19 Ways To Promote A Book (By A 4x NY Times Bestseller)

All nonfiction book promotion comes down to two questions :

  • What will I get from reading your book?
  • Why should I listen to you, specifically?

If you can’t answer those two questions, no amount of promotion will sell your book.
If that sounds harsh, I ’ m not trying to be. I ’ megabyte trying to save you from throwing aside hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on book promotions that won ’ t work .
In fact, I wrote this mail because of all the bad posts out there that number untested book promotion ideas—posts that don ’ metric ton tell you the first thing about what truly sells a koran because they were written by people who haven ’ t actually sold any books.

I ’ ve sold over 4.5 million copies of my own books, and my company, Scribe, has put out books that have sold millions more. We know what we ’ ra talking about, and when it comes to book marketing, this is it :
Line up these two answers first, and your marketing strategy will practically write itself.
The first question positions your koran in the market .
Your book has to solve a indigence for a specific set of readers, or no one will care about it. I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate try that enough .

The alone thing readers want to know about your book is what it will do for them .

The second question defines your Author trade name, showing the subscriber why you are the correct person to solve that want .
ideally, you ’ ll answer both questions before you write flush one password of your record .
once you have those answers cook, I powerfully recommend following Scribe ’ s prove bit-by-bit marketing plan .
It lays out :

  1. How to think about book marketing
  2. How to set the foundation for your book marketing
  3. How to leverage that foundation to reach your book goals

With that trench understand of nonfiction book market in place, following these tried-and-tested book promotion tips will have a much better chance of getting the results you want from your book .

1. Create an Eye-catching Cover

One of the hardest things for Authors to do is to wear their “ proofreader hat ” when thinking about their own book .
A record is a frightful investment in both time and money. It ’ s lone natural to feel like that investment should be worth something in and of itself .
But the ruffianly reality is that readers don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate caution .
Think about the stopping point script you bought. Did you buy it because you wanted to reward the generator for writing it ?
Of course not. You bought it because of what you expected to get out of it.
The right cover design sets that arithmetic mean for the lector .
For more specific avail, read my post on creating a capital book cover .
PRO tip : It ’ randomness never besides late to create a great report. If your book cover international relations and security network ’ t setting the correctly expectation, deepen it .

2. Write a Great Description

Your ledger ’ randomness description is the perfective opportunity to tell potential readers why they need to read your book .
It might sound counter-intuitive, but the luff of the koran ’ second description is not actually to describe the book.

It ’ mho to show the lector what reading your book will do for them .
This is such an authoritative point that I ’ ve written an entire post on how to write a ledger description that will sell books .

3. Take a Great Author Photo

Your book top and description are about book position. Your writer photograph is about Author post .
The photograph needs to position you as the right person to answer the lector ’ s interview or solve their problem .
If you aren ’ triiodothyronine certain how to do that, read my post on taking a big Author photograph .
It includes examples to show you precisely what I mean .

4. Gather Blurbs for Your Book

Book endorsement are quotes about you or about your book from people your target audience already trusts .
This detail is critical. ideally, you ’ ve aimed your book at a very specific hearing .
Your blurbs need to come from people who are known and trusted among that target hearing .
Blurbs aren ’ thyroxine necessity. If you don ’ t have the kind of endorsement that will actually help you sell your reserve, you shouldn ’ thymine include them at all .
But if you want to gather the kind of amazing endorsement that are proven to make a dispute and sell books, I ’ ve written an stallion post focused entirely on getting endorsement .

5. Set Up Your Author Website

once you have your book cover, description, and Author photograph, you ’ re fix to set up your Author web site .
Like everything else about promoting your script, your web site should tell readers why they should read your book and why you ’ re the proper person to answer their wonder or solve their trouble .

6. Create an Author Central Page

Do this american samoa soon as your book is listed on Amazon .
An Author Central Page gives you control over your Amazon book list page, your Amazon Author photograph, your Author bio, and a set more .
It besides gives readers a way to follow you on Amazon .
​It ’ s a enormously utilitarian market instrument, and I ’ ve written a stake that tells you everything you need to know about how to set your Author Central Page up the right means .

7. Create a Goodreads Author Page

You can set up a Goodreads Author page either before or after your koran is listed on Amazon .
It ’ s not necessary for every published author, but a Goodreads Author page gives you access to more great tools, including a doodad to embed your record ’ sulfur Goodreads reviews directly on your web site .
It encourages readers to share your book with each other for some free viva-voce advertise, but it besides includes paid advertise opportunities and giveaways.

Read my mail on Goodreads Author profiles to learn more about how to set this up and what you can do with it .

8. Add the Book to Your Email Footer

One of the most brawny things you can do as an generator to promote your book is besides one of the dim-witted :
Add it to your automatic electronic mail key signature .

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