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Height: 26 – 30 inches
Weight: 70 – 115 pounds
Lifespan: 10 – 12 years
Colors: White
Suitable for: Experienced, active dog owners with patience for training and socializing
Temperament: Loyal, fearless, sweet, protective, active

soft and downy in appearance, but audacious and protective in personality, the colossus Kuvasz is not the breed for the first-time owner. Bred to guard their troop, human or animal, with their lives, these dogs need constant and consistent socialization throughout their lives to ensure they don ’ t let their defender nature stray besides army for the liberation of rwanda towards dangerous aggression .
If you ’ ra intrigued by these loyal and gorgeous dogs ( known in plural form as Kuvaszok ), read on to learn more about what it ’ s like to live with and be guarded by a Kuvasz !
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Kuvaszok Puppies – Before You Buy…






What ’ s the Price of Kuvaszok Puppies ?

Kuvaszok puppies broadly cost $1,300-$2,000, although display quality puppies or those with high-quality bloodlines could be even more expensive. The breed is not park in the United States, and you may end up having extra costs to ship your raw favored long distances or even from outside of the country .
Make indisputable that the breeder you choose screens their dogs for inherit health conditions before you agree to buy a puppy. Because you may need to purchase a puppy from a breeder without being able to see the parents in person, it ’ s even more crucial to ask detail questions about their health and certifications .
Kuvaszok are sometimes available for adoption, often from responsible breeders, who ’ ve agreed to take back any frank they sell who doesn ’ metric ton work away in their newfangled home. The price to adopt a Kuvasz will vary, with some breeders simply asking you to pay for the price to spay or neuter your fresh pet .

3 little-known Facts About Kuvaszok


They in the first place come from Tibet .

The Kuvasz is most close associated with the nation of Hungary, where the breed was fine-tuned into the cad we see today. however, the original ancestors of the Kuvasz hail from the mountainous nation of Tibet. Much of the breed ’ s history is strange, but they have lived in Hungary since the Middle Ages .


They are a royal engender .

early in their time in Hungary, the only people allowed to own the Kuvasz were members of the royal circle and those who stayed on their good side .


Their loyalty is legendary .

Fierce commitment to their families is a defining characteristic of the Kuvasz. A 15th-century hungarian king, Matthias I, is said to have trusted his pet Kuvaszok dogs more than he did his soldiers. This was credibly wise as his predominate was reportedly plagued with corruption and disloyalty .

Temperament & Intelligence of the Kuvasz

The Kuvasz is a very intelligent, slow-maturing, independent, and extremely protective breed. They are broadly loving and loyal to their families but require careful, early socialization to keep their defender instincts appropriately channeled. Bred to guard and protect livestock, the Kuvasz needs firm train and steering to adapt to life as a family pet .
Without reproducible socialization, particularly in the foremost 2 years of animation, some Kuvaszok may tied become aggressive and not suitable for the pet dog life .

Are These Dogs Good for Families ? 👪

Because of their history as defender dogs, Kuvasz can make protective, loving family pets. however, they are not a breed that naturally loves and befriends everyone they meet. To ensure a Kuvasz makes a well-behaved syndicate member, early train and socialization are a must. interfering families who don ’ t have the meter to devote to this should probably consider a different breed .
Well-socialized Kuvasz can do well with children and may guard them as they would a batch of sheep. Keep in judgment that a fully-grown Kuvasz often weighs 100 pounds or more and is a higher-energy frump than many other large pawl breeds. Children should constantly be supervised around a Kuvasz because of their size and protective nature .
If your kids have active social lives with many friends in and out of the house, the Kuvasz may not handle the foreign children well .
More sol than many breeds, how well a Kuvasz fits in as a family andiron depends powerfully on how they are train and socialized from a young age. For this reason, they are not the engender for first-time chase owners or those without the fourth dimension to spend helping their pawl become a well-behaved pet .

Does This Breed Get Along with other Pets ?

again, socialization is key to how well a Kuvasz gets along with other animals. They can normally learn to live with other dogs if they ’ re raised with them or cautiously socialized and trained. strange dogs may not fare ampere good if the Kuvasz views them as a menace to their class .
Kuvaszok are normally best restrain in a home without cats. Kuvasz puppies raised with dog-savvy cats may be able to safely alive with felines but because of their size, bad interactions can cursorily turn dangerous for a pot. Birds and other small alien pets should be kept safely and individually from a Kuvasz if they must plowshare a family at all .
If you are looking to add a pawl to a multi-pet family, you are probably better off with a breed other than the Kuvasz.


Things to Know When Owning a kuvasz :

If you think you ’ re ready to own the gorgeous and froward Kuvasz, you may want to know more about what it ’ s like to care for one foremost. prepare and socialize are the biggest vault but other than that goodly commitment, Kuvaszok are surprisingly easily to care for .

Food & Diet Requirements 🦴

Your Kuvasz should do well on any type of nutritionally balanced frump food. If you choose to create homemade meals for your dog, make with your veterinarian to make indisputable the diet contains all the essential nutrients. Your veterinarian can besides help you figure out the right measure of food to feed your Kuvasz. Despite their size, the breed doesn ’ t command as much food as early large dogs and can easily become fleshy, so they need a more tailor border on to their daily caloric intake .

exercise 🐕

The Kuvasz is an acrobatic, active andiron by nature, particularly when they are young. Growing Kuvaszok need daily drill and do full in a home with a fence yard. Mature Kuvaszok need less overall drill and tend to be more adaptable to different family activity levels .
Although Kuvasz can tolerate some prison term spent on their own, they may develop destructive bad habits like chewing or digging if they are leave entirely besides often. Because of their high socialization needs, the Kuvasz ’ behavior and disposition may suffer american samoa well. Make sure you ’ re prepared to provide for this breed ’ randomness physical and mental foreplay before you bring one home .

train 🎾

As we ’ ve already discussed, training and socialization are where owning a Kuvasz becomes the biggest challenge. Although they are intelligent dogs, the Kuvasz was bred to be an mugwump thinker since they were frequently left to protect livestock from predators on their own, far from human direction .
Kuvaszok puppies need training and socialization mighty from the beginning if they are to make well family pets. incontrovertible education methods will yield the best results as the Kuvasz doesn ’ thyroxine react well to punishment or harsh call on the carpet. A distribute of solitaire is needed when training a young Kuvasz because they mature very slowly and are prone to being stubborn .

Grooming ✂️

Developed to live outside in cold weather, the Kuvasz has a thick, downy double coating. They are not hypoallergenic dogs and shed a control measure. The good newsworthiness is their training needs aren ’ metric ton complicated or expensive. A exhaustive brush once a week will help control the spill and keep their coating looking fresh .
Your Kuvasz will besides benefit from a regular bathtub, particularly if they love to roll in the crap ! Keep their nails trimmed, ears cleaned, and brush their teeth regularly ampere good. Getting your Kuvasz used to these grooming routines when they are puppies will make things much easier once they grow into a 100-pound adult .

Health and Conditions 🏥

The Kuvasz is considered a fairly goodly breed for the most contribution. Like most large dogs, they are normally afflicted with joint and bone issues. To ensure the continue health of the breed, it ’ mho recommended that breeders have their dogs checked for hep and elbow issues, inherit heart conditions, thyroid disease, and inherited eye conditions .
Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be afraid to ask your breeder whether they ’ ve had their dogs checked. It may save you a distribute of future grief and money ! here are some common health conditions to be on the lookout for in your Kuvasz .
minor Conditions

  • Hypothyroidism

  • Progressive retinal atrophy

serious Conditions

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia

  • Hypertrophic osteodystrophy (HOD)

  •  Oosteochondritis dissecans (OCD)

  • Luxating patellas

  • Von Willebrand’s disease

  • Bloat

Serious Conditions:
Hip and elbow dysplasia can both be found in the Kuvaszok .
Young Kuvaszok can suffer from two atrocious joint conditions, hypertrophic osteodystrophy ( HOD ) and osteochondritis dissecans ( OCD ) .
Kuvaszok can besides suffer a knee discipline, luxating patellas, more normally seen in belittled dogs .
Von Willebrand ’ south disease, a rake clotting perturb, is found in some Kuvaszok .
While not an inherit discipline, bloat is a serious and frequently fatal medical emergency that can occur in large, deep-chested dogs like the Kuvasz .
Minor Conditions:
Kuvaszok can suffer from hypothyroidism, a condition where their body doesn ’ t make enough thyroid gland hormone .
They are besides prone to an inherited eye condition, progressive retinene atrophy .

male vs Female

Female Kuvaszok tend to mature a short more promptly than males. Males can be tougher to handle during their “ adolescent ” years but once they do mature, are frequently more comfortable going than adult females. Male Kuvaszok are generally bigger than females vitamin a good .
male Kuvaszok, like most male dogs, can have an issue with urine marking, although neutering normally curbs this messy habit. Female Kuvaszok will go into inflame doubly a year unless they are spayed .

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Final Thoughts

The Kuvasz international relations and security network ’ t the breed for everyone given their size and sometimes difficult personality. More than many dogs, you ’ ll have a large contribution to play in how your pet Kuvasz develops and learns to interact with the worldly concern. Don ’ t take the province lightly and consider carefully if a Kuvasz is the best fit for your kin and life style before you are tempted by the egg white tease balls they are as puppies !
Featured Image Credit : La Su, Shutterstock

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