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IFST | Inspiring excellence and trust in food

We are the UK ’ s leading professional body for those involved in all aspects of food science and technology. We are an internationally respect autonomous membership body, supporting food professionals through cognition communion and professional realization .
Our membership comprises individuals from a broad crop of backgrounds, from students to experts, working across a across-the-board rate of disciplines within the sector .
We are a record jacob’s ladder ( no 1121681 ) and a company limited by guarantee ( no 930776 ) .

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Charitable Object

The object for which we are established is the general advancement and application of food skill and technology for the benefit, safety and health of the public .

Our Mission

To recognise and empower food professionals by promoting excellence in science and its lotion throughout the food chain .

Our Vision

To be respected by and engaged with our relevant stakeholder communities as the UK ’ s leading food skill & technology professional body .

Our Values 


All that we do and deliver is based on evidence. This fundamental principle lies at the very core of IFST ’ mho awareness. We provide scientific attest that the populace, policymakers and our members can trust and use .


We aim to be a repository of professionalism in our field of food science and engineering and to ensure our profession serves the populace. We demand and expect professionalism from our members whether draw from academia, industry or the public sector .


Food science and technology is, by nature dynamic and advanced. Whilst a dangerous capable and with serious implications, it is exciting and playfulness. We will seek to reflect this dynamism in the way we work and communicate with others. We will consequently be reactive to the constantly changing environment in which we work and to the needs of our members and stakeholders .


Our independent military position and voice is critical and is what we are valued and respected for. This, and the blend experience of our membership enables us to provide dependable and authoritative information .

Food science community

We value our members as a community of food scientists and technologists. We respect and value the diversity of our membership and all that this diversity brings. We seek to learn from each early and constantly encourage a friendly, approachable, inclusive and supportive liveliness from all who work for and with us .

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Statement

We recognise the importance and benefits of equal opportunities, diverseness, inclusion and eliminating discrimination in every aspect of our ferment.

We aim to ensure that no individual or group ( including members, employees, subcontract applicants, officeholders, volunteers, consultants, members of committees and panels or participants in research ) is treated more or less favorably than others on grounds of sex, long time, marital condition, disability, race, heathen lineage, nationality, intimate orientation, pregnancy, maternity/paternity or religion .
We work to comply with all the legislation related to equal opportunities to ensure that the culture, doctrine and processes within IFST are loose from bias of any kind .

Strategic Priorities

To achieve our vision, we will focus on the follow six strategic priorities :

Priority 1 – Providing and sharing scientifically evidence-based knowledge

Our ambition : Those needing access to relevant, authentic scientifically evidence-based FS & T cognition actively seek out cognition, outputs and positions provided by IFST. information is known for being easily searchable and, broadly, made available at no or low-cost .

Priority 2 – Influencing and supporting key stakeholders

Our ambition : Our invaluable resource of independent evidence-based scientific positions and our access to feel professionals is actively sought to inform and support the study of key stakeholders including governmental departments .

Priority 3 – Promoting professional standards and development

Our ambition : Regulators, retailers and the general public are reassured that technical personnel at all levels within the food sector are recognised as being professionally competent and endeavor to remain current in their cognition and skills through effective CPD .

Priority 4 – Utilising the strength of our Membership

Our ambition : The profile of our membership is respected for its width of experience. Individuals are gallant to join and be a part of the Institute for the opportunity to actively contribute to the accomplishment of the Institute ’ south mission .

Priority 5 – Encouraging and supporting our future talent 

Our ambition : We are in a position to inform the sector on the current and future talent/skills needs relevant to FS & T and, where appropriate, we provide leadership in the rescue of those needs. The talent grapevine through all channels is sufficient to meet the needs of the sector .

Priority 6 – Financial stability and sustainability

Our ambition : We have sustainable income streams by committedness to priorities 1 to 5 above and continue to develop new products/services that meet the changing needs of members and the sector by and large. These all underpinned by effective cost manipulate and voice fiscal and hazard management .

Our Commitment

All IFST employees, circuit board and members involved in any of the Institute ‘s activities are expected to follow this policy and its virtual implications .

Anti-bribery and fraud

In upholding our ‘ mugwump ’ value, we prohibit any employee or person working on our behalf to offer, give, request or accept any bribe i.e. endow, loan, payment, honor or advantage, either in cash or any other shape of incentive, from any person ( or anyone connected with the person ) or a ship’s company in order to gain advantage in a way that is unethical. Any acts of bribery or try bribery should be reported to the Chief Executive.

Gifts and hospitality

No gift or offer of cordial reception should be accepted by an employee or anyone working on our behalf without receiving anterior written blessing from the Chief Executive.

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