When in Doubt, Revive Your Grout! Top Tips for Regrouting Tile

tile has always been a popular choice for floors, walls, and early surfaces due to its lastingness and long life. In fact, it ’ s typically the grout that starts to fail or show its old age before the tile itself, and when grout gets dirty or wear, the stallion tile surface can appear old or tired-looking. The best way to breathe newfangled life bet on into your tile is to restore your

Cleaning Grout

In some cases, the grout might merely be stained or dirty, particularly if you are dealing with a floor that gets a distribute of traffic. There are enough of grout and tile cleaners on the market, but hydrogen peroxide and baking pop may work just a well .

  1. Pour a little hydrogen peroxide onto the grout lines and use a grout brush to work it in for a few seconds.
  2. Then pour baking soda on top and brush your little heart out.
  3. Clean up with water after you have covered the entire area, and your tile and grout will look fresh and new.

Coloring Grout

If the color of your grout is plainly outdated or faded, you may want to use a grout colorant to make it look new again. Grout colorants are applied immediately to your existing grout ; the serve is not difficult, but it is a little boring and time-consuming. Keep in judgment that this will work alone if your grout is porous ( like most grout ) and your tile is nonporous. sometimes colored silicone caulk is used where tile meets early materials such as hardwood or tub ; grout colorant will not work on these areas. besides, when choosing a grout color, stay away from flannel or light colors because they will inevitably get dirty and stained. If you choose a dark color, then you won ’ t have to worry so much about the grout getting stained from foot traffic.


Replacing Grout

If your grout is chipping, cracking, or coming easy, you can actually get rid of it and replace it with fresh, new grout. This may seem like a daunting job at first base, but the old proverb “ the right cock for the right job ” surely applies hera. The HYDE Regrout Tool makes removing grout incredibly easy. It removes both sandpaper and raw grout at a rate of about 1 edge per second, and works with grout lines up to 1/8 edge wide.

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If you have ever tried to use other grout removal tools, you know that they are frustrating and dangerous, and they can actually damage your tile. The HYDE Regrout Tool eliminates these problems—it ’ s very easy to use and amazingly low-cost vitamin a well. The carbide tips are able to get into compressed, awkward places, and they are even condom to the touch when the joyride is running. Again, once the grout is removed, consider replacing it with colored colors that will not show soil .

Grout Sealing

After you have cleaned, colored, or replaced your grout, be certain to use a grout sealant to protect it and make it easier to clean in the future. Grout sealants help keep your grout from getting stained, and they protect it from moisture and mold. It is well worth the small investment of time and money to protect your hard employment and your refreshed tile open ! thus before you start tearing out your tile, look into giving your grout a face lift. There ’ sulfur a adept casual that fixing up the grout using these helpful tips will give you the same results as replacing your tile, for a fraction of the cost !

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