How to Properly Store and Preserve Cannabis Seeds [Explained]

If you don ’ triiodothyronine begin with great seeds, you can forget about producing a reap of high-quality marijuana. A lot of growers seem to forget one bare fact : Your seeds are active ! Although cannabis seeds are fairly durable, improper storage can ruin them. If you ’ re paying $ 10- $ 20 a seeded player, losing a full batch is an expensive err. Before your marijuana seeds germinate, they are in a like state to animals when they hibernate. Like all living organisms, your seeds can die if you don ’ t take care of them correctly. The good newsworthiness is that cannabis seeds can last for five years after crop with proper storage. In this guide, we outline how to store and preserve your cannabis seeds. We focus on the adopt :

  • Light
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Storage
  • Insects & Pests
  • Germinating old seeds

Keeping Light Away from Your Marijuana Seeds

You must keep your seeds in a localization that is cool, dark, and dry. It is effective if you keep the seeds in their original packaging. When they are exposed to temperature changes or lighter, cannabis seeds begin using their store of nutrients. This is a catastrophe because they ultimately won ’ t have the nutrients to germinate.

When they are exposed to temperature changes or light, cannabis seeds begin using their shop of nutrients .

Make certain your seeds remain aside from light, as it can directly trigger germination .

What’s the Right Storage Temperature?

The best temperature to store your cannabis seeds at is between 43- and 47-degrees Fahrenheit. The lower the temperature, the less probably your seeded player is to germinate by chance. feel growers tend to have special refrigerators to store their seeds. ideally, your electric refrigerator is a no-frost model. If you can place the seeds in the fruit and vegetable section, that is flush better. how-to-store-weed-seeds Another option is to freeze the cannabis seeds. If you go down this route, please ensure that you vacuum pack them first. then put them in a blue container. besides, it would help if you germinated these seeds immediately once they come out of the deep-freeze. Don ’ thymine allow them to thaw beginning .

What About Humidity?

here is a promptly overview of what will likely happen to cannabis seeds at different humidity levels :

  • <8%: The seeds will attract insects and other pests.
  • 9 – 20%: Your seeds are more likely to develop fungi inside and out. They begin sweating at below 20% humidity. However, 8-10% is a ‘sweet spot’ for long-term storage in the right conditions.
  • 21 – 30%: The ideal humidity level for cannabis seed storage.
  • 31 – 60%: This is the germination zone, particularly once the humidity level goes past 40%.
  • 61%+: You are endangering your seeds the higher the humidity level goes. Once it reaches 80%, your seeds will wilt and die in approximately 12 hours.

Your cannabis seeds need a certain flush of moisture for germination. If the humidity horizontal surface gets besides high, your seeds will rot in storage. An extremely low level of humidity of around 8-10 % is suitable only for long-run repositing. If it drops below 8 %, you offer any insects present in the seeds the chance to become active voice and start reproduce .

The Right Storage Options for Your Cannabis Seeds

You now understand that you must store the seeds away from aim light up. We have besides outlined the motivation for relatively first gear humidity and a refrigerator-level temperature. different options are available depending on how long you intend to store the seeds .


If you merely require short-run storage, a dark drawer or cupboard is sufficient. The most important thing, regardless of the duration of storage, is to avoid temperature and humidity fluctuations. rapid variations in temperature, in particular, can destroy your seeds. If you live in a location with warm day temperatures and cold nights, avoid outside storage. For short-run memory, place the seeds in a container with desiccant. Seal it, and put it in a cool, dark invest .


once you enter medium-term repositing ( a few months ), it is time to use an airtight container. Examples include a mason jolt or Ziploc base. place this sealed container in the electric refrigerator. Remember that opening your electric refrigerator can cause significant temperature fluctuations. As a result, it is ideal if you have a second electric refrigerator that is rarely used. besides, you should note that modern fridges have low humidity levels. If the humidity is excessively low, your seeds will begin using up nutrients .


If you want to store your seeds for at least six months, use a vacuum-sealed container. You can achieve this effect by removing all the atmosphere from a Ziploc bag. There are besides limited vacuum-sealed containers available on-line. Put the seal base in a night container and put it in the electric refrigerator.

You besides have the option of placing the seeds in the deep-freeze. Remember, though ; you need to germinate them immediately upon removal .

A Note on Insects & Pests

Imagine paying $ 100+ for seeds, going to the disturb of storing them, only to find that insects ruin them. unfortunately, all you need is one insect in a container to destroy all of your seeds. The first retainer is to avoid exposure to ultra-low humidity. however, for long-run repositing, this is precisely what you are supposed to do ! One option is to spread diatomaceous earth ( D.E ) where you store them. This is a type of sand that has a fossilized alga base. Crucially, for our purposes, it serves as an excellent natural insecticide. unfortunately, you shouldn ’ t use D.E if you plan to store your seeds in a electric refrigerator with other food .

Imagine paying $ 100+ for seeds, going to the disturb of storing them, entirely to find that insects ruin them .

It would help if you besides stored your seeds as high above the grind as potential. This reduces the possibility of a pest like a rodent coming in and feasting on the seeds. Insects and pests besides thrive in dirty storage areas. As a consequence, you must ensure the storehouse area remains clean. otherwise, you won ’ t just attract pests to your seeds ; microbes will form and damage the seeds. Do you want to consume marijuana from contaminated seeds ?


You can ‘ test ’ your seeds once you have removed them from storehouse. Place them in water. If they sink, they should be finely. however, if they float, it is more probably that they are bad seeds. You can still try to germinate, but there is a greater gamble of producing poor-quality cannabis, or else the seeds fail to sprout. You can keep floaters in water for approximately 72 hours to see if they sprout a tail. If you have previous seeds not stored in ideal conditions, there are however a few ways to germinate them .

  • Remove the hard ridge with a sharp knife.
  • Soak the seeds in carbonated water with germination booster, fulvic acid, or hydrogen peroxide. Use room temperature water, and perform this pre-soak for at least 12 hours in a dark area.
  • Scratch the tough outer shell with sandpaper. Believe it or not, this process could help warmth and moisture get inside. This process is called ‘scarring’ and should happen before you soak the seeds.
  • Make a small cut into the shell as a last-ditch attempt to get it to sprout.

Final Thoughts on Storing and Preserving Cannabis Seeds

If you purchase cannabis seeds and intend to use them about immediately, you should have no issues. even sol, it is credibly best to keep them away from direct light. In the short-run, a black cupboard is sufficient american samoa long as the temperature and humidity are reasonable. once the finish is to store cannabis seeds for months rather than days or weeks, everything changes. You need an airtight container, which you should store in a electric refrigerator. Include a vacuum-sealed container if you plan to store the seeds for several months or longer. When storing cannabis seeds, you must ensure they are not exposed to germination conditions. This means keeping them away from direct faint. besides, store in 20-30 % humidity ( 8-10 % for long-run storehouse ) and a cool temperature. Keep the environment clean to avoid pests, and consider the tips above for germinating previous seeds. relate article

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