How to Start and Upload Your Podcast on YouTube

Wondering how to start a podcast on YouTube ? Looking for advice on whether you should upload a podcast to YouTube a well ?
Growing a podcast boils down to one simpleton principle : put your stuff anywhere your audience will see it .
Yes, it would be bang-up if everyone flocked to your web site to listen to your episodes. But that international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine how the world wide web works. If you want a big hearing, your podcast needs to be accessible. This is why it ’ mho best practice to upload your express to as many podcast listening apps as possible like Spotify and iTunes. You can grow exponentially by leveraging multiple platforms .
similarly, you should besides publish your podcast to one of the biggest subject repositories on the network, YouTube.

even though YouTube isn ’ t a music chopine, more people listen to audio content on YouTube than anywhere else. YouTube attracts 47 % of all music streaming listen time around the populace, according to the music Consumer Insight Report. YouTube pays more than $ 1 billion to the music industry from ads each year .
podcasting on youtubeThe percentage of video streaming that took place on YouTube. The point here is that people don ’ t mind staring at an unchanging slide while they listen to something they enjoy. You don ’ t need television on YouTube to be successful. People are contented to sit back and listen, or do early things, like take a walk, exercise, or surf on another browser check .
If you upload a podcast to YouTube, you can more than double the size of your express ’ randomness digital footprint. It will give you exposure on a platform that billions of people browse every sidereal day. It ’ s a key way to let your consultation consume your content wherever they are .

How To Start A Podcast On YouTube

unfortunately, you can ’ triiodothyronine upload MP3s to YouTube directly. The video site requires video files, so you ’ ll want to convert your audio files to MP4s .
This besides means you need some kind of video recording chemical element in order upload a podcast to YouTube. It can be equally elementary as a static image, but there has to be something “ playing ” in the background .
The four most popular ways to start and upload a podcast to YouTube are :

  1. Convert your audio files into video
  2. Present a podcast on your webcam
  3. Use external cameras to record the show
  4. Use screen capture to record the show

Let ’ s look at each of them in turn .

1. Convert your audio file into a video

This is the elementary and easiest approach. If you want to spend as little time as potential uploading your podcast to YouTube, startle here. All you need to do is convert your audio file into a video recording and add a static graphic to the background .
foremost, create the background double. Try using a simple graphic plan software like Canva or Snappa. Each has templates you can work from so you ’ re not starting from scratch .
What should go on that graphic ? Your logo, name ( “ Hosted by… ” ), web site URL, and any other apposite information. Size wise, YouTube recommends images that are 2560x2240px for the best results on all devices .
then covert the audio file and add the background prototype. We recommend using Headliner. The tools allows you to upload a 60 minute sound recording file and add one or multiple images to play for the duration of the video recording. You can besides add extra effects like sound waves or subtitles. In the end, you can download an MP4 file to upload to YouTube .
Castos integrates immediately with Headliner for all users on our Growth plan. This means you can upload your audio charge to your Castos dashboard, automatically convert the file and add background images on Headliner, then entree and store the final video recording back in your Castos dashboard. Keep all of your content together and alone pay for one subscription ! Check out the Growth Plan here .
This american english Life is a perfect case. When they upload a podcast to YouTube, they use a simple slide with their logo for an hour hanker episode .
This American Life podcast episode on YouTubeThis American Life episode featured on YouTube.

2. Present into your webcam

If you want to take it a step farther and create an actual video recording, try presenting your podcast directly into your webcam. This setup is the perfect way to test out uploading a podcast to YouTube because you don ’ t need to purchase any equipment. Plug your microphone into your computer and use the webcam that ’ sulfur built in to your computer .
You can use Zoom or QuickTime to record yourself speaking. make sure to check your microphone settings so the instrument is picking up your podcast mic alternatively of the calculator ’ s built-in one .
You can either criminal record everything in one photograph with little post-production editing. Or you can use a vlog-style edit where you take out any curtly mistakes and piece everything together. Try Lightworks for slowly edit and trimming, plus it has audio and television effects that are quick to use .

3. Set up external cameras where you record

If you conduct your podcast at a desk in a presentable room, consider setting up a television camera to capture your performance. Prolific podcaster Gary Vaynerchuck records all of his podcasts like this.
Gary Vee Pod Sessions podcast YouTube videoGary Vee records himself as he records an episode for his YouTube channel. You don ’ t need elaborate equipment for this. You can get a high quality recording with just your smartphone, though you ’ ll probably want to pick up an cheap attachable tripod to keep the footage steady .
The dress behind you doesn ’ t need to be intricate either. Place your television camera where you phonograph record and take notice of what it sees. Make the area in the frame presentable and you ’ rhenium good to go .
Podcasters who use this apparatus tend to record episodes in one guess. While that means basically no post-production editing, it does mean you need to capture a great episode on the first hear. To help, spend supernumerary time on your podcast script and getting on the same page as your co-host or guest so things run smoothly .

4. Screen capture you and your remote guest

If you conduct your podcast interviews remotely using a tool, like SquadCast or Zoom, set it to capture video along with the sound recording. You ’ ll goal up with a cleave screen television so you can upload a podcast to YouTube. It will look something like this :
split screen recording from ZoomRecording a split screen using Zoom. Most podcasters who use this method besides do the episode recording in one take. This takes some more preparation up front but means little to no edit in the end .

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How To Start Podcasting On YouTube With Castos

Based on the four methods of uploading a podcast to YouTube above, Castos created new features to make your life a short easier .
For those who want to convert their sound recording file and add a static background persona, our YouTube republication feature of speech is ace bare to set up. All you have to do is connect your YouTube channel to Castos, and upload the background image you ’ d like to use for your video files .
After that, every time you publish a new podcast episode, Castos will automatically convert the sound recording file to a television, add your setting prototype, and publish it to your YouTube groove. That ’ s it. There ’ mho nothing else you have to do to make your podcast available to YouTube ’ s massive consultation .
If creating custom television is more your expressive style, we can help you there excessively. Our pro plan includes video recording file storage aboard your sound recording files. We make it easy to publish video podcast episodes and embed them on your web site by hosting those large files on our servers .
carry through
Castos can automatically convert your audio podcast episodes to video and publish to YouTube. Learn more about our YouTube republishing sport and see how to set up automatic distribution of your podcast to YouTube .

Grow Your Audience & Earn Money By Podcasting On YouTube

now that you know how to start a podcast on YouTube, you might be asking, “ Why should I bother ? ”
YouTube ( and its massive drug user establish ) is a powerful cock to grow your audience and boost your gross. here are the main benefits to podcasting on YouTube .

Reach listeners who prefer watching videos

Like we said, YouTube has a massive audience. many people prefer to consume all of their content on YouTube because it ’ sulfur popular and it ’ s what they know. They don ’ t have any rationality to try new platforms because there ’ randomness constantly something to enjoy on YouTube. If you post on YouTube, you gain entree to all the people who would rather watch television .

Promote your episodes with shorter clips

If you don ’ t want to publish your complete episodes on YouTube, you can promote your podcast by uploading snippets of each episode. This method has three advantages :

  • It entices people to download the full episode on their preferred podcast listening app, which could mean more sponsor revenue.
  • People are more likely to share a shorter video than a 45 minute episode.
  • They make for great assets to share on social media.

Increase engagement by interacting with listeners in the comments

Podcasting is a one-way conversation. Unless you create your own podcast residential district, there ’ s very no way for them to talk to you about your testify. On YouTube, however, you get one-to-one interactions with your listeners ( or watchers, in this event ). Podcasting platforms can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate offer this. Viewers can drop their feedback as they consume your contentedness, which makes them feel a connection to the host .
upload a podcast to youtubeRadiolab’s episodes see a lot of user engagement in the comments.

Use YouTube analytics to your advantage

On YouTube, you can view data on who watches your podcast video recording, how hanker they engage with it, and how they found it. You good can ’ t get some of these data points when people download your episode or use an sound recording actor on your locate. More hearer data means gives more opportunity to figure out which episodes your audience likes and dislikes .

Earn money with YouTube advertising opportunities

It ’ sulfur heavily to find podcast sponsors when you don ’ t have many downloads, but YouTube doesn ’ t worry about that. You won ’ t make a lot of money, but you can make something off your content. Over time, a healthy library of content can turn into dangerous tax income. And YouTube will do all the knead monetizing your television .
furthermore, you can offer sponsors a video recording inspection of their product in addition to the host-read ads. This will increase the price of your ads .

Create bonus video content for paying subscribers

Your Patreon members deserve something particular for their loyalty. Create exclusive subject for them with limited information, in-depth product reviews, or peeks behind-the-scenes of your show. You could even create customs subject based on their questions and unique problems .
There are two ways to do this when you ’ rhenium podcast on YouTube :

  1. When you publish a video, set it as “unlisted.” Regular YouTube users won’t be able to see it when they search or browse for content, but you can still pass the URL to your patrons. This method is simple, but the video isn’t really exclusive since anyone can pass the link to their friends.
  2. When you publish a video, set is as “private.” Click the menu icon next to the save button (the three vertical dots), select “share privately,” and paste your email list into the box provided. YouTube will send a notification to each email address with a link to the view the video. This method is 100% exclusive, but you have to paste your email list every time you publish a video.

Video Equipment Recommendations To Start A Podcast On YouTube

In arrange to start podcasting on YouTube, you ’ ll need some equipment. You ’ ll want to start by picking up some distinctive podcast gear : a microphone, headphones, POP filter, and boom climb. You can read the details about our gear recommendations in our podcast equipment usher, but here are some top picks :
To start video podcast, you ’ ll need a camera. We recommend something cheap and easy to use. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worry excessively much about the television camera ’ s sound recording capabilities because you ’ ll be capturing audio through your mic. If you have the cash, we recommend buying two cameras to place at unlike angles. This will add depth to the video recording by cutting between the two angles, particularly if you have multiple people talking on your show .
here are some television camera recommendations for podcasting on YouTube :

The 10 Best Podcasts On YouTube

now that you understand why and how to to publish your podcast to YouTube, you ’ re probably looking for inspiration. What do great podcasts on YouTube search like ?
here are the ten best YouTube podcasts, in our public opinion. Check them out to learn how to create your own podcast episodes that look great on YouTube .

1. H3H3 Podcast

The H3H3 Podcast is produced by Ethan and Hila Klein, the lapp copulate who produces the H3H3Productions YouTube groove. Whereas their traditional YouTube channel consists of blithe and dreamlike sketches, arsenic well as comedic reactions to videos, their podcast channel interviews politicians, filmmakers, musicians, actors, writers, comedians, and early YouTubers. Each H3H3 Podcast television contains the entire podcast, which runs between two and three hours .
best youtube podcast H3H3 PodcastH3H3 Podcast on YouTube interestingly, Ethan and Hila have a third base channel called H3H3 Podcast Highlights. This channel breaks the full duration podcast television into easily digestible clips. Why do they bother if the full podcast is already available ? To exploit YouTube ’ randomness algorithm, which is why this is one of the best youtube podcasts in terms of performance .
On H3H3 Podcast, videos have titles that include the interviewer ’ s full mention, like this : “ Eric Andre – H3 Podcast # 195. ” On H3H3 Podcast Highlights, titles include the topic matter, like this : “ Eric Andre on COVID. ” The shorter clips are besides more likely to get shared .
Watch the H3H3 Podcast

2. The Church of What’s Happening Now

comedian Joey Diaz ( a regular on the Joe Rogan Experience ) takes you on an audio travel into his opinions on… well, equitable about anything and everything. His humor is brassy, bold, and only for adults. Most of his guests are comedians who regale you with stories of biography on the road, on-stage bomb, and the antics of a party life style .
best youtube podcast The Church of What's Happening NowThe Church of Whats Happening Now podcast on YouTube Watch The Church of What ’ s Happening nowadays

3. Jenna & Julien

Jenna & Julien ( that ’ s Jenna Marbles, one of the biggest and earliest YouTube personalities ) is a cockamamie, bizarre podcast that discusses reasonably much anything. “ If you are looking for your casual, convention, by the koran podcast, then you ’ re in the incorrectly place, ” they say. Their conversations are random, pathetic, and frequently fueled by adult beverages ( if you know what we mean ) .
best youtube podcast Jenna & JulienJenna & Julien podcast on YouTube What makes this one of the best podcasts on youtube is that they much stream on Twitch as they record the read. You can watch the show while it ’ randomness in progress. If you comment in the chat, Jenna or Julien might interact with you !
Watch Jenna & Julien

4. Tiësto’s CLUBLIFE

Tiësto ’ randomness CLUBLIFE is DJ Tiësto ’ s hebdomadally radio show that was once broadcast on Radio 538 in the Netherlands. It features a diverseness of electronic dance music including progressive theater, electro, capture and downtempo, all selected by Tiësto. early DJs appear vitamin a guests as well. His radio show episodes have been converted into one of the best YouTube podcasts for music discovery .
best youtube podcast Tiesto's CLUBLIFETiësto’s CLUBLIFE podcast on YouTube The show is split into two parts : 1 ) A mix of current hits, and 2 ) A variety show of electronic genres including releases from Tiësto ’ s own label. His show is released as a free podcast and YouTube videos on the follow Monday .
Watch the CLUBLIFE Podcast

5. Completely Unnecessary Podcast

On the Completely Unnecessary Podcast, Pat Contri and Ian Ferguson discuss the latest in television games, movies, and retro game topics. They discuss what ’ s hot in nerd culture, what was hot but still cool, and what ’ s coming future. In some episodes, they get quite deep into the direction movies and games influence our lives. They do it in a room surrounded by nerdy bet on and movie memorabilia ! In some episodes, they take questions from their audience .
best youtube podcast Completely Unnecessary PodcastCompletely Unnecessary Podcast on YouTube
Watch the Completely Unnecessary Podcast

6. Peter Schiff Podcast

Peter Schiff is an economist, fiscal broker/dealer, writer, and a frequent guest on national news programs. His goal is “ to educate my consultation about free market economics and the principals and benefits of person shore leave, circumscribed government and heavy money. ” His fiscal advice will arm you with cognition and help you prepare for unmanageable economic times .
best youtube podcast Peter SchiffPeter Schiff podcast on YouTube Unlike other podcasts on YouTube, Peter Schiff doesn ’ metric ton record video footage of himself in his studio. alternatively, he turns his audio file into a video with a bare inactive prototype. This is a unusually childlike way to get your podcast on YouTube with minimal extra work. ( Our YouTube Republishing have does the lapp thing automatically for your usher if you host your podcast with Castos ) .
Watch the Peter Schiff Podcast

7. Art of Manliness Podcast

The Art of Manliness Podcast wants to help men become better men and understand their lives, culture, and themselves. They conduct in-depth interviews with technical authors and thinkers in hopes to recapture the classical music ideals of manfulness. The show covers everything, Including history, parenting, self-defense, forcible train, literature, and social professional skills .
best youtube podcast Art of ManlinessArt of Manliness podcast on YouTube Like early podcasts on YouTube, the Art of Manliness Podcast uses a simple electrostatic image for each sequence, rather than a full video. The trope shows a photograph of the host and the episode ’ second interviewee .
Watch the Art of Manliness Podcast

8. Ear Biscuits

Ear Biscuits is one of the best YouTube podcasts for entertainment. It ’ south hosted by comedic couple Rhett and Link. Every Sunday they “ butter your brain with pop-culture comment, personal stories, and upbeat anecdotes. ” Each week is a candid and bravely intimate conversation between the two hosts and often a guest. They have interviewed some celebrated people, like Grace Helbig, Julian Smith, Phillip DeFranco, PewDiePie, and Rainn Wilson .
best youtube podcast Ear BiscuitsEar Biscuits podcast on YouTube watch Ear Biscuits

9. Dear Hank & John

Dear Hank and John is spin on your typical self-help podcast. It ’ s a hebdomadally drollery podcast where the two hosts answer questions about life sentence ’ mho big and belittled problems. They offer “ doubtful advice. ” There are a set of great lessons here, though both hosts admit they are unentitled to dispense any advice at all. They besides regale you with some of the oddest news you ’ ll ever hear .
best youtube podcast Dear Hank & JohnDear Hank and John podcast on YouTube watch Dear Hank & John

10. A Conversation With…

A Conversation With… is a podcast by YouTube personality Philip DeFranco. He interviews an eclectic group of experts, authors, internet stars, politicians, musicians, and anyone else he can get his hands on. DeFranco has a smooth, comfortable going style of conversation that makes his guests comfortable and will to talk about juicy and controversial subjects .
best youtube podcast A Conversation WithA Conversation With… podcast on YouTube This is one of the best YouTube podcasts to study if you want to learn how to conduct great interviews. DeFranco has a particular way of crafting brawny questions that probe the mind of his interview guests. His questions are intelligent enough to stimulate his guests, but simple adequate for the average hearer to understand .
Watch A Conversation With…


Starting a podcast on YouTube is a knock-down way to grow an audience and produce gross for your appearance. And honestly, it ’ s not that unmanageable.

You ’ ra already creating the subject. You merely have to add a video element, whether that ’ s a bare title card that remains inactive throughout the video or a all-out record of you and your guests .
Use Castos to host your video recording files or use our YouTube republish features to automatically publish a video adaptation of each episode. then watch new listeners discover your capacity on one of the most democratic platforms around .

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