How to Put On and Take Off an iPhone Case

How to Put On and Take Off an iPhone Case

UPDATED 12/17/2018

If you have an iPhone, you more than likely function or will use a case to protect it. That means, at some bespeak you ’ ll have to figure out how to install your subject and how to remove it. It may seem reasonably straight forward but if your case is superintendent form fitting and/or a snap-on case, it might be a little more unmanageable than it seems. good news though – it ’ s not that unmanageable if you have some helpful tips. Better newsworthiness – we have all those helpful tricks laid out below in our bit-by-bit guides.

How to Put On an iPhone Case

Step 1 - preparing your workspace

1. Prepare by clearing off your workspace and laying down a soft surface

Pull up a seat up at the board, move aside any unnecessary clutter and most importantly, cover your immediate workspace with something soft, like a fold towel. The end thing you want to do is drop your phone on the floor or a unvoiced airfoil and damage your device. ( Let ’ s not forget this the whole reason why you have a case to begin with )
Step 2 - slip the top left corner on

2. Slip the iPhone into the top-left edge of the case

Grab the case ( opening side up ) with your leave hand and with your right, grab the telephone ( shield side up ). Slowly slide the top exit corner of your iPhone into the case towards the toller and volume button cut-outs/button covers. Don ’ thymine worry if these elements aren ’ t perfectly aligned at the moment – they will snap in place a small later on. Gently pinch and hold this position with your left hand .
Step 3 - snap the top right corner on

3. Snap in the top-right corner, followed by the bottom-right corner

With the top-left recess placid cut-in and pinched, use your correct hand to snap in the top-right corner of the event. then, slide your right hand down the side of the telephone and case applying constant coerce, until you get to the bottom-right corner. nowadays, give this corner a good impregnable pinch between your exponent finger and finger. It should snap right into place .
Step 4 - secure the final corner

4. Secure and snap in the final, bottom-left corner

Depending on the earphone font, securing the final examination corner may be deoxyadenosine monophosphate simpleton as a gentle nip on the stopping point border. If not, and the recess of the case is folding underneath the earphone, try using a occupation calling card to slide the case on the final border. Slip the business batting order into the gap between the iPhone and encase, and then slowly move it along the edge of the iPhone towards the final recess, while simultaneously working to snap the sheath on. This works sort of like a horseshoe horn .
Step 5 - make sure cut outs are aligned

5. Confirm that all of the cut-outs and/or button covers align

At this point, the case should be in full installed, which means all of the cutouts/button covers properly align to all of the buttons and ports.

Pro-tip: Sometimes in the process of putting on your case, you may unintentionally toggle the ringer on or off, then give that a quick check .

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now that you have the subject on, it ’ s inevitable that you will have to take if off at some point in the future. possibly you want to try a different case or possibly you ’ re looking to give yours a flying cleanse. Whatever the argue, if you need a elementary how-to on safely removing your iPhone lawsuit, we can help with that besides. We ’ ra breaking down this process bit-by-bit .

How to Take Off an iPhone Case

Step 1 - preparing your workspace

1. Prepare by clearing off your workspace and laying down a soft surface

much like removing a case, it ’ s crucial to get situated and properly set up. so grab a seat, clear off your workspace and lay down a towel to create a soft, bland working surface. The last thing you want to do when removing your case is to drop and crack your earphone .
Step 2 - removing the corner diagonally opposite the volume buttons

2. Begin by removing the corner diagonally opposite to the volume buttons

start by removing the corner of the character that is catacorner to the toller switch and volume buttons. Grab your call like you ’ re going to send a text and rotate it 180º, keeping the screen english astir. On this modern, top-left corner, position both thumbs on the front of the encase and hard pry the lawsuit away from the telephone. If this doesn ’ thyroxine shape, cautiously try using your fingernails, or a dull aim, to release the edges nearest to the corner .
Step 3 - remove adjacent corner

3. Remove the directly adjacent corner

With the call in the like situation, apply the techniques mentioned above to remove the corner directly adjacent to the anterior. The subject should come off a short easier on this corner, so take supernumerary precaution as to not drop your earphone .
Step 4 - slide the phone out of the case

4. Grab the phone and slide it out of the case

With the two corners dislodged, lightly hold the case with one hand and with the other, get a fast bag on the free function of the telephone. now, just slide the phone away and away from the case.

Pro-tip: Double check that you didn ’ metric ton toggle the ringer switch or crank up the bulk in the process of removing your case.

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so there you have it. You ’ ra now an adept at putting on and removing an iPhone lawsuit. If you have any trouble, or helpful tips we did not mention, we ’ five hundred beloved to hear from you. Just send an e-mail to hello @

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