10 Backstage Stories About Linda McMahon We Can’t Believe

Linda McMahon has had assorted roles in movement of the television camera & behind the scenes. here ‘s a look back at 10 wing stories involving Linda ! When it comes to the McMahon family, wrestling fans tend to fixate on its most visible members : Vince, Stephanie, Shane, and Triple H. But then there ’ second Linda McMahon .
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Linda was instrumental in working with Vince from the point when he was at his most aggressive and ambitious, as his bright ideas demonstrated his wrestling genius and he took WWE national. Linda has never been the extraordinary on-air quality, and her bring has tended to be more oriented toward business dealings than creative or forwarding. Despite her lower profile, though, she ’ south hush an integral part of the family and the class ’ randomness clientele.

10 She Met Vince At Church

Vince McMahon Church

The McMahon family international relations and security network ’ t precisely synonymous with good Christian values, boasting a history highlighted by a 2006 angle in which Vince McMaho north booked himself and his son against God. however, as discussed in a 2012 article from Politico, Linda has shared that she actually met her husband in church .

9 Being Fine With Kane’s Tombstone

Linda Kane

fall 2003 saw a bare shift in Kane ’ second character as he unmasked for the first gear clock time and went on a tear. His crimson actions included delivering a Tombstone piledriver on Linda McMahon — one of the most nefarious deeds of his career. It was a particularly shock spot for not only a devastate travel being delivered by a big male wrestler onto a female non-wrestler, but because Linda was so well known and had then rarely had any physical interest in WWE carry through .
Bruce Prichard recalled the segment on an episode of his Something to Wrestle podcast. He noted that he had anticipated some pushback from Linda, given her general reserve to play much of a fictional character on screen, but alternatively, she had cursorily said it was all right. possibly by then, she was resigned to her class being involved in shenanigans on television receiver or else recognized the value this stunt would contribute to her son ’ second budding storyline with Kane. Regardless, she went right along with one of the most shock, potentially dangerous spots of her on-air career .


8 Masterminding Action Figures

Linda And Shane McMahon

carry through figures are a fundamental contribution of wrestling merchandise—a favorite play among kids and increasingly a collectible among adults. Nowadays, it ’ randomness slowly enough to take it as a given that these dolls would be a part of WWE ’ s business exemplar, but they had to start somewhere .
In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Linda revealed that she masterminded the original theme of WWE selling action figures after watching how invest her son Shane once was in playing with his GI Joes. It may only be fitting that the idea for WWE ’ south iconic natural process figures would come straight from a mother .

7 She Knew About Vince Having Affairs

Vince McMahon Torrie Wilson

There are quite a few times Vince McMahon booked himself into angles in which he physically engaged with female talents, including Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler, and Torrie Wilson, among others. In a 2001 interview with Playboy, McMahon openly acknowledged the fact that he had had adulterous affairs, qualifying that he had always been “ firm, ” though not always “ faithful ” to Linda .
Vince suggested that Linda was aware of the affairs. He didn ’ t necessarily suggest she approved or gave her grace, but this narrative did add an concern wrinkle to what fans know about the celebrated couple ’ mho marriage. The details from the interview have n’t aged good and it ‘s a history Vince could n’t want fans to remember now .

6 Taking Warrior’s Calls

Linda McMahon And Ultimate Warrior

It surprised WWE fans when The Ultimate Warrior garnered a WWE Hall of Fame induction in 2014. There was no interrogate that his kayfabe accomplishments and notoriety warranted the award, but he had had a disruptive enough populace reputation and relationship with WWE that the two sides working together again was a surprise .
All the more surprise was warrior ’ randomness choice to have Linda McMahon deliver his evocation speech. As both sides openly acknowledged in the build to the ceremony and in their respective speeches, though, they had a particular relationship that included Linda frequently being the one to take Warrior ’ s earphone calls at curious hours and hear him out through highly hanker monologues. indeed, Linda ’ s patience behind the scenes seems to have been implemental in facilitating Warrior ’ second achiever in WWE and eventual return to the WWE fold .

5 She Threatened Vince Before His Match With Stephanie

Vince Vs Stephanie

The general consensus is that the McMahon documentary that WWE released to DVD in 2006 should be taken with a grain of salt, given it was Vince McMahon ’ s caller telling the narrative of the bos ’ mho life. still, the project didn ’ thyroxine shy away from taking some jab, and one of the more enjoyable insights was Linda ’ s reaction when he booked himself into a pit with Stephanie at No Mercy 2003 .
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The meet occurred during one of Stephanie ‘s most democratic stretches as a character, and very shortly before Stephanie ’ s substantial marriage. Linda, the protective mother, didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hesitate to voice her displeasure, including warning her conserve that if their daughter had one marker on her for marry photograph, he ’ five hundred be in big trouble .

4 She Was Excited To Sign Booker T

Booker T

Booker T was a homegrown talent for WCW who had spent closely a ten working his way up the calling card in the company to arrive as its final world supporter before WWE bought them out. Booker reinvented himself time and again under the WWE banner, adding to his bequest .
While, particularly in retrospect, it may feel like a no-brainer for WWE to have wanted the athletic and charismatic Booker, the Superstar himself wasn ’ t as confident. In a 2014 interview with The Boston Herald, he revealed that his first gear time meet Linda McMahon was a big reassurance as she openly greeted him and expressed her easing that they ’ d finally signed him, suggesting the company had had its eye on him for some time .

3 JBL Was Nervous To Interview Her

JBL Linda McMahon

By the fourth dimension JBL had a working relationship with Fox Business, he had been working for WWE for quite some time and knew Linda McMahon. however, he said on Sean Mooney ’ s podcast that he was nervous when he got tasked with interviewing her on television receiver .
According to JBL, he was confident that Linda would be great as the interviewee. He was self-conscious, though, about his own role, knowing the interview was important to her and that there are more eyes and a more diverse hearing listening in than he was accustomed to in the wrestle world

2 Hulk Hogan Vs. Andre The Giant Was Her Favorite Match

Hogan Vs Andre

Linda McMahon has broadly described herself as person who enjoys wrestling but had never given it much attention until she became romantically involved with her eventual husband, Vince. It makes sense that, from there, her aesthetics would lean toward entertainment value and money-making over technical masterpieces .
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It may merely be fitting that in an interview with GV Wire, she said her darling match was Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant from WrestleMania 3. While far from a flat classic, the match is surely among the biggest pull and most significant matches WWE ever had .

1 Lance Cade’s Father Holds A Grudge Against Her

Lance Cade

While most people from the wrestling community seem to have positive things to say about Linda McMahon, the don of the late Lance Cade was less complimentary in discussing his perceptions of her .
In 2010, McMahon was on the Senate campaign drag and when asked about Cade, who had recently passed, she suggested she didn ’ thyroxine know much about him and only might have met him once. It stands to cause she ‘d distance herself from likely scandal related to a early WWE Superstar passing. Nonetheless, Cade ’ s father took exception to the comments, calling her a liar in an interview because he had personally seen McMahon interact with her son more than once at WWE functions .
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