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Genetics, Development and Cell Biology ( GDCB ) considers undergraduate education to be a cornerstone of the university, and is a major participant in the development and offer of three first interdepartmental undergraduate majors, biology, genetics and bioinformatics and computational biology. Please visit the GDCB teaching excellence web page to learn more about GDCB staff interest in the department ‘s teaching mission. See information below to learn more about each undergraduate major and choice platform release to visit the home page of the major .
Iowa State University is capital invest to study biota. With over 200 staff who are biologists, biology students have the opportunity to learn from research and educational leaders in all fields of the biological sciences. To complement the outstanding biology academic program, students are besides encouraged to become byzantine in biota through a act of activities, including the BEST teach community, international battlefield trips, attending summer biological field stations to take courses or do inquiry, doing research with staff members on campus, or joining scholar clubs .
GDCB and Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology ( EEOB ) offer the Biology major .
Biology Undergraduate Program newsletter : Bionews, Vol 2, No 1, Summer 2014

Iowa State University has a long history of first research and department of education in genetics, making it one of the premier institutions for students to study genetics. Genetics is the scientific learn of heredity, the sympathize of which is cardinal to all the biological sciences. The interdepartmental Genetics platform offers a full rate of instruction in all aspects of the genetics, from the molecular genetics of microorganisms to population genetics .
GDCB is one of three departments, along with EEOB and Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Molecular Biology ( BBMB ), to offer the undergraduate Genetics major.

demand for individuals trained in bioinformatics and computational biota has exploded in holocene years as huge amounts of data have been created through the advances of genome sequence. Iowa State University ‘s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences now offers a B.S. program in bioinformatics and computational biota ( BCBio ) that will prepare students for careers at the interfaces of biological, informational and computational sciences.

GDCB is one of three departments, along with Computer Science and Mathematics, offering this undergraduate major in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology ( BCBio ) .
Botany class circa 1890
Botany class circa 1890
As of 1 July 2003, the Department of Botany and the Department of Zoology and Genetics ceased to exist on the Iowa State campus. This was share of a Regents approved reorganization of the Biological Sciences that resulted in the formation of two raw departments, GDCB and EEOB. As part of the reorganization march, the faculties of the Botany and Zoology and Genetics departments voted to discontinue offering undergraduate degrees in Botany and Zoology after the 2003-2005 catalogue. Those students who would have majored in Botany or Zoology would now participate in an elaborate Biology, Genetics or the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology ( BCBio ) majors depending on their interests and career goals .

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