How to Enable or Disable the Lowercase Keys on iPhone

How to Enable or Disable the Lowercase Keys on iPhone

How to: Disable Lowercase Keys on iPhone KeyboardThe iPhone keyboard is similar to any computer keyboard in many ways. But there are a few differences caused by the size and specifics of the iPhone itself. While the Shift Key on iPhone is inactive, you’ll see lowercase characters on your iPhone keyboard. After pressing the Shift Key, the characters displayed on the keyboard will switch into uppercase mode. This helps with determining whether the next character will turn out as a capital letter. Here’s how to disable lowercase keys on the iPhone keyboard.
Some people don ’ thymine like the lower case mode and upper character mode for reasons of discernability and ease of use. Smaller key can be harder to read, or possibly you are merely used to the original default of static, capital keys on your keyboard. thus if you prefer upper berth lawsuit mode you can change your io keyboard to traditional keyoard modality .

How to switch to traditional keyboard mode in iOS

For this template to make any sense, you of course have to be using the nonpayment io keyboard. Third-Party keyboards such as SwiftKey or Swype do not react to any of the settings we are about to change.
To switch second to the default io keyboard, go to your “Settings” and “General”. now scroll down and tap “Keyboard” and “Keyboards” on the future screen. immediately either add the iPhone nonpayment keyboard binding in or remove your custom-make keyboard choice if the default is already present .

Uppercase vs. lowercase

here ’ s an exercise to demonstrate the current default iPhone keyboard, which shows the dynamic nature of the iPhone keyboard. After a press of the Shift Key, the keyboard will either change to show small letter keys or uppercase keys on the iPhone keyboard.

lowercase to uppercase on iOS keyboard

How to disable lowercase keys on the iPhone keyboard

Settings → Accessibility → Keyboard → disable “Show Lowercase Keys”
The io default settings have the toggle next to “ Show lowercase keys ” enabled. To keep the display mood of the keyboard set on uppercase keys, regardless of whether you are writing capital letters or not, you need to change a default option setting within the “ Settings ” lotion .
Open up your “Settings” app and go to “Accessibility”, then tap “Keyboard” and finally disable the “Show Lowercase Keys” toggle to switch your keyboard binding into traditional modality. Your keyboard will now display das kapital letters all of the prison term.

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how to disable the -show lowercase keys- option on iPhone
Hint: The Shift Key still reflects the state it is in by changing into a more opaque, black icon when active voice. While inactive, you should lone see the contour of the upwards facing arrow that makes up the picture.

Three states of the Shift Key on iPhone

As a close remark, here ’ s a abruptly primer on the three states of the Shift Key in io. Please see the trope below as a template .
three states of the shift key explained

  • Left: Shift Key is disabled, which means that the next word will be spelled in lowercase – e.g. “apple”
  • Middle: Shift key is enabled, which means that the next word will start with a capital letter – e.g. “Apple”
  • Right: Shift key is in caps lock mode (double-tap to engage), which means that your next word will be written in caps e.g. “APPLE”

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