What is ‘Chopsticks’ – and why does it have so many variations?

What is ‘Chopsticks’ – and why does it have so many variations?

By Maddy Shaw Roberts
You might know it as one of the keep up : a 19th-century waltz, a two-handed wind piano pas de deux – or possibly a general proverb for an easy piece of piano music. But what actually is ‘ Chopsticks ’, and who wrote it ?
In its simplest shape, ‘ Chopsticks ’ is a one octave-spanning, C major ditty that every child learns to play on the piano.

But since its composition in 1877, ‘ Chopsticks ’ has become so much more than that. here ’ s the floor behind the waltz .

Who wrote the ‘Chopsticks’ waltz?

Composed in 1877 by Euphemia Allen, The Celebrated Chop Waltz was the 16-year-old british composer ’ s alone published work. Her brother, a music publisher named Mozart Allen ( no, not that Mozart ! ) helped get the sheet music published under the pseudonym Arthur de Lulli. Read more : Why do pianos have 88 keys ? We explain >
The Celebrated Chop Waltz

The Celebrated Chop Waltz.
photograph : Euphemia Allen/D. Onivas
many copies of ‘ Chopsticks ’ still recognition the music to an ‘ A. De Lulli ’. In the original sheet music, Allen includes an unusual education : ‘ Play both hands turned sideways, little fingers lowest, so that the movement of the hands imitates the chop from which this walk-in gets its name ’. She wanted pianists to play the firearm in a chop gesticulate, as the style suggests – see the motion demonstrated in the video recording below .

An iconic melody

The ‘ Chopsticks ’ tune has been used and built on by several artists, from Liberace in his characteristically elaborate ‘ Chopsticks ’ Variations, to post-punk group The Bolshoi in the finale of their 1986 song ‘ Sunday Morning ’.

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In 2009, songwriter Margo Guryan reimagined the waltz as a Round, an Andante movement and a musical composition of Ragtime music in her Chopsticks Variations, while the Manfred Mann ’ s Earth Band used the tune in their 1976 rock lead ‘ Blinded By the Light ’. There ’ s even a Christmas translation, which follows the same tune with the textbook ‘ Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house… ’. Read more : Cat has a bantam piano which he plays when he ’ s hungry >

Heart and Soul

bewilderingly, the entitle ‘ Chopsticks ’ is besides sometimes mistakenly used to refer to ‘ Heart and Soul ’ – a jazz song written by Hoagy Carmichael and Frank Loesser in 1938. similarly to ‘ Chopsticks ’, the main tune of ‘ Heart and Soul ’ is frequently simplified and taught as an easily two-hand couple to play on the piano. The ‘ A ’ section of the song, which is a elementary repeating I-vi-IV-V progress, makes for a perfective basic keyboard firearm .

A byword for a simple piano piece

Although it originated as a 19th-century waltz, it seems ‘ Chopsticks ’ has become so celebrated that its claim has been used to describe any ‘ playable ’ piano music. In the 2004 film The Notebook, Rachel McAdams ’ character Allie plays the first gear few bars of Chopin ’ south Prelude in E minor ( Op. 28 No. 4 ) but refers to the piece as ‘ Chopsticks ’ .

It could be that screenwriter Jeremy Leven ( besides known for writing the screenplays for My Sister ’ s Keeper and Real Steel ) just got the incorrect name. But the reference besides says something about the lastingness of ‘ Chopsticks ’.

Find the sheet music for ‘ Chopsticks ’ here .

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