Google Pixel: How To Take Screenshots & Record Screen

Google Pixels are among the best android phones on the commercialize. In this lead, learn how to take a screenshot or record the screen on any of them. Google ‘s Pixel phones stand out for their clean Android interface, making it fabulously easy to do just about anything — including taking screenshots and recording the riddle. People frequently praise Pixels for their industry-leading cameras, and while Google does deliver amaze television camera systems, it ‘s besides nailed down the Android software experience. Pixels are fast, unclutter, and ship with meaningful features that give them an edge over the competition .
With therefore a lot to take in with the Pixel interface, some users might lose chase of how to pull off basic smartphone functions. Taking a screenshot is something every phone can do, but for person that ‘s never used a Pixel, it may not be immediately apparent how to do this. thankfully, Google has made the march equally easy as can be .

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To take a screenshot on a Pixel, Google says to press the power and bulk down buttons at the lapp clock time. This will immediately take a screenshot of whatever is presently displayed on the riddle, and it ‘s the same screenshot shortcut found on many other phones. If a user has perturb pressing those two buttons, they can besides swipe up from the bottom of the riddle and hold their finger there to bring up Android ‘s multitasking menu. Once that ‘s done, just tap the ‘Screenshot ‘ button at the bottom of the screen door to take a screenshot of whatever app is presently highlighted. After a screenshot has been captured, a pop fly appears towards the bottom-left with shortcuts to share or edit it. To view any screenshots that have been captured, candid Google Photos, tap the ‘Library ‘ tab at the bottom, and then tap the ‘Screenshots ‘ album .

How To Record The Screen On A Google Pixel

Recording the screen on a Google Pixel

In addition to however screenshots, Pixels can besides take shield captures to record a short television of whatever is happening on the screen. This can be useful for showing a relative how to access a certain determine, sharing something interesting with a acquaintance, or about anything else. And, barely like screenshots, recording the screen on a Pixel is designed to be equally easy as can be .
Swipe down from the top of the Pixel ‘s shield to view the notification ghost, and then swipe down again to view its Quick Settings. Swipe to the left on the settings toggles to view the second page, and waiting there should be an icon called ‘Screen Record. ‘ After tapping that, the Pixel asks if the exploiter wants to record audio with the screenshot and/or show their touches in the read. Choose to enable those toggles or leave them disabled, and then tap ‘Start ‘ to begin the record. The screen recording will begin after a three-second countdown, and users can see that the record is live by the minor crimson picture towards the top-right of the sieve. To stop the read, swipe down from the top and then tap the crimson ‘Recording screen ‘ telling. To view the recording, open Google Photos, water faucet ‘Library, ‘ and then tap the ‘Movies ‘ booklet .
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