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image I ’ megabyte thirty five years erstwhile and nowadays I can say I have smothered my hair in overawe droppings.
felicitous birthday to me ?
image I celebrated my thirty one-fifth birthday with an absolutely phenomenal home made cancer dress my boyfriend made from scratch. It was a relax even at home having cocktails with our ally and neighbor after a dawn spend hike at Bluff Lake, my favorite place in big Bear. ( And I saw a Copper Hawk right up airless this good morning ; the high inner light of my good morning ! It was pretty cool )
I had been away from big Bear for a few days, back at study after taking six months off for back operating room. On my rid evening on Tuesday I did a three mile raise to one of our only sequoia groves in these mountains and then we decided it was a brilliant summer night to henna my hair at hanker last !
As I mixed up the henna in the afternoon from a powderize straight from India I thought, hmmm smells like alfalfa, excessively to.
image Than I let it sit for four hours and the spirit aged to a awful rotten vegetable reek but I was calm adamant we would apply this to my long black tresses and I would once again be a ginger ( stopping point time I was a ginger was credibly at least fifteen years ago )
After our highly microbe filled hike we returned to L ’ s house to enjoy the cool batch air, the most amaze coconut vegan trail mix and a gorgeous sunset over the valley below as my friend basted my head with a gluey orange kernel.

here I am looking teamster chic in one of my dads old shirts that I liberated. My ma practically begged me to destroy it. My dad texted me later in the evening and demanded this trap filled shirt back after I covered it in henna.
Henna is wholly amazing ! I can never, always go back to chemical filled hair’s-breadth dye after this ! Unlike haircloth dye, henna will not break and damage your hair ! Henna actually discipline ’ south it from the roots ( It ’ s all that cow poo ! identical hydrating ! ) It made my haircloth super bright and healthy looking and actually brought the life second into it !
Although as L was basting my tresses with the henna I was warned not to wash my hair for three days, so I was going to have fetid hair for a sting.
I texted my boyfriend to warn him ( He is from India ) that I was going image to smell like India for a few days.
That ’ s when he told me that the basal ingredient in henna is cow dung.
Well that explains the alfalfa olfactory property !

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