Shreveport ranks as country’s 156th safest city; first among Louisiana metro areas

Shreveport ranks as country’s 156th safest city; first among Louisiana metro areas

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Shreveport Chief of Police Ben Raymond talks about the city ‘s crime statistics through the first three quarters of 2020. Scott Ferrell, Shreveport Times In a class when homicides have soared and violent crime has surged, a holocene national view has ranked Shreveport as the 156th safest city out of 182 cities. vitamin a bad as that may sound, the city actually is the highest-ranked city in Louisiana. New Orleans ranks 164th and Baton Rouge ranks 176th. shreveport was besides ranked as safer than Dallas, Little Rock ( Arkansas ), Jackson ( Mississippi ) and Memphis ( Tennessee. ) The survey, done by WalletHub, looks at 42 key indicators of base hit. The datum set ranges from COVID-19 cases in the past seven days per 100,000 residents and assaults per head to the unemployment rate and road quality.

For home and residential district safety, Shreveport ranked 154th. Shreveport ranked 100th for natural catastrophe hazard and 170th for fiscal safety. When most people think of safety, they think of crime. shreveport struggled through the inaugural three quarters of the year. Property crime was down 2 %, but violent crime was up 19 % and homicides were up 117 %. “ This has been such an odd year because of the pandemic, ” Shreveport Chief of Police Ben Raymond said in November. “ It ‘s very hard to isolate precisely what is causing the addition in violent crime. If you look at our Part 1 crime, we ‘re distillery at historically depleted numbers in every class with the exception of exacerbate assaults and batteries, which is primarily going to be shootings, and homicide numbers, which are off the charts compared to survive year. ” Of the three big Louisiana metro areas in the view, Shreveport ranked the highest in home and community safety. New Orleans was ranked 169th and Baton Rouge was ranked last at 182. Community guard is one of the top priorities for both Raymond and Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins.

“ Our response is to be vitamin a engaged as ever, to be a proactive as ever and to do everything we can to keep the community safe, ” Perkins said earlier. “ But a critical separate of it is the residential district working aboard of our patrol officers sol that we can keep our neighborhoods and our city condom overall. ” The safest city in America for base and community safety is Irvine, California. The overall dependable city is Columbia, Maryland. Behind Columbia are : No. 2 South Burlington, Vermont ; No. 3 Plano, Texas ; No. 4 Nashua, New Hampshire and No. 5 Lewiston, Maine .

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