I can’t log in to a website

I can’t log in to a website

It’s a very common problem…

therefore you ‘re having trouble logging in to a web site ? This is a very common trouble and it ‘s affected all of us at one orient or another. here ‘s a list of things you can try to solve your problem, or at the very least, find precisely where the problem might be .

…and a very broad problem too!

american samoa well as being a common problem, it ‘s besides a very wide problem – there are lots of different elements that have to work properly before you can use a web site or do something arsenic straightforward as log in. Lets start at the basics and go from there .
If you want to skip ahead, here ‘s the index :

Firstly, is there a problem with your internet connection?

Lets get the most obvious problem out of the way – is there anything wrong with your internet joining ? If you ‘re having fuss loading the web site sometimes or at all then there might be a problem with your internet connection that ‘s preventing you from logging in.

If you ‘ve been able to load this article to read, then there ‘s a gamble your internet is ticket … But generally speak, a adept way to test your internet connection is to load a identical popular and stable web site, such as the home page of Google – if Google loads for you then it ‘s a very good signboard that your internet connection at least partially works .
If Google does n’t even load, then you ‘ve probably got a bigger problem than not being able to log in to a web site. ( We ‘re working on a usher to help debug internet problems and will post it here soon ! )

Does the website give you any hints about the problem?

When you ca n’t log in to a locate, the first thing to look at is what the web site itself is saying when it tells you that you are n’t able to log in. Are there any error messages ? Websites want you to be able to log in, so if there ‘s a trouble they ‘ll normally give you some kind of error message telling you why you ‘re having disturb logging in and what you might do to fix it .
If you ca n’t log in to a web site, look adjacent to the login form for any error messages which will tell you what the problem seems to be – does it say “ Incorrect Password ” ? Does it say “ Incorrect or stranger username or electronic mail ? ”. Look for these kinds of hints near the login box to see if this is the argue you ca n’t log in .

Username problems

If the web site you are trying to log in to is telling you that you are using the faulty drug user diagnose, then double check the spelling – you might have incidentally misspelt it – a miss or wrong character in your username is enough to stop you from logging in. Your username will have to be typed precisely right for the web site to recognise you .
Make sure you ‘re using the correct username for the web site you ‘re having trouble with. Some people have multiple social media accounts with unlike usernames – for case, you might have by chance tried to log in to your Instagram account with your Twitter drug user name .
Have you changed your username recently ? Some websites let you change your username and if you ‘ve changed your username but try to log in with your old username, it wo n’t work .

Does the site use email addresses instead of usernames?

Some websites and apps ask you to use your electronic mail address as your personal identifier rather of a username. Read the web site ‘s login shape closely and make certain this is n’t the case for you – if they are asking you for your electronic mail address, be surely to type it in. Some websites even let you log in with your call phone number, so be certain to read precisely what they ‘re asking you for .

Are you using the correct email address?

It ‘s very common for people to use more than one e-mail address – possibly you have a knead e-mail address and a personal e-mail address – if you try to log in to a web site with your work electronic mail when you actually registered with your personal address or vice versa, it wo n’t work. then double check that you ‘re using the right e-mail address .
Misspelling the knowledge domain name is a coarse problem besides – you might have by chance typed “ toilet @ mgail.com “ alternatively of gmail.com !

Are you locked out for too many failed attempts?

If you enter an wrong password besides many times, some websites will temporarily block your explanation from logging in. This is to help prevent automatize password attacks. If this happens, you might good have to wait a bit until you can try again. If you have n’t been entering your password lots while trying to log in, then it ‘s potential that person else is trying to “ brute force out approach ” your report. If that ‘s the encase then make surely you have a very firm password – do n’t use a news that can be found in a dictionary. We ‘re working on a guide to help you use hard passwords ; it ‘s coming soon !

Have you been banned or suspended?

Some websites might temporarily or permanently block your account from logging in if you violate their locate policies ( or if their automatize organization thinks you have ). If this always happens they normally at least give you a message like “ Your account has been banned ” or something like that when you try to log in .
If they have an appeals proceedure, you can see if you are able to contest the obstruct or at least find out what they think you did wrong. Some websites wo n’t even tell you what policy they think you violated ( as this can lead to people trying to game their system and policies ) .
If you have been unfairly banned or blocked, hopefully they will give you a admonitory and let you access your account again .

Incorrect password

credibly the most common lawsuit of not being able to log in to a web site is using the wrong password. At least websites will be pretty gain about this problem and give you a nice Incorrect password style erroneousness message .
Lets explore the reasons why you might be told that you ‘re using the wrong password .

Caps lock?

If you have Caps Lock turned on while you ‘re typing your password then your password will be in all upper encase, which means it wo n’t match what it actually is and the web site wo n’t let you in. Make sure your Caps Lock is turned off ( most keyboards have a small light in the key that indicates it ‘s turned on – press it to turn it off ) and try your password again .

Are you using the right password for the site?

Hopefully you are n’t reusing passwords and have a different password for each web site you log in to ( it helps you stay secure and minimize the damage if one of your passwords gets stolen/discovered ) – but it besides might mean you are typing the amiss password in to the locate you ‘re having trouble oneself with .
double check you ‘re typing the right password in – do n’t forget that if a site is asking you for your e-mail and your password, it ‘s NOT asking you for your email password – you ‘re using your electronic mail address to identify yourself and then using the password you set for that website to log in with ( … unless you are actually logging in to your webmail check your electronic mail ! ! )

Have you changed your password recently?

The future thing to ask yourself is have you changed your password recently ? possibly you typed your old password by mistake or your browser or Password Manager extension is auto-filling the erstwhile, incorrect password. If you ‘ve recently changed it, make sure to type and update your write password with the newly one .

Nope, I’ve really forgotten it!

fortunately, every web site that lets you log in should give you the ability to set a newly password for your account if you forgot the old one .

Uh-oh, has someone broken in and changed your password?

If you ‘ve double checked your password and you are certain you ‘re typing the correct username/email and compensate password into to the right web site and it ‘s hush having problems, then you might start to consider the possibility that person has discovered your password and logged in and changed it !
Please do n’t jump to any conclusions about this ; you might have merely gotten wholly confuse and while you think you ‘ve got the right password, you actually do n’t … or possibly the web site is barely having some wyrd, non-obvious problem that ‘s preventing logins from working … But of course, peoples accounts do get broken in to, so it might unfortunately happened to you, but for now, just remain sedate and see if you can fair set a new password .
The future gradation is to perform a password reset and see if that gets you back in .
hopefully a password reset lets you back in, after which, make certain that you ‘ve set a hard password ( make surely it ‘s long enough, contains uppercase & lowercase characters, some numbers and possibly even some symbols besides ). ( This is besides a good luck to make certain that all your passwords on early websites are potent adequate excessively ! )
If a password readjust does n’t work then there might be a bigger problem with your explanation – we ‘re working on a detail guide to help with hack accounts, but for immediately you can try contacting the locate you ‘re having trouble with and seeing if they can give you some aid. Look for their Support Desk or Contact form .

Resetting your password

If your password very is n’t working and you need to set a fresh one, then look for a connection on the Log In page/screen that says something like “ Reset Password ”, or “ Forgotten Password ? ” or possibly “ Get new password ”. Basically every web site that lets you log in will have some kind of prompt like this, somewhere on the page .
hera ‘s a list of links to common password readjust pages :
Some other websites such as Google ( which covers Gmail, Youtube, Google Docs etc ) and Tumblr start by asking you for your username or electronic mail before giving you the choice to reset your password .
closely every web site has a slenderly different set about to resetting your forget password, but basically they ‘ll send you some kind of electronic mail which contains a unique/secret associate to click that proves you have access to the e-mail address used – when you click the radio link you ‘ll be able to set a new password. Some websites will rather give you a “ impermanent password ” which you are then forced to change once you log in with it .
When you set a new password, make certain it ‘s very unmanageable to guess and you have n’t used it on any other web site !

Is there a problem with the website?

If, after making sure you ‘re using the correct username and password, you ‘re still having trouble logging in to a web site it ‘s possible that the web site itself has a problem. There are a few early things you can try.

Is the website working at all?

It seems obvious, but we ‘re covering all the angles here ! If the web site is completely down then you ‘ll obviously have trouble oneself logging into it ! There ‘s inactive a few different reasons why a web site might not respond, and they ‘re worth investigate .
When a web site “ is n’t working ” you might get a few different error messages, each which indicate a unlike problem .

Have you typed the wrong domain name?

If you type in the incorrect knowledge domain name then depending on your network browser you ‘ll get a different error message, telling you that the web site ca n’t be found at all

What’s a domain name?

The domain name is the main part of the URL you type to load the site – For example, Facebook’s domain name is facebook.com, Google’s domain name is google.com and so on.

If you ‘ve typed the wrong knowledge domain diagnose :

  • Chrome will tell you This site can’t be reached (“server IP address could not be found.“)
  • Firefox will tell you Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.
  • Safari will tell you Safari Can’t Find the Server

If you get an error like this, then it means you ‘ve typed the improper URL ( or possibly clicked a bad connect on another web site ). Try retyping the URL making surely to spell it correctly and hopefully it will load .
If you are getting one of these errors there ‘s a minor opportunity your DNS Settings are faulty or your ISP has a problem, but that ‘s outside the telescope of this lead – we ‘ll write a guidebook to help with this soon excessively .

The server isn’t responding

If you ‘ve typed the compensate URL your web browser will then know how to find and contact the web site, however if the server is “ devour ” it means that while the waiter can be found it ‘s not responding to your requests .

  • Chrome will tell you This site can’t be reached (and says the domain “refused to connect“)
  • Safari will tell you Safari Can’t Open the Page

If the site merely is n’t responding then possibly the web site is overloaded and just besides busy to work at the moment, or possibly they ‘ve got a problem with their servers and nothing is working for them right now. There ‘s nothing you can do about this. Hopefully they fix it soon .
If you ‘re trying to access the locate from your calculator, you could try to access the site from your mobile phone ( or frailty versa ). This might help narrow down where the trouble is. If your call is connected to your Wifi association, make certain to temporarily disconnect it from the Wifi so that it falls back to using your 4G/Cellular connection alternatively of using your internet connection which may have a problem .

The website is down for maintenance

Running and maintaining websites is a complicate endeavor and sometimes sites need to temporarily go down for upgrades or alimony – it is n’t common on big websites but it does happen. They should at least give you a big notice that says something to the effect of “ Down for alimony – back soon ” so that you know why you ca n’t log in. If it ‘s scheduled maintenance, some websites will give you notice a few hours or days beforehand .

The website is actually just broken

sometimes, things do just break and stop working – we ‘re all homo, and the people who make the websites you love are homo excessively – It ‘s potential the site you ‘re trying to log in to is fair having some issues. possibly the web site is showing the convention page, but logging in is good broken, or there ‘s some early wyrd microbe at the moment. Hopefully their team of developers and admins are working hard to fix whatever the problem is. If it ‘s a wide-spread outage for a big web site it will often make some waves on social media or even the news, so you might hear about it there and be able to confirm the outage .

Only some parts of the website are loading

If the web site is having some kind of problem, you might find that only certain parts of the web site lode for you .

Is there a problem with the required files for the website?

even a unmarried page on a web site normally requires dozens of files to load properly – the images, the display styles ( colors, sizes etc ) and the JavaScript code all rely on different files downloading to your device. If some or none of those load properly then the locate may not work and you may not be able to log in .
It ‘s most noticable when none of the images load at all ; or possibly none of the styles for the web site burden ( the web site is just black and blank text ). Or possibly some or none of the site ‘s JavaScript is loading ( Read our guides about JavaScript ) – you would notice this if you try clicking on buttons or elements which normally do something ( pop out the login corner, zoom an persona, load a new page ) but nothing happens .
If this is the case, then there ‘s credibly nothing you can in truth do about this – it ‘s most probably a trouble with the web site itself, possibly they deployed some raw code that ‘s not working quite right or possibly one of their servers are down .
If you ‘ve got adblockers or privacy extensions there ‘s a chance they ‘re preventing part of the code/assets for the web site from loading – if you ‘re having fuss you could try disabling your addons/extensions temporarily and see if that helps .

Other things you can try

then if you can connect to the web site and load the login page, you are surely your username/email and password are right, you ‘re not banned but you ‘re still having trouble connecting there are hush a few things you can try .

Make sure you have Cookies enabled

Cookies are required to be enabled/accepted by your browser on basically every one web site that requires you to log in. If you do n’t have cookies enabled you wo n’t be able to log in to most websites .
We ‘ve got some guides to help you enable cookies in lots of different vane browsers .
If you ‘re concerned about privacy issues relating to cookies, remember that it ‘s normally considered quite acceptable to accept First-Party cookies and block Third-Party cookies. Our guides have instructions for controlling these two options for your web browser. many browsers will besides give you the choice of normally blocking cookies but allowing barely a few websites that you choose to set cookies .

Make sure you have JavaScript enabled

A bunch of websites are very dependant on JavaScript these days, and they wo n’t work without it enabled. If you ‘re having trouble logging in, it ‘s worth checking that you have JavaScript enabled in your browser .
We ‘ve got guides to help you enable JavaScript for your web browser .
If you ‘re refer about running JavaScript on every single web site you visit, many browsers let you whitelist barely the sites that actually need it and keep it disabled for all the others .

Try clearing your browser cache and cookies

sometimes for a kind of technical reasons, your browser ‘s cookies and cache for a particular web site can just get a snatch messed up – clearing your cookies and cache can take you back to a spot of a “ blank slate ” and let you try again impertinently .
To do this, you can try clearing your hoard and cookies. If you do n’t want to wholly erase your browsing history, make sure to read the options closely and choose just what you want to remove – normally clearing your hoard and cookies should be enough to reset your browser .

Try restarting your computer

It ‘s worth a shoot !
sometimes computers and network browsers get a bit messed up – and equitable like clearing your cache and cookies – restarting your calculator, earphone, or tablet can sometimes just freshen it up a piece and fix some kinds of problems .

Try disabling any addons/extensions

It ‘s possible that you have an adblocker, privacy propagation or some early kind of browser total on that ‘s causing problems. Try temporarily disabling any extensions you have and reloading the login page for the web site you ‘re having trouble with .
Having an forbidden of date web browser might however cause log in problems on some websites. To stay safe on-line you should always be running an up to date web browser, so take a moment to check if your web browser is up to date and if not, follow the instructions to update your web browser .

Ask for help

In this guide, we ‘ve tried to step you through all the possible things that can go wrong when logging into a web site – hopefully it ‘s helped you find your problem but sometimes it takes the expertness of person who ‘s used to diagnosing and fixing problems like this .
Start by contacting the web site you ‘re having trouble with directly – they should have some kind of Contact form, Help Desk or flush Support Forums. When you ask your interrogate, be polite and make certain to tell them adenine much detail as possible – include what the accurate trouble is, including any error messages you get when you try to log in, besides include a list of the things from this guide that you ‘ve tried – net cookies, enabling javascript, trying a different internet joining, etc.

Including lots of detail will help them narrow down the trouble agile .


Hopefully, something in this guidebook helped you find and fix the problem you were having logging in to a web site .
safe browse !

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