Instagram Dimensions and Sizes Guide for 2021

Are you wondering about Instagram dimensions for images and videos ?
Want to know the size for Instagram images, be it portrait or landscape, for your posts, Stories, IGTV, Reels, and live video posts ?
fact : a lot has changed since Instagram beginning graced our screens with its square, 1:1 image dimensions .
For one, the social network expanded its feed options from the traditional feather to include landscape and portrait. And those changes require you to absolutely pinpoint dimensions and sizes with Instagram posts, stories, IGTV, Reels, and know video. Hell, you need to think of your Instagram profile photograph excessively !

Sounds exhausting, right ?
well, not actually. It is therefore easy to get your Instagram dimensions and sizes right, and with this handy guide, there are no excuses .
While Instagram now accepts images a much wide range of image sizes, each type of post has optimized aspect ratios and pixels within that crop. That ’ s a lot of numbers to remember – rather of memorizing them all, optimize your aspect ratio and size by quickly referring to this lead whenever you ’ re in a adhere .
first gear, hera ’ s a agile infographic containing all the Instagram dimensions that you need to know. Use it as a promptly reference every clock time you ’ ra stick, wondering what ’ s the best Instagram effigy size .

now that we have those covered, let ’ s break the expression ratios and sizes down even further .

To begin, we must discuss two key terms you need to be across : aspect ratio and size .

Aspect Ratio

The expression ratio of an persona simply refers to the relationship between the width of a painting in relation to its stature .
It is communicated, as the name suggests, in a ratio, where the first number describes the width and the second the acme .
According to Instagram, when you share a photograph that has a width between 320px and 1080px, they will keep the resolution of your picture entire, a retentive as the expression proportion is between 1.91:1 and 4:5. If the aspect proportion of your photograph international relations and security network ’ t supported, Instagram will crop it to fit within a back ratio .

Instagram Image Size

The size of your trope or video refers to the number of pixels that make up the width and height. similarly to aspect proportion, the first number describes the width and the second the stature .
As mentioned above, Instagram will support photos and videos with a width of between 320px and 1080px. If you share a photograph at a lower resolution, Instagram will enlarge it to 320px in width. If you contribution a photograph at higher resolution, the prototype will be sized down to a width of 1080px .

Instagram Dimensions: A Complete Guide for Various Content Types and Placements 

#1. Feed

When it comes to your run, there are a distribute of options for both inactive images and videos. The best thing about feed posts is that Instagram will automatically crop your existing image to make it fit within their requirements, no third party apps needed .
You can stick with the classical square double ( 1:1, 1080px x 1080px ), which is now easier to capture when you can shoot in square on most smartphones, or opt for portrait ( 4:5, 1080 x 1350px ) or landscape ( 1.91:1, 1080px x 608px ) .
If an aesthetically curated grid is a top priority, then you ’ ll want to keep in mind that all images and videos will display in square on the grid careless of how they were posted .

#2. Posts

You can publish two types of Instagram posts : horizontal and vertical.

The ideal ratio for horizontal ( otherwise known as portrait ) posts is 16:9 ( although, Instagram recommends the 1.19:1 proportion. )
furthermore, make the acme of your horizontal image at least 1080px, with the height relevant to the ratio mentioned above .
When it comes to vertical ( portrait ) posts, the best ratio is 4:5. In fact, go beyond that aspect, and Instagram will, most probable, crop your double .
For the actual size, use the 1080px by 1350px size to have it display nicely when Instagram compresses it .
note : You can besides post squarely photos, with a 1:1 ratio. Again, your effigy can be a 1080px by 1080px in size, and look capital when the sociable platform compresses it .

#2. Stories

Let ’ s be real, while Stories can be posted in both portrayal and landscape, meaning anywhere from 1.91:1, 1080px x 608px, to 9:16, 1080px ten 1920px, they are meant to be viewed in portrayal shape. For that reason we recommend sticking with either 4:5, 1080px ten 1350px, or 9:16, 1080px ten 1920px .
The Story engineering is pretty versatile, meaning that you can resize your image within the floor until you ’ re happy with the burst .
If you do choose to post in the landscape, there are clever tricks you can use to up your plan crippled. You can change the color of the background to complement the persona or video colours, and add Instagram stickers to fill the dead space .

#3. IGTV

IGTV used to be strictly for vertical wake, but the Instagram gods have recently opened this format up to landscape videos arsenic well .
For portrayal video you ’ ll need a maximum view ratio of 9:16, 1080px x 1920px, and a minimum aspect ratio of 4:5, 1080px adam 1350px .
For horizontal videos the maximum aspect ratio needs to be 16:9, 1080 adam 1920 post exchange and a minimum of 5:4, 1350px ten 1080px .
The biggest retainer will be choosing a top photograph, keeping in mind how it will be seen in the assorted Instagram pages .
You ’ ll need a cover photograph of 1:1.55, 420px x 654px – this is how it will display on your channel page and in the IGTV class pages .
When your IGTV television appears in the tip it will be cropped to 4:5, 1080px adam 1350px, and when seen as part of your grid it will be cropped to square ( 1:1, 1080px x 1080px ) .
If you ’ ra adding any text sheathing we would recommend popping them right in the concentrate, so that when viewed in the power system, you won ’ t have any awkward cut-offs .

#4. Live Video

live videos will be filmed through Instagram, indeed Instagram does all the hard oeuvre for you. But, just in character you were wondering, they will appear at 9:16, 1080px ten 1920px .
That ’ s everything you need to know about Instagram effigy sizes and dimensions – for now, anyhow. now you just need to go away and create your capacity !

#5. Instagram Carousel

Instagram Carousel can use all three mail sizes above : square, horizontal, or vertical. That said, remember that the size must be consistent across the entire carousel. In other words, whatever dimension you use for the first photograph, must carry on across any subsequent images .

#6. Reels

As you know, Reels can be viewed vertically, in full-screen. As a solution, ideally, your reels content should be in the 9:16 proportion .

That it…

nowadays you know all the Instagram dimensions to ensure that you always post images in the correct format, and your content looks great when viewed by the audience .

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