How to Create Folders in Gmail: An ultimate guide [2021]

e-mail has become a full-fledged way of communication. More than half of the global population sends and receives tons of on-line letters daily .
The first gear thing that comes to mind when you think about emails is Gmail. It international relations and security network ’ thymine surprising — Gmail is a leading on-line e-mail service worldwide with more than 1.5 billion active users .
As we receive lots of emails daily, it gets hard to control that chaotic flow of information — work, friends, traveling, receipts, news. It ’ second slowly to get lost and miss some actually crucial information. fortunately, Gmail has the solution for this — you can create folders to organize your emails. Open any folder, and check out all newly added emails there .


actually, there are no folders in Gmail, alternatively, there are labels. But as we all are used to this convenient name, folders, we keep on calling this message storing type like that. so wear ’ thymine be baffled to see ‘ folders ’ referred to as ‘ labels ’, and frailty versa — in this article, we ’ ll assume that these are equivalent notions .

Why you need to create folders

It ’ s so effective to keep things organized, and it gets better when organizing is simple. even if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate receive dozens of emails a day, you know that it ’ south easy to lose that one authoritative message among the spam .
fortunately, you can structure your Inbox, and make it look unclutter. It feels intuitive to group things into folders, but labeling is a perfective match for emails. For exemplify, you can select letters regarding traveling into one booklet, and put a blue label ‘ Traveling ’. now travel emails will stand out because of that blue indicator. This attention-getting feature makes navigation through your inbox much easier .
furthermore, you can cursorily find the labeled emails even if they were sent a calendar month ago. You decidedly don ’ thyroxine want to scroll looking for that plane tag right before the airport check-in .

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Gmail Labels vs Folders

We all are used to creating beneficial erstwhile folders when it comes to organizing some files .
Gmail changed this method of message storing — now it ’ second all about labels .
To understand how they work let ’ s have a look at the standard Gmail ’ mho labels like Inbox, Sent, Spam, and therefore on. All the labels have self-explaining names — Inbox contains income mails, while Sent includes messages that you sent. Yes, that ’ s fair it. When you click on the standard label or the one that you created, Gmail performs a search, filters all the duplicate emails, and shows the rig of results .
It ’ mho important to remember that the organization doesn ’ t make any copies of the tag e-mail, therefore if you decide to delete one — it will disappear from your Inbox at all .
You can create folders to group some similar emails. Labeling is like putting biased stickers in a big worksheet — you equitable mark the page to differ it from others. You can put 2 or more labels on the electronic mail to make it even more specific .

How to create a folder in Gmail on Mac 

There are two ways to create a booklet on a browser interpretation of Gmail .
Let ’ s start with a shorter one. You can create a booklet right in your Inbox, so open a browser, go to Gmail, sign in to your score, and let ’ s contract started. That will take literally 30 seconds :

  1. Go to the sidebar, the panel that shows your Inbox, Sent, Spam, and so on 
  2. Click More, and select ‘Create new label’
  3. Name your label in the pop-up window. 

After creating your first label you can add a sublabel. It works like a booklet in the folder. For exercise, you have a label ‘ Work ’, where you gather all your commercial enterprise emails. To make the label more specific, you can create sublabels ‘ Teammates ’, ‘ Clients ’, ‘ Partners ’ .
Let ’ s move to a more gain folder creating through Settings. hera you ’ ll find detail instructions to customize labels for yourself .

  1. Click on Settings icon > See all settings
  2. Select Labels 
  3. Scroll to the bottom, and select ‘Create new label.’ Here you also can create sublabels
  4. Hit Save.

In the settings, you can adjust some preferences, such as ‘ Show in pronounce list ’, ‘ Show in message tilt ’, and so on .
Voila, you ’ ve created your first label .
The folders will appear in your sidebar so that you can quickly access sorted emails. Just chatter on a folder, and get a plant of results. furthermore, you can change the discolor of the label that makes some emails stand out. And that ’ s not the conclusion — add respective labels to your conversations, and navigation will become even easier .

How to move messages into a label in Gmail

As you could already notice, some concepts in Gmail are a moment confuse, and ‘ moving the messages ’ international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine an exception. So what ’ s the trouble ? Moving electronic mail from one folder to another is just deleting an old tag and putting a newly one .
fortunately, in practice, it ’ randomness not angstrom hard as it sounds. Follow a bit-by-bit guide, and you ’ ll understand why :

  1. Select a message in the Inbox
  2. Click Move in the button bar above emails. Or just right-click on the message, and select Move 
  3. Choose the label you want to apply

If you want to move an e-mail from a particular pronounce, then select it, and follow the teaching above .
There is a more straightforward manner to move your messages — just long-press on an electronic mail, and drag it to a needed booklet. Well done, now you can find move messages in the finish label.

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Smarter Folder Management on Mac

Gmail can be a spot confusing with its labels. If you prefer to fold your mails into well-known folders, and not be afraid that messages can be unintentionally deleted, then try out some option electronic mail management apps. such tools like Unibox and Canary are improved versions of Gmail. They unlock the advance features of your Inbox and make it look more organized, personalized, and unclutter .
The most obvious reason to use alternate mail apps is convenience — you ultimately control your messages and properly organize them. besides, it ’ sulfur all about saving your time, because such apps help navigate through an Inbox and find the needed mails at the speed of light .
Fantastic, international relations and security network ’ metric ton it ? There is a lot more to tell, therefore let ’ s get closer to the point .

How to use Unibox for creating folders on Mac

Unibox is an elegant electronic mail app that makes your Inbox search like a handy messenger .
It absolutely groups emails by the sender so that mailing feels like sending SMS or chatting in WhatsApp .
With Unibox ’ s smooth interface, e-mail management gets so intuitive. just follow a brusque usher on how to create folders in Unibox :

  1. Go to Unibox tab > Preferences
  2. Select Groups section
  3. Click on the plus sign in the left-bottom corner
  4. Name your folder.

Great, now you can social organization your emails into unlike folders, and keep things more organized than ever .

The best secure email app

canary Mail is an inbox arrangement app that not only professionally manages mails but besides cares about your security. This mail app highlights important messages for easy entree and reminds about them when you need it .
besides, with Canary Mail you can well create and manage your folders :

  1. Go to Canary Mail > Preferences
  2. Select Accounts tab > Folders
  3. Click on the plus sign in the bottom of the window
  4. Name your new folder.

You can create as many folders as you need, and they will automatically appear in your Gmail app. That ’ s such a timesaver .

How to bring together all popular messaging services

precisely a couple of newly emails in your Inbox, and it ’ s already a mess. And if you use a distribute of different messengers day by day, managing turns into a challenge — tons of notifications, emails, and chats. Spending a lot of meter switching between Gmail, Slack, and Telegram sufficiently lowers your productiveness. As always, we have a solution .
Meet IM+, all in one messenger that brings together over a twelve democratic message services in a individual commodious window. Just imagine that you can effortlessly navigate through all your messengers with a single sidebar .
When it comes to organizing your workspace, IM+ is an all-important tool that supports multiple accounts, so you can well switch between home and work. You don ’ t have to open a browser anymore to check your Gmail, everything is right on your background .

How to create a folder in Gmail on a mobile device

If you prefer a fluid app to the browser version, then good newsworthiness — it ’ s besides easy to create folders instantaneously from your iPhone. Pay attention that labels you ’ ve added are visible only for you .

  1. Download the Gmail app
  2. In the app, select one or multiple emails
  3. Tap the Menu icon. You’ll recognize it by 3 horizontal lines in the top-left corner of the screen.
  4. Tap Create new
  5. Name your label, and click Done.

Yeah, that ’ s reasonably alike to the creating folders on your Mac, and easy vitamin a well .
You can besides edit and delete labels, rename them, and create sublabels. After such a cleaning, your Inbox will never be cluttered .


A messy Inbox is such a concern for most of the e-mail users. Gmail solves this problem by introducing labels that cursorily arrange your emails. Labels are multifunctional — in addition to standard actions like editing and deleting, you can set any color to the label, move messages between labels, and more.

Although labels are similar to folders, there are some minor differences. If you prefer authentic folders ’ functionality, enhance your Gmail feel using such inbox management apps as Unibox and Canary Mail. They declutter your electronic mail workspace by grouping messages and presenting them more handily than in Gmail. furthermore, both are desktop apps, so you don ’ t have to open your browser each time you want to check your emails .
Organize your Gmail Inbox into convenient folders, sprinkle it with some mail apps like Unibox or Canary Mail, and add a moment of IM+ for beautiful workspace. All the tools you can try free for 7 days in Setapp, suite of best productiveness apps for your Mac .

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