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It is very crucial to possess a grease gun while you own a mechanical workshop. It is substantive handwriting tools office to lubricate the equipment for the smooth run of the machinery and to prevent friction. To keep the grease artillery clear from airlocks and get them primed, a few elementary suggestions can help. This article will discuss how to prime a grease gunman. At the fourth dimension of purchasing a new grease grease-gun, the hose does not have any grease in it. To clear the breeze, you must prime the dirt gunman. To keep the things going, you must push the dirt out of the cartridge because the piston is pumping the air without the grease in the tip of the dirt accelerator. Let us dig deeper into three simpleton tricks to clear the airlocks from the grease gun .

  • After you have loaded a new tube of grease, screwing on the barrel will give it a full turn so that the air goes out. All the air bubbles collected above the grease will flow out.
  • If the above loosening the barrel is not successful, switch to another method. Use the air bleeder valve if the grease gun contains it. Continue to keep on pumping.
  • After trying both the above methods and still you are not able to get your gun primed, use all your manual pressure. Try to pull out the t-pull, the follower rod needs to come out from the barrel. As you pull, twist it into quarter or half turn. You will notice it popping down and getting locked in its place. As you push the t-pull, the pressure will be applied on the follower plate and it lets the grease to come out. At this time, you can either leave the bleeder valve partly unscrewed or you could even push it downwards. When the air is forcefully sent out, the grease is pushed into the chamber and it will enable the piston to complete its work of pushing the grease downwards into the hose.

Grease Gun Anatomy

The manual priming of grease guns

Unscrew the bleed screw to detect the hang of the dirt gun by pumping it multiple times. Once the grease begins to flow, the screw must be tightened. Let the grease in the tube cool foremost, before you start this process. The t-handle and the rod must be placed in their original put. When you apply the grease if the grease artillery wastes its choice, you must push the t-handle and perch several times. immediately the grease gunman is quick to use when the rod is positioned at the correctly descry .
Step — 1
tug in the t-handle to pull off the grease accelerator. When you press on the wield downwards, it will get locked. The treat fits with the miniskirt groove to keep it open while the dirt artillery is filled with dirt.

Step — 2
normally, the gun is screwed by the cylinder. The empty grease cartridge needs to be removed from the metallic cylinder after unscrewing it .
Step — 3
The tube will receive the magazine when you push the metallic yellow journalism from one end and push the condom or credit card from the other end. Check if there are any dents or broken ends. If you find any such common issues, don ’ triiodothyronine use such tubes to avoid the trouble. You need to move the new dirt metro into the cylinder and space it back to its original position by screwing it to the grease gun .
Step — 4
From the fresh dirt tube, you must pump out the breeze to free and allow the grease to move out. At this degree, you surely need to apply more press to build a wedge to get rid of the air out from the duct .
Step — 5
The cover of the grease accelerator needs to be pressed many times for the grease to flow outside. Use a fabric or wastepaper basket to avoid spoiling the floor of your workshop.

Step — 6
Unscrew the bleed screw to detect the menstruate of the dirt gun by pumping it multiple times. Once the grease begins to flow, the screw must be tightened. Let the grease in the tube cool first, before you start this action. The t-handle and the gat must be placed in their original position. When you apply the grease if the dirt grease-gun wastes its premier, you must push the t-handle and rod several times. nowadays the dirt gun is ready to use when the rod is positioned at the right blemish .

While operating your grease artillery, if the lubricant is thick, the above procedure might take a moment retentive. In cool climate certain grease flows slower than the normal ones, thereby heading towards personnel casualty of prime. consequently, in such cases, you must hertz your gun gently to get the full strokes of the manage manually. The tune pressure must be reduced if you are using electronic pyro lubbers or pneumatic gun to give more time for the grease to flow. Proceed by following the concluding steps to re-prime your grease gun .

Maintaining a grease gun primed permanently

The most common mistake done by many people is that they pump the dirt till the magazine becomes in full empty, this can lead to the air being filled in the hosiery and the grease gun must be primed again. You need to pump until the grease in full comes out. There are silent chances of grease remaining in the hose and the tip of the accelerator. If you pull the follower gat downwards, you will be able to check how much dirt is remaining. It shows you precisely the amount of grease left while stopping when reaching the follower plate at the buttocks .

Tips for loading and priming the grease gun

  • Choose the correct and the right grease gun, for lubricating the machinery.
  • Never use different kinds of lubricants at different times. Apply the same kind of lubricant every time.
  • The nozzle and fitting must be kept clean before the grease is being pumped. Use a clean washcloth and some quantity of lubricant to clean the nozzle fitting.
  • Once the work is completed, loosen up your grease gun. Store it in a cool and dry place in an upright position.

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Final Words

Grease guns are the ability tools used in the workshops for lubricating arduous automobiles, vehicles, and performing a mechanical caper. The above article has touched on the topic of how to prime your grease gun. Before you could fill- in the grease, the grease gun must be exempt from the air inside the barrel. It is authoritative to prime a newly purchased dirt gunman.


How do you get air out of a grease gun?

An airlock is a coarse issue found in the Grease guns, to fix this problem turn the grease gunman body Anti-clockwise for three to four times and pump the dirt gunman continuously until the dirt comes out from the valve. This will release the Air to the circus tent of the tube pump ’ s steer. now the Air will get released, and you can use the Grease accelerator normally .

Why is my grease gun not working?

There may be several reasons a grease gun may not work, but the most coarse issue is Air Lock. Just release the Air stuck from your Grease grease-gun body try it .

How to put a cartridge in a grease gun

Unscrew and open the cartridge detonator and pull out the alloy perch handle outside, now remove the cartridge outside from the barrel and insert the new grease cartridge into the barrel to the head of the dirt gunman .

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