apart by encouraging students to focus on gaining hands-on know through the field consulting course of study. Students are able to develop utilitarian skills that carry forward into a career by working on the right course of study for their goals. It besides allows students to develop utilitarian leadership skills that offer opportunities in a variety of careers .

Highlight Students who attend Indiana University in Bloomington have a high rate of obtaining jobs after graduation. Around 95 percent of students obtain a job within 90 days of graduating from the accounting master’s degree program.

Degree MS in Accounting

16. Baruch College

masters degrees in accounting Baruch College offers one of the best accountancy masters degree programs for students who want to advance in a career. The MS in Accountancy offers a highly specify department of education that prepares students for the challenges of working as an accountant. It is designed for students who have an undergraduate degree in account or a similar major, and who want to build on their former experience and education .
baruch College stands apart by offering path waivers to qualifying students. The waivers allow students to finish the master ’ s degree at an accelerated pace and reduce the total of classes a student must take for their degree. The degree plan besides helps students cook for the CPA examination by ensuring they have the cardinal cognition they need to pass the examination and obtain the professional appellation .

Highlight Baruch College is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, and meets the high standards set by the association for accounting degrees.

Degree MS in Accountancy

17. Arizona State University

certified public accounting degree program graduate schools The Master of Accountancy program from Arizona State University is one of the best account masters programs for students who want to improve their opportunities within a business or account firm. The program focuses on teaching students accountancy and taxation skills that prepare them to complete the CPA examination and work on their professional skills. It besides focuses on developing communication skills, strategic intend processes, and creative thinking to ensure students are able to keep up in a fast-paced make environment .
A key means Arizona State University stands out is the opportunities available for international students. The accountancy broadcast is considered a STEM program, and the school recognizes that the program may assist international students on a scholar visa with the process of obtaining a career that allows them to stay in the country on an allow knead visa. The degree program allows students to apply for an OPT extension on their scholar visa for up to 36 months, which offers more time to file paperwork for other types of visa .

Highlight Arizona State University’s Master of Accountancy program is an accelerated program that students can complete within nine months.

Degree Master of Accountancy

18. University of Notre Dame

science in accountancy graduate accounting The University of Notre Dame offers an MS in Accountancy program that helps students accomplish their career goals. The program allows students to select from two different tracks : assurance and Advisory Services or Tax Services. Students are able to select a track that fits their career objectives and helps with their long-run plans. It focuses on helping students develop the skills they need to advance in a career over a life .
A identify means the University of Notre Dame stands apart is the opportunity for students to study abroad while working on their headmaster ’ s degree programs. Students can study aboard for two weeks during the plan, which allows them to learn about differences in assorted countries and prepare for a job that removes them from a traditional career path. It gives students greater tractability when seeking a occupation to start a career because they will have experience with a different culture and account method .

Highlight Roughly 80 percent of students who graduate from the University of Notre Dame with an accountancy master’s degree get a job in one of the Big Four accounting firms.

Degree MS in Accountancy

19. Florida State University

top business school graduate accounting When you are looking for the best master in accounting programs, you want to consider the overcome of accounting from Florida State University. The degree broadcast focuses on providing a rigorous and all-around education that prepares students for the challenges of working in an account firm or a corporate environment. It provides a impregnable foundation in inquiry, analytic tools, and quantitative strategies that give students the skills they need to keep up in a modern workplace .
Florida State University offers three different tracks for students who want to work in account. Students can study as a Generalist and gain the basic skills they need for a kind of career options. They can besides work in Assurance and Advisory Services or Taxation Services for more specialized skills that focus on specific aspects of accounting .

Highlight Florida State University offers a waiver for the GMAT or GRE test if students meet specific criteria in relation to their previous education or work experience. 

Degree Master of Accounting

20. University of Alabama

master of business administration concentration in accountancy The Master of Accountancy from the University of Alabama is one of the best programs for students who want to work in an account career. The academic degree program emphasizes cognitive thinking strategies, research skills, and communication skills to prepare students for the challenges they face when working in an accounting firm or a fast-paced corporate environment. It ensures that students have the accounting skills ampere well as the commercial enterprise skills they need to work in a kind of career opportunities .
The University of Alabama stands out by offering the train students need to pass the CPA examination. Students are prepared for the examination by the time they finish the degree program and can feel confident when going into the test that they have the skills and cognition to fall. It gives students a hard initiation in the appropriate ethical, practical, and analytic skills to take the quiz and improve their career opportunities .

Highlight The University of Alabama offers scholarships to students in the Master of Accountancy program.

Degree Master of Accountancy

21. University of Texas at Dallas

graduate accounting school The University of Texas at Dallas offers an MS in Accounting program that helps students work on their career goals. The degree program allows students to focus on accomplishing their goals by working on their own pace. It besides prepares students for the CPA examination and ensures that students have the skills to handle the trial .
A key way the University of Texas at Dallas stands out from other programs is the on-line classes it offers to students. While students can complete the entire degree course of study on-campus, it besides offers a assortment of on-line classes that help students keep up with current job responsibilities or personal obligations. It gives students a flexible solution when they are already working in accounting or early fields .

Highlight The University of Texas at Dallas offers fast track courses in the accounting program that helps accelerate the program for early graduation.

Degree MS in Accounting

22. New York University

certified public accountants graduate schools New York University offers an MS in Accounting program that prepares students for a career in a fast-paced work environment. The degree platform provides students with a foundational education that prepares them for the challenges they will face when working in a corporate or business fix. It besides ensures that students have the right skills to work in account and tax by providing the basic education they need to start in their careers .
New York University prepares students to take the CPA examination. It ensures that students have the right classes to learn the ethical standards that apply to accountants adenine well as the practical skills they need to work in an accounting military position. It helps students prepare for the examination and ensures that students qualify to take the test after finishing their degrees .

Highlight New York University offers evening courses that help students develop a strategy to fit their own schedules and obligations. Classes are from Monday to Thursday, so students will not need to attend weekend classes.

Degree MS in Accounting

23. University of Tennessee Knoxville

Best MSA Programs In US accounting degree program The University of Tennessee at Knoxville offers a maestro of Accountancy program to students. The degree program focuses on providing students with the hands-on experience they need to work in an accountancy firm or to take on the fiscal aspects of a business. It gives students a strong initiation that allows them to develop their skills for a career .
The way that the University of Tennessee at Knoxville stands apart from early programs is the focus on accelerate development of skills. Students are able to finish their degree in 10 months. It besides provides students with the skills to handle tax, assurance, fiscal transactions, and advisory situations .

Highlight The University of Tennessee at Knoxville offers merit-based scholarships to students in the master of accountancy program.

Degree Master of Accountancy

24. University of Mississippi

graduate accounting degree programs The University of Mississippi offers a master of Accountancy course of study that prepares students for a career in a bodied work environment or related fields. It ensures that students have the skills to handle large business transactions and auditing, while besides giving students the opportunity to select elective course courses that foster enhance their skills .
The University of Mississippi stands apart from other programs by focusing on comprehensive skills in accounting. The school besides offers a three-credit-hour class for CPA training that gives students the opportunity to prepare for the examination. It ensures that students are fix for the rigors of a career in report and the challenge of obtaining a CPA as part of a career plan .

Highlight The University of Mississippi is an AACSB-accredited university.

Degree Master of Accountancy

25. University of South Carolina

masters degrees in accounting The Master of Accountancy from the University of South Carolina is one of the best programs for students who want an accounting career. The degree program focuses on developing account and leadership skills to prepare students for a leadership function in a occupation or corporate environment. It recognizes that accounting skills are not the only factors involved in career development and offers the opportunity for students to focus on leadership roles .
A identify manner the University of South Carolina differs from other programs is the focus on developing the technical and practical skills students need for their careers. The plan teaches students to use the latest technical tools in account and ensures that students have the analytic skills to identify concerns or cover programs .

Highlight The University of South Carolina offers certifications to further enhance student skills and prepare students for specialized areas of accounting services.

Degree Master of Accountancy

How Do I Choose a Master’s in Accounting Program?

When you are looking into different accountancy programs for a master ’ sulfur degree, you want to consider the overlord of accounting ranking from unlike sources. The top MS in accounting programs will have clear reasons based on the naturally fabric, the school ’ sulfur staff, the program, and the results of the education .
Students should besides evaluate the classes available in the plan. Since accounting degrees may offer specialize classes, students should consider the best options that fit their career objectives .
The final consideration is accreditation. Avoid any educate that is not accredited by a respected third-party organization. Ideally, accreditation through an arrangement that focuses on STEM classes will give students the opportunity to feel confident in the degree program. Avoid any programs that are not accredited or that do not have clear information about accreditation .

Do I Need a Master’s to Become a CPA?

Do you need a maestro ’ randomness to be a CPA ? It depends on your situation. When it comes to looking at what degree do I need to become a CPA, you want to start with the basic standards. As a general rule, you need 150 credit hours of education at the college degree. For most students, that will mean obtaining a bachelor ’ s degree and a master ’ s degree in account to qualify for the examination. Students may besides qualify to take the test with an undergraduate degree and some dominate ’ mho horizontal surface courses without a degree in certain circumstances .
Each submit does set different standards for the CPA examination, so students should look into the standards set by the state. In some states, a certain number of credits are required at the master ’ second charge, though a degree may not be required. The details vary slenderly by country, so students should look into the requirements of their own state of matter or the state where they plan to work as an accountant before determining that they are ready for the test .
Do you need a headmaster ’ south to be a CPA ? You do not ; however, it is difficult to meet the educational requirements without a dominate ’ s academic degree. The act of credits required for the degree exceeds the sum offered to most students at the undergraduate charge, and states may require a sealed number of accountancy courses to qualify for the examination .

Is a Master of Accountancy and an MS in Accounting the Same Thing?

When looking at an on-line passkey of accountancy, you may wonder how it differs from an MS in accounting on-line. The degree names seem like and the naturally work may look precisely the same. As a rule, an MS in accounting is a generalize variation of accounting. It may include more broad topics of study. The master of accountancy is exchangeable ; however, it has a more focus sphere of sketch .
The academic degree programs have many similarities and students can apply the degree to the lapp career opportunities. In many cases, the course material will look exchangeable and teach the same skills. The key remainder is the degree of specialization .
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