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As some of you may have noticed, HPE re hpe_pri_grn_pos_rgb leased Insight Remote Support ( IRS ) version 7.6 this week. Among other things, the interface is immediately rebranded with the modern HPE logo and picture, it has better security logging, and add support for a bunch of new HPE Networking and HPE StoreEasy products .
If you have already set the “ Automatic Update Level ” in IRS to “ Automatically Download and Install ”, you may already have 7.6 successfully deployed to your server. It ’ ll be reasonably obvious to tell excessively – if you see the HPE logo shown above on the login page or as the background shortcut icon, you are already at interpretation 7.6 .
For some argue however, a couple of my IRS 7.5 servers have failed to auto-update to 7.6. Trying to install the 7.6 update from the Software Tab in IRS by clicking the Start Update besides fails. normally at this point, I ’ five hundred simply go to the Software Depot, download 7.6 and manually run the apparatus – except that 7.6 international relations and security network ’ metric ton available in the Software Depot as the Software Depot download page generates an erroneousness message as of this write ( 2016.04.02 ) .
so – after some trouble-shoot and poking around the log files, I determined you can download the 7.6 package update from the like spot that IRS downloads it :

hypertext transfer protocol : //
Unzip this archive to C : \TEMP and then from a command prompt run :

msiexec /i "C:\TEMP\ProdUpgPkg+\lib\hprs7kit.msi" /lv "%HP_RS_LOG%\hprs_7.6.0_install.log"

now – if your servers were like those lapp servers I have, this will fail besides. Taking a look at “ %HP_RS_LOG%\hprs_7.6.0_install.log “, you ’ ll find that pg_dumpall.exe couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate connect to the database as the connection was refused. This results in database.sql being missing, which causes the install to puke with an error code of 1603. database.sql is the Postgres database dump of your production IRS database that the installer attempts to make. now precisely above the 1603 error in “ %HP_RS_LOG%\hprs_7.6.0_install.log “, you ’ ll find the actual command line for pg_dumpall.exe, which should be ( depending on the vintage of your original IRS install ) either :

"C:\Program Files\HP\RS\postgresql_9_win32\bin\pg_dumpall.exe" --host=localhost --port=7950 --username=postgres --file="C:\ProgramData\HP\RS\DATA\PERSISTENCE\UPGRADE\database.sql"
-- or --
"C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\RS\postgresql_9_win32\bin\pg_dumpall.exe" --host=localhost --port=7950 --username=postgres --file="C:\ProgramData\HP\RS\DATA\PERSISTENCE\UPGRADE\database.sql"

manually running the appropriate adaptation command line from above will result in you being prompted for the postgres user password 6 times. unfortunately, this password is undocumented, but by doing some detective exercise ( I won ’ t be sharing how I found what it was ), I ’ ve determined it to be “ edit – removed 2016.04.05 as per a request from HPE “. so enroll this password when prompted each of those 6 times, and you ’ ll find C:\ProgramData\HP\RS\DATA\PERSISTENCE\UPGRADE\database.sql is created. now you can go back and run the installer again from the command prompt :

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msiexec /i "C:\TEMP\ProdUpgPkg+\lib\hprs7kit.msi" /lv "%HP_RS_LOG%\hprs_7.6.0_install.log"

Your upgrade should immediately complete successfully, and all that is left is to log into IRS, go to the Software Tab and check for updates, and install any remaining updates .
As always – Use any tips, tricks, or scripts I post at your own risk.

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