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“Love” – the ending of the letter

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Sat Jul 09, 2005 4:20 prime minister GMT

I would like to ask when and to whom can one write at the end of the letter “ love ” ?
For example : I wrote to my ally at the end of the letter “ best wishes ”, and he ended his letter “ love ”. Can it indicate that he has romantic feelings towards me ? Or is it a common expression used to end letters to friends ?
Thanks .

Sat Jul 09, 2005 7:20 promethium GMT
cheeseparing friends frequently use it. It does n’t have to mean there are romantic feelings. It ‘s like “ Dear xxxxx ” at the beginning of letters. You ‘re not inevitably saying xxxxx is cheeseparing and costly to you, but quite equitable indicating that that ‘s who you ‘re addressing this letter to .

Sun Jul 10, 2005 12:42 am GMT
In my experience women frequently use this at the end of letters, men tend to use it less much. I would expect that a man using this at the end of a letter either was a ) using it romantically or bacillus ) feels very near to the addressee .

Sun Jul 10, 2005 1:31 am GMT
You besides just have to take into account the personality of the person writing. I ‘ve known people who would sign off with “ Love ” to barely about anyone. My best friend and I have known each other for 30 years and write to each other frequently now that we ‘re living on opposition coasts of the US, but she has never once used “ Love ” at the end of a letter. That ‘s just her way. I think she reserves it for people she ‘s *in love* with .

Thu Jul 14, 2005 8:09 am GMT
I can besides confirm from feel that many american women use “ love ” or “ hugs ” at the goal of letters or e-mails, so it may be considered by some as a “ womanly ” trait ( I have barely always read letters by men signed like that ). however, women in Europe ( when writing in English ) tend to end their letters like this less much, possibly because they are by and large like Deborah ‘s friend, wanting to reserve their “ love ” to people who they are cozy with, or because it would indicate that you have an purpose of getting intimate with the other person. The more coarse endings are the more neutral “ yours ”, or, on a more relaxed note, “ adieu ”. And it is besides more common to start letters with “ Hello/Hi [ + name ] ” than “ Dear [ + name ] ” .

Thu Jul 14, 2005 8:19 am GMT
good on a short eminence : german and austrian women tend to be an exception, because they normally end even their first letters to foreigners with “ Viele liebe Grüsse ” ( “ many sleep together greetings ” ), which seems a short more suggest to me than the “ Best wishes ” or “ Best regards ” in English. Either this is because they want to avoid the reasonably formal “ Mit freundlichen Grüssen ” ( “ with friendly greetings ” ), or because they do n’t mind being perceived as friendly or casual tied at the first exchange of letters .

Thu Jul 14, 2005 9:13 am GMT
In general, if you have to ask if “ Love ” is appropriate, you do n’t know the personal well enough to use it. Some people use it for practically all non-business letters, though, and others ( including myself ) never use it at all. It means what it says : you ‘re sending your sexual love ( romantic or platonic ) with the letter .

Damian in Edinburgh
Thu Jul 14, 2005 9:56 am GMT

It all depends on what sort of relationship you have with the person you ‘re writing to … ..simple as that.

I use it when e-mailing/texting a lot of my daughter friends but as I ‘m a gay guy it does not indicate anything sexual any … .just a keepsake of friendly affection. As I ‘m gay, I besides use it for quite a draw of my male friends a well, naturally … .not all of them are gay by any means. You have to know the person. As I say, it all depends on the nature of your friendship/relationship.

Love is a in truth nice password … … it should be used more frequently..and mean something other than sexual activity.

Except for the transport of cards for particular occasions like birthdays and stuff cipher actually writes letters, do they ?

Thu Jul 14, 2005 10:16 am GMT
“ affair ” is besides being used nowadays as an euphemism for a sexual relationship. I decidedly meant it in a “ platonic ” classify of way …

It seems that in continental Europe most people ( whether males or females ) use more “ emotion-neutral ” endings when sending letters than native english speakers do, even if the same people credibly use less “ neutral ” endings in their native terminology. And I ‘ve been warned that with Russians, it is better to use “ Hello ” than “ dearly … ” when writing a letter, because “ beloved ” would imply a closer relationship, in other words, it could be taken literally, and that may leave the other person a little embarrassed .

Bhaskar Pandit
Fri Jul 15, 2005 12:19 prime minister GMT
Love actually means love only. therefore when one says love or writes love or hears love, it conveys love and nothing else. Otherwise what do you write when you desire to express love..i mean would you write .. ” with best regardes ” … or “ yours truely ” …

Damian in ( Lovely ) Edinbu
Fri Jul 15, 2005 3:39 promethium GMT
again … it depends on your interpretation of the give voice “ Love ”.

btw : Regardes = Regards
Truley = Truly

Nobody would use those words in any communication to a close acquaintance and that ‘s for certain ! not here, anyhow. I cannae speak for other countries .

Sat Jul 16, 2005 12:43 promethium GMT
“ Love ” is barely a litle sting more than “ take wish ” It can be used by both men and women if they are actually close friends. That ‘s all .

Thu Nov 17, 2005 12:21 promethium GMT

Met this ridicule early this year. He is 55, he lost his wife about May this class and now he ends his letters with “ love ”. I am actually confuse about this as iodine am in love with him but he does n’t know this. Just want to know if he is gradually being in beloved with me. I actually want to make him happy. Although he starts his letters with “ sweetheart ” and sometimes with “ darling ” .

Laura Braun
Thu Nov 17, 2005 2:17 promethium GMT
If he lost his wife it ‘s not sol slowly to replace her with person else. Just give him his own meter. Do you know that sometimes words as darling sweatheart or love are just civilized way to say hello .

Thu Nov 17, 2005 2:31 promethium GMT

Magdallena, it truly depends on who you talk to, the problem is that these days, when you take into circumstance the total of people with depraved minds, you can imagine what most people would think of if a letter ends with “ love. ”

There is absolutely nothing incorrectly with ending your letter with “ love ” when writing to a acquaintance, I equitable think perversion is driving it out of vogue. These days you dare not write a letter of devotion to a child, you could be arrested.

Did I hear person say “ what ‘s he talking about ?, I write those to my children everytime !. ” Well, I ‘ve got news for you, try it in five years time, I might come to visit you in prison. That is what the earth is very coming to .
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