Want an Emoji on Your iPhone Status Bar? Here’s How to Do It

Follow this simple steer to add a playfulness emoji to your iPhone ‘s status bar, thanks to the Focus sport. There ’ s something about emojis that make everything palpate clean. thankfully, there ’ s a way to remind ourselves to not take life besides seriously by adding emojis your ’ s iPhone condition bar .
You can do this bang-up little trick using Focus mode. hera ’ s how .

How to Add Emojis to Your iPhone Status Bar

To add an emoji to your iPhone condition bar, you will need to update your iPhone to iOS 15 or belated, so you can access the Focus feature .
To add an emoji to your iPhone status bar, go to Settings > Focus. Next, tap the add (+) button in the upper-right corner of the screen. then, tap Custom to .
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iPhone Settings


iPhone Focus Mode


Add Focus Mode to iPhone


Select any of the available emoji options. As of write, there are 25 Focus icons that you can add to your iPhone condition legal profession. Alongside the normal ones, like the affection and smiley, you can besides select options like a stethoscope, light bulb, a fork and knife, and a paw print .
then, name your new Focus set up. Bear in beware that while the name won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate appear on your iPhone condition bar, it can appear in early places. so, if you want to play it dependable, try to keep it PG .
While you can pick a color during the icon selection process, you won ’ metric ton be able to see this once the emoji is in your condition bar. however, the emoji will appear in that color on your iPhone ’ mho Lock Screen .
Naming Your iPhone Focus Mode


Selecting your Focus Mode Icon


Name Your Custom Focus Mode


then, customize the Focus set to choose who and what apps can send you notifications while you ’ rhenium using it. alternatively, you can besides barely click Everyone for everything if you aren ’ t truly concerned about the features and precisely want the emoji .
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Afterward, tapdance Done and enable the Focus mode by toggling on the clitoris next to your custom Focus modality name. once enable, your Focus Emoji will appear on your iPhone condition bar and on the Lock Screen.

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Customize Notifications on Focus Mode


Confirm Focus Mode Features


Toggle on Focus Mode Setting


Adding an emoji is merely one of the cool things that you can do with Focus on your iPhone. If you are linked to other Apple devices, such as a Mac or iPad, your chosen emoji will besides appear on their respective status bars a well .

Focus Mode Emoji Appears on MacBook

Keep Things Fun With Your iPhone

For some of us, our mobile phones are reminders of our addiction on technology. however, we sometimes forget how they have besides enabled creativity, connection, and community like never earlier. With a cunning short emoji, iPhone users can be reminded that life international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine that bad .

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