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Have you ever stopped to think that if you purchased a accelerator oven, that entail you might have to light it ? Do you know how to light a gas oven? If you answered “no” to either of these questions, then let’s take a look at the steps necessary to successfully light your gas oven.
Gas oven with the burner on.

What Is A Gas Oven

It is a identical elementary appliance that is tied to a natural boast or propane flatulence argumentation. This is much like an away grill. You will need to make certain the pilot light is lit in ordering to spark the gas on your oven. ampere long as the pilot program light is working, you should be able to turn the burner on and spark the accelerator and begin cooking your meal .

How Can I Make Sure It Is Safe To Light

The very first thing that you want to consider is a smell. If you smell gas, do not light the burners. besides, you should not touch any electrical switches, as you might spark a fire. Leave the home immediately and call the local gas company. If you can not reach person at the gas ship’s company, then reach out to the Fire Department .
If you don ’ thyroxine olfactory property anything gas-related, then it is safe to turn on the burner and follow the directions below on how to light your oven.

Lighting a gas oven

What Are The Steps In Lighting A Gas Oven

There are decidedly some precautionary steps that you will need to take when lighting a gas oven. Let ’ s take a expect at what those steps are .

  • Make sure the burners and oven are all turned off
  • Open your windows and doors to provide ventilation
  • Open the oven door to check for the pilot light hole
  • Make sure the pilot light hole is clean
  • Push in and hold the knob until you reach the lighting setting
  • Now you will hold a long match or lighter near the pilot light hole to light it
  • Hold the oven knob for up to 10 seconds to ensure the pilot light is lit
  • Finally, you will close the oven door and adjust your cooking temperature as needed

There is a great tutorial in this video that will take you through the steps.

Other Home Maintenance

While you are inspecting the pilot burner clean hole and making certain that it is clean around the area, it is a bang-up mind to just clean the oven at the lapp time. This way, all easy debris is gone and away from the oven. Consider a family remedy oven cleaner to avoid any gasoline meet the fumes of a toxic oven cleaner.

You will besides want to consider inspecting the gas sediment traps angstrom well. This attaches to your boast line and will need cleaning to ensure boast has a free passage through the course .

When Should I Call A Professional

You should always consider a professional when it comes to natural or propane boast in your home. If you aren ’ thymine comfortable lighting the original light for your oven, you should seek out a master to assist you. It might not be the most convenient time, however, you do not want to incidentally create a bigger problem in your home .


Gas ovens can be slippery to start if you aren ’ thyroxine understanding the steps. If at any point the gas doesn ’ thyroxine light after a few attempts you should turn everything off. immediately call a professional to inspect your boast oven. Atkinson Home Inspectors can check your gas oven during a home inspection in Orlando, Clermont, and the Villages.

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