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The Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering offers a knight bachelor of science degree in Industrial Technology ( ITEC ), arsenic well as an undergraduate certificate in Occupational Safety. Students majoring in ITEC choose between two options : manufacture or Occupational Safety. The department besides offers a minor in Industrial Technology .
successful ITEC graduates amplification cognition, skills, and abilities in solving technical problems, understanding the blueprint action, excelling in authentic leadership, being aware of safety issues, having a choice orientation, efficaciously managing projects, and having a systems-thinking position. This translates to a holistic approach that uses skill and technology principles to focus on the way the part parts of a manufacture system relate, how they work over meter, and how they fit the context of larger systems. Graduates find careers within a assortment of industries, businesses, and organizations in the fields of promote manufacture ; robotics ; automation and controls ; electronics ; tend fabrication ; timbre management ; guard management, personnel casualty prevention ; or industrial hygiene .
common job duties of ITEC Manufacturing graduates include :

  • quality management
  • production supervision
  • product process design
  • facility planning and management

common subcontract duties of ITEC Occupational Safety graduates include :

  • development, management, and evaluation of safety programs and systems
  • hazard identification and mitigation
  • loss prevention

The certificate in occupational safety is designed to meet the needs of the students who will find themselves in management roles with responsibilities that include safety. The certificate program prepares technically-oriented managers to meet their professional safety responsibilities .
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Student Learning Outcomes

Upon commencement, all ITEC students should be able to :

  1. Apply knowledge of mathematics, science, computation, and applied engineering to identify and solve applied science and technology problems
  2. Develop and conduct experiments, and analyze and interpret resulting data
  3. Evaluate and adapt systems, processes and programs to meet desired needs
  4. Function effectively on multi-disciplinary teams
  5. Communicate effectively, ethically, and professionally in written, oral, and other formats to technical and non-technical audiences
  6. Understand the potential impacts and limitations of solutions in global and societal contexts
  7. Recognize the need for, and demonstrate an ability to, engage in life-long learning
  8. Effectively apply modern scientific and technical tools necessary for professional practice to address contemporary issues in applied engineering and technology

Upon commencement, ITEC students in the manufacture ( M ) option should be able to :

  1. Create, implement, and evaluate manufacturing processes and facility plans
  2. Integrate and apply tools in computer aided design, manufacturing, controls, robotics, and automation systems to applied engineering and technology management settings
  3. Evaluate technologies to enhance production, quality, sustainability, and profitability of manufacturing systems and facility management

Upon gradation, ITEC students in the occupational safety ( OC ) choice should be able to :

  1. Design, implement, and evaluate occupational safety and health programs for work environments
  2. Identify, assess, and analyze hazards and loss-producing conditions in work environments
  3. Eliminate or control occupational hazards using appropriate technologies, training, and administrative interventions
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