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The Department of Theatre Arts is committed to the education of intimate theater artists, theorists, historians, and teachers in the theater arts. The Department is dedicated to the principle of developing the highest timbre of field art, and to the serious investigation and prolongation of the experiences and aesthetics of Black field .

  1. To train and educate theatre artist-scholars by providing students with a broad-based foundation of theatre process and practice.

  2. To provide students with diverse theatre experiences and to investigate and perpetuate the aesthetics of African-American theatre.

  3. To provide students with a knowledge of and appreciation for related Fine and Performing Arts disciplines and how they are integrated into the practice of theatre.

  4. To provide students with the basic techniques necessary for performance in theatre, film and television.

The course of study for each area of concentration is administered by an Area Coordinator who is appointed by the Chairman of the Department. Students enrolled in a Theatre Arts platform shall be advised by the allow Area Coordinator .
All Theatre Arts students must formally declare an area of concentration and successfully complete an hearing and/or interview in that area. official declaration can only be made by filing a completed Area of Concentration Declaration Form with the appropriate area coordinator and conducting a final interview with the Departmental Chairman. All Theatre Arts students must pass the English and Mathematics Placement examination. otherwise, the student must successfully complete the want remedial courses .
The Department of Theatre Arts offers respective major areas of centralize study which lead to the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre Arts. Areas of concentration in Theatre Arts include the Performing Arts : Acting, Musical Theatre, and Dance ; Theatre Arts Administration and Theatre Technology .
Minors in Theatre Arts, Dance Arts, Theatre Arts Administration, Technical Theatre, and Playwriting are besides available to non-Theatre Arts students .
All Applications require department review. Prospective students are not automatically accepted by the Department of Theatre Arts once they declare Theatre Arts as their area of interest. After review of pertinent data, the Department makes the final determination about admissions to its programs.
General Requirements
All theater arts students must satisfy the general requirements for admission to the University.Once accepted to the University, students interested in performance programs of study ( Acting, Musical Theatre, Dance ) will prepare for auditions and students interest in administration and technical areas ( Theatre Arts Administration, Theatre Technology ) will prepare for interviews .
All remove students must meet the requirements outlined on the College of Arts and Sciences ’ web site : hypertext transfer protocol : // # trusteeship council. In addition, all transfer students must successfully complete an audition/ consultation in the sphere of assiduity in which they are intending to enter, before being accepted in the Department of Theatre Arts. This process must occur before arriving on campus. At that clock tied placement normally occurs and that will determine which courses will be accepted in the discipline. general department of education courses may besides require that equivalences be verified by the appropriate Department on campus. All transfer students are advised that transferring into the Department of Theatre Arts does not excuse the necessitate of prescribed consecutive courses necessary for successful completion of the sphere of concentration. Furthermore, transferring into the Department may require extra time and resources to complete the choose area of concentration .
Guidelines for Exchange Students

  1. The student must have a 2.75 grade point average or better and be in good standing in the department.

  2. Student must have a grade of “C” or better in all courses required for his/her area of concentration.

  3. The student must submit a letter to the Chairman requesting an exchange program of study along with official descriptions of the courses from the catalogue that will be taken at the exchange school. This information will be forwarded to the appropriate coordinator, then presented to the Faculty who will make the final determination on the request.

  4. The student must also file the appropriate forms in the Office of International Student Services. This includes submitting a transcript and an interview with appropriate authorities.

The objectives of the Acting assiduity are designed to provide the scholar the opportunity to master the act skills necessary for pursuit of a professional career in the areas of performing arts. The broadcast combines classroom education with rehearsal and performance techniques. The program is divided into three levels of training : Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. Specific skills are emphasized at each flat. A jury interrogation is required each semester of all act students. A satisfactory jury examination is necessity for a passing rate in all Acting classes .
Musical Theatre
The purpose of the Musical Theatre Performance concentration is to produce professional artist/scholars with the ability to excel on any theatrical stagecoach, including but not specify to, Broadway, Off-Broadway, touring, regional, external, cabaret and concert ( both major and minor ), commercial and nonprofit organization. The program asserts that beginning with intense self-discovery and exploration, matched with consecrated focus on foundational proficiency, followed by an unyielding diligence towards aesthetic and scholarly excellence, performers become creative, high-quality artists. The program works to facilitate not just the universe of performers who are highly skilled technicians of cantabile, dancing, and acting but passionate artists with a deep respect for the craft, who use musical field to communicate with audiences about our partake human condition .
The Dance course of study is designed to educate, train, and develop talented students in the performance skills of dance. The course of study combines theoretical classroom teaching, studio techniques and rehearsal, and operation skills. The scholar is provided with the opportunity of technical development with node artists, internships with major performance companies, and critical guidance in level placement and prepare. entry requirements for dance students include auditions and interviews and exit requirements involve passing a jury examination. A major stress in this plan is the successful completion of the practicum feel in the aged year .
Theatre Arts Administration
The Theatre Arts Administration broadcast is intended for students who express an interest in and an inclination toward the production and managerial aspects of field. The course of study is based on the doctrine that a successful career in Theatre Arts Administration requires cognition of modern business practices coupled with a comprehensive examination background in field. The focus of this area of concentration is directed toward the study of both field arts kernel courses, equally well as courses in clientele, which relate to the disciplines of Management, Legal Environments, Marketing, and Finance. In addition, the precede of the Theatre Arts Administration program is to impart to the student the three characteristics that embody a successful arts organization : aesthetic quality, public avail, and fiscal duty. A major emphasis in this program is the preparation for the successful completion of an appropriate internship .
Theatre Technology

The Theatre Technology program is designed to educate, coach and cheer talented students in the technology of survive theater. It is expected that students who successfully complete this path of study will finally become accomplished technical foul directors and theatre technicians in community, educational, regional and/or professional theatres a well as accomplished planners or consultants in other semi-related occupational fields .

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