Tips For Aspiring Entrepreneurs Looking For Change

By Nellie Akalp

The times we live in are uncertain, but that besides presents opportunity .


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, end year an average of closely 4 million workers quit their jobs each calendar month. A multitude of reasons has contributed to what is being called the “ Great Resignation ” during the ongoing pandemic :

  • Employee burnout from working overtime
  • Fear of contracting Covid-19 and spreading it to family members
  • Lack of childcare resources amid school closures and online learning models
  • The realization that there’s more to life than the 9-to-5 grind

indeed, the times we live and work in are challenging and riddled with doubt. however, they besides present an opportunity to take control. If you ’ re an aspirant entrepreneur, you may find that now is an ideal time to explore paving your own career path—on your own terms .

Been there!

When I graduated from law school, the “ expected ” future step was getting a jurisprudence firm job. While many of my chap graduates took that path, it barely didn ’ thyroxine feel quite right to me. I couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate picture myself working for person else and wanted something different, something more .
My husband, who is besides my clientele collaborator, faced a alike situation. Out of jurisprudence school, he tried to get a job but no firms wanted to hire him. It was deflating at the time, but later became a grace. Through those experiences of rejection, he discovered his true calling .

We put our brains together and launched our own company, which we late sold to Intuit in 2008 for $ 20 million. With a taste of entrepreneurial success and a beloved for business ownership, we launched CorpNet a year late .
While our circumstances may differ from what people are encountering with the pandemic and the Great Resignation, a analogue exists. namely, people realize they do not have to be tied down to jobs that detract from their quality of life. They are learning they have the power within themselves to chart a different naturally and find fulfillment .
here are some tips for entrepreneurs looking for something more following the great resignation :

1.  Don’t sell yourself short

good because you have never started a occupation earlier does not mean you don ’ t have the cognition or qualities required. Tap into what you ’ ve done and learned in past occupation positions ( sales acumen, customer service skills, engineering proficiencies, project management command, and so forth ). then assess gaps in your abilities and seek train, or find professional resources to fill the voids .

2. Don’t let naysayers get the best of you

You ’ ll find no deficit of critics to tell you why you won ’ thyroxine succeed. Take their comment with a granulate of salt .
Yes, you should listen to constructive remark and feedback from unbiased confidants as you hone your clientele mind. No, you should not take to kernel ill-intended sentiments from people who have no understand of business ownership and what it takes to launch and grow a caller successfully .
sadly, some people may resent your aspirations because of their own insecurities.

3. Have a plan

The march of starting a business involves many moving parts. While you don ’ t have to zero in on every fine detail from the beginning, it ’ south critical to identify the key areas you ’ ll need to address .
One helpful resource for little business startup is SCORE, the national nonprofit organization organization which provides free mentoring to entrepreneurs at all stages of their entrepreneurial travel. besides, attorneys, accountants, and tax advisors can help you understand your current site and provide steering on the legal and fiscal aspects of launching a business. They can offer adept advice as you make many important decisions, such as :

  • Which business structure (e.g., sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability, or corporation) should you choose?
  • Should you trademark your business name?
  • Does S Corporation election makes sense for your business?
  • Should you hire employees or outsource tasks to independent contractors?

They besides can help ensure you know what you need to do on an ongoing basis to keep your occupation compliant with all license, tax filings, and coverage required by state, local, and federal government agencies .
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From resignation to entrepreneurship: Sometimes quitters do win

We ’ ve all heard the saying “ Quitters never win. ” however, quitting doesn ’ thyroxine constantly have minus outcomes. In fact, it can open the doorway to new, exciting opportunities—especially when it involves leaving a military position in a toxic or unfulfilling workplace environment to start a successful clientele .

Don’t wait to build the life you want

Life is valued, short, and comes with the unexpected—good and not therefore good. recently I slipped, fell, and hit the second of my head very difficult on a concrete shock. I suffered a concussion and now have headaches that are making it unmanageable to focus .
This unanticipated experience has reminded me how cursorily our lives can change. We should not take anything for granted nor settle for less than we want .

  • Follow your passion and pursue your dreams.
  • Do work that makes you happy and gives you fulfillment.
  • Do not let fear of rejection or failure stop you; if you never try, you’ll never know your true potential.

About the Author

Nellie Akalp is Founder and CEO of, a trusted resource and military service supplier for business incorporation, LLC filings, and bodied complaisance services in all 50 states. See Nellie ’ sulfur articles and entire bio at .
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