How To Transfer Perfume From One Bottle To Another ?

The aroma has become the most necessity element in our day by day life. We merely can not think to step out from dwelling for parties, meetings, function, outings, etcetera without applying perfume on the consistency .
Because it is an casual way to keep yourself cool, fresh, and fragrant all day retentive. So that perfume or cologne is the most demanding and must-have product in the fashion worldly concern angstrom well as in everyday life .
But it is a matter of grief that sometimes many people are ineffective to carry this essential product whenever they are traveling because of the adult size and weight of perfume bottles .
Considering this problem here we bring the solution if you transfer perfume from one bottle to another then you can well carry this. So you can learn the hale process below how to transfer perfume from one bottle to another.

How to transfer perfume from one bottle to another?

By transferring perfume or cologne in a small bottle is the best room to carry darling perfumes during travels. There are different types of perfume bottles and travel bottles are available in the marketplace. So you can not shift perfume in the lapp summons every time .
Considering this fact here in this article we will show you three processes to transfer aroma from one bottle to another. Before starting this transferring work you need some basic apparatus. These are –

  1. Main perfume or cologne bottle
  2. Metal bottle or plastic bottle or glass bottle
  3. Cloth or tissue paper
  4. Funnel or syringe

Method 1: Filling from a Perfume Atomizer to Metal Travel Bottle

Step 1: Put off the cap and sprayer .
At first, you need to put off the glaze or plastic cap of the main aroma or cologne bottle adenine well as the alloy bottle. After that open the little patch of the plastic sprayer of the main aroma bottle using your feel. There you will find a erect beak by which you can transfer aroma liquid .
Step 2: Prepare the metallic element travel bottle
broadly, a alloy bottle comes with a protected alloy casing to keep the inside product secured. By holding on to the bottom remove the metal shell of the bottle and bring the credit card container out .
Step 3: Transfer perfume
You can see a bolshevik scatter on the penetrate of the credit card tank car when you pull off the alloy case. This is the place where you can input perfume inside the bottle. now place the bottom assigned red department of transportation of the plastic container on the beak of the perfume bottle .

  • Gently press the nozzle of the perfume bottle by the travel bottle.
  • Proper pressing will help to pump perfume liquid quickly on the travel bottle. This process is like applying and spraying perfume.
  • Take a look at the side of the container and you can see how much it fill. According to your need, you can fill the bottle.

Step 4: Replace the bottle in the originate position .
While you transfer perfume to the travel bottle nowadays remove the tank from the nozzle and put it on the metal case and sprayer. now try and check if it working and spraying by rights or not. Adjust the atomizer to the nozzle and put the detonator on the chief perfume bottle .

Method 2: Refilling from Metal Perfume Atomizers to Plastic Travel Bottles

Step 1: Prepare the formative travel bottle by putting off the hood and sprayer .
While you are filling a plastic travel bottle at inaugural you need to put off its ceiling and unscrew the sprayer from the top. then uncap the aroma bottle besides .
Step 2: Fill the plastic bottle
now you need to hold the change of location bottle near to the atomizer of the perfume bottle. Remember while you are holding this it has to be touched each other. It will ensure that while you are spraying the perfume it will get into the bottle directly .
now you need to press the perfume bottle atomizer repeatedly in the plastic bottle. In a few minutes, your locomotion credit card bottle will be filled with perfume .
Do not full the bottle because when you screw the sprayer you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate spray properly. So you can fill it three-quarter part.

Read more: Auto-defrost – Wikipedia

Step 3: Unscrew the atomizer
After filling perfume into the locomotion bottle it ’ mho fourth dimension to unscrew the locomotion bottle ’ mho atomizer. Screw it by rights and put the eyelid on the bottle .

Method 3: Filling Glass Travel Bottles from Splash Bottles

Step 1: Put off the hood and atomizer of the travel bottle and independent aroma bottle .
alike to the other two methods you have to prepare both bottles for transferring perfume. Open the ceiling of both bottles and gently pull off the atomizer. By twisting the sprayer you can easily open it .
Step 2: Fill the aroma in the travel bottle
Do not pour perfume directly from one bottle to another because it can spread and waste the perfume. You can use a funnel or syringe to transfer aroma .
If you are using a funnel then you have to place it on the locomotion bottle and lightly pour the aroma main bottle into another .
If you are using a syringe, then deep it into the perfume bottle and take a wax syringe of perfume. then spray it on the glass travel bottle. Like that you can fill the bottle. These both ways stop waste upon the transfer aroma .
Step 3: Replace the atomizer and crown
once you fill the bottle replace the atomizer on both bottles and besides put the cap by rights .
Warnings :

  • While you unscrew the sprayer of the perfume bottle and the travel bottle, make sure that it has been sealed properly. Unless there is the possibility of leakage.
  • Always keep the perfume bottle in a cool and dry place.


Having a travel aroma bottle is a great skill to carry the perfume always during traveling. By reading the above article I hope you have already learned how to transfer aroma from one bottle to another .
By applying any of these methods and following some easy steps you can cut up a part of the aroma and carry this everywhere .
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