Imagination Yoga Certification Training

This brawny and research backed on-line training offers you an accessible and curriculum-based way to offer movement, mindfulness and resilience into the lives of your children .
This is the complete Imagination Yoga Certification Training, brought to you from the comfort of your own home .
This is not an overview or an introduction, this is the best of the best of what we have to offer. This is THE train we ‘ve traveled the world offer to parents, teachers, berra and mental health professionals .
This virtual train is for EVERYONE ! Brand newly to Yoga ? This is for you ! Been practicing yoga for a long time ? This is for you ! EveryBODY is welcome !

bit-by-bit aim manual and calm air course of study ? Yup ! Mailed straight to your door .
You will learn effective ways to support early literacy, increase structured physical action and ways to practice calm and forgivingness through imaginative motion and mindfulness. Fun and herculean ways to promote overall mental, aroused and physical wellbeing are besides explored.

This 10-hour train is presented in a modular, work-at-your-own pace format including ; individual feedback and patronize from the founders/teachers ( Jamie Dix and Jessica McClintic ) Participants will receive access for 1 year from leverage .
train is great for parents, genial health professionals, teachers and yoga teachers .
The prepare includes :

  • 10-hours of virtual learning
  • The philosophy, science and benefits of Imagination Yoga for children ages 2-12
  • Developmentally appropriate Imagination Yoga poses and how/when to use them throughout the day
  • How to bring yoga, mindfulness and self-care home
  • How to bring yoga and mindfulness into the classroom to promote concentration, calm and empathy
  • How to bring IY into your home and community 
  • How to build coping and resilience by understanding the mind-body connection
  • Guided meditations and journaling to better understand your own unique calling and how to boldly offer that into the world
  • Feedback on assignments from the founders Jamie Dix and Jessica McClintic
  • Printed and Bound Copy of the 108-page Teacher Training Manual and Calm Curriculum shipped directly to your home to support your learning
  • Certificate of Completion
  • On-Going Support from the Founders and the online Imagination Yoga community
  • An invitation to become an Imagination Yoga member. Membership includes guided meditations for kids and adults, IY Adventures (kids yoga flow), downloadable marketing materials (fliers, registration, liability forms), access to e-commerce systems, self-care for you and your family and so much more.
    *Membership is optional.

in concert lets share yoga and mindfulness to empower our children with resilience and BOLD kindness .
concerned in getting your wholly center, school or zone trained ? Email information @ for Group Rates
We are with you every step of the way and getting started is the most important step. Let’s get started!

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