71 Ways To Comfort Someone, Cheer Them Up & Make Them Feel Better

It ’ second never easy seeing person cry or grieve, let alone person you love .
Most of us find ourselves incoherent for words for a good reason as interacting with person who ’ south sad and hurt can be awkward .
You want to be there for them and show your empathy, but it is hard to know how to act and what to say .
A lot of us end up sitting there uncomfortably, offering some awkward second pats, while saying, “ It ’ s all right. ”

Why is it that we know how to celebrate person ’ mho joy but have no clue what to do when they ’ re pain ?
If you can relate to the site of not knowing what to do when person close breaks into tears, this article is for you .
The best way to comfort person
Best way to cheer up person and make them feel good
But, before I share with you the best 71 ways to comfort person, cheer them up and make them feel dear, we have to be clear on our goals .
The choice goal of comfort is to ease person ’ s burden and miserable.

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How do You Comfort Someone?

There are many tips online on how to provide emotional defend and consolation to person .
however, it is critical to note that not all comfort is similar for everyone .
What might work for you might not work for your partner .
How to comfort your friend
McKay and McKay ( 2019 ) describe some of the best steps one can take to comfort person. For model :
You can comfort someone by letting them know that you care or love them .
Another right way to comfort person going through emotional pain is to help them understand their emotions ( McKinzey, 2021 ). entirely then you can cheer them up, and make them feel well .
Remember, words are powerful tools. If used correctly, words can effectively comfort and ease person ’ randomness pain .
Dr. Sue Johnson, a clinical psychologist and arguably one of the best relationship experts in the universe, has some excellent tips in her latest book :
Hold me tight
Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love
For those of you with little fourth dimension to read, I ’ ve summarised this article into 2 parts :

  • How to Comfort Someone (10 Tips)
  • How to Cheer Someone Up & Make Them Feel Better (61 Tips)

Best 10 Ways To Comfort Someone

Acknowledge Their Feelings

I feel you meme
“ I hear you…It seems like you ’ ra disturb because…I know that this is a arduous time for you… I know that you ’ rhenium hurting… ”
To start comforting person, acknowledge and describe what you see, hear, and feel .
By witnessing and affirming what you see and rephrasing what they say, you help them know that you are on the lapp page and are not misinterpreting their situation .

Repeat Their Feelings

How to comfort your friend memes
“ Of course you ’ ra overturned ; I was besides upset when … happened to me. ”
Affirm their feelings using the same emotion-infused son they use ( for example, disappoint, brokenhearted, etc. ) .
sometimes, past personal experiences allow us to show that we can relate .
Be careful not to change the conversation ’ s concentrate to you, but rather, share to show that you empathize .
Avoid comparing your feel with theirs, but focus on the other person ’ s history .

Draw Their Emotions Out

How to comfort someone
“ Tell me what happened… How did that make you feel ? ”
More frequently than not, people merely want to be heard .
By asking them how something made them feel, you ’ ll elicit a answer from them .
It is not about what they felt, but it ’ south how they felt so you can gain cryptic meanings of their world .

By asking person “ how ” rather of “ what ”, you avoid being caught in one-word replies .
Avoid asking ‘ why ’ questions, as they might come across as being critical, preferably than encourage the early person to understand their suffer better .

Don’t Minimize Their Pain

This too shall pass meme
Don ’ t focus only on cheering them up .
People find it hard to focus on the future when they ’ re in pain in the stage time .

Be There For Them, Right At That Moment

I'm all ears meme
When they burst into tears, if you react with : “ Don ’ thyroxine cry… ”, “ you ’ ll feel better ”, or “ cheer up ”, it ’ ll come across as trying to trivialize what they are feeling .
alternatively, be a effective hearer, and let them talk !

Offer Physical Affection, When Appropriate

How to comfort someone memes
If they don ’ metric ton want to talk, they might not be ready to plowshare .
In that case, and only if appropriate, give him/her a hug .
physical affection should match the level of love you show regularly .
If you ’ ve never hugged this person, then possibly a hand on their shoulder would suffice .
But if the person is your partner, a hug or a cuddle would be more appropriate .

Express Your Support

I got your back meme
Let your acquaintance know that you care and that you ’ ra regretful for what they ’ re going through is very important .
even if they feel adept after talking to you, keep reaffirming your support and let them know that you are there for them .

Tell Them They’re Special

You are special meme
We all feel good sleep together we are that extra person to person. Let your friend know how much they mean to you .
nothing is better than a handwritten note, so write down how grateful you are to have a acquaintance like him/her in your life .

Give Positive Reinforcement

You can do it meme
science has shown that we need three incontrovertible ones for every negative think to counteract the minus one .

“ Negativity impacts us more than favorableness. It sidelines us and makes us unhappy, ”

says Dr. Erin Stair, a doctor and health adviser who runs Blooming Wellness in New York .
It might not have been you who put those negative thoughts into your friend ’ south head, but they can negate them with three positive statements at a clock !

Keep Things Simple

Wanna Talk meme
Remember, most people would not share well, evening if they need some assistant .
however, you should at least try by asking if they want to talk .
This question alone will relieve that person ’ sulfur feelings quite a draw .

Best 61 Ways To Cheer Up Someone

And, Make Them Feel Better

Surprise Them With A Nice Dinner

Having dinner with friends memes

“ Cooking and eating with family and friends promotes bonding and studies show, besides, overall happiness, ” says Danielle Hamo, a file dietician and license dietician .

If you can, go for a healthy meal wax of nutrients to help nourish your acquaintance – with foods that relieve tension .

“ When people are down, low energy impacts their consistency and has them reaching for stand-in. But, this much equals to lots of carbohydrate and junk food, ” adds Dr. Watts .

Why not try a roast wimp ? It ’ mho direction easier than it sounds, and you both will feel a capital sense of skill when that gorgeous golden boo comes out of the oven .
Add brown rice and farm-fresh veggies to the blend, and you ’ ll have one satisfy and healthy meal !
Or, make them a homemade stir-fry curry dish with a hyphen of turmeric .
Turmeric and the roughage from vegetables, often found in those dishes, determine serotonin .
Fish have healthy Omega-3s, and animal proteins are high in tryptophan, which triggers serotonin production .
Plus, there is a bonus to sharing food with another person ; it gives them a gamble to relax and possibly more comfortably share their problem .
Having a good dinner can be calming, soothing, and relax and help get the person ’ s mind off their troubles .

Start An Interesting Project Together

Starting an excite project is the best way to keep their mind connected to something generative .
This would heal that person within and would besides help to lift their mood .
You can do many things together, but doing something that the person loves would help the most .

Organize A Movie Night

Watching a movie entirely international relations and security network ’ t constantly vitamin a entertain as watching with a acquaintance .
Make some popcorn, gather some favorite snacks and share a movie that ’ randomness going to tickle the funny bone .
Find something on Netflix or Amazon Prime ( blithe comedies are the right choice ), and watch it together .
If tears are in order, grab a box of weave and find a deplorable fib .
sometimes, tears can be deoxyadenosine monophosphate cathartic as laughter .
Or, choose a movie that is the right desegregate of drollery and drama .
Either way, a movie is an excellent way to help person trouble take their mind off of the problem for a while .

Take Them For A Swing Ride

It might sound eldritch, but this magic trick constantly works if your ally is feeling depleted .
Make them take a seat on the dangle and swing them away .
then watch all the stress go away ; it works wonders all the fourth dimension .

Organize An Ice Cream Date

There is nothing that ice cream can not solve .
It would be bang-up if you know about your supporter ’ s favorite flavor of frost skim so that you can grab particularly that for them .

Do What They Want to Do

Take out at least an hour every week for an natural process they enjoy a set .

“ Coping mechanisms that deal with life stressors are all-important since chronic stress leads to depression, ” says Dr. Igbokwe .

Help your supporter feel well by taking the time to do something they like to do, even if it ’ sulfur playing video recording games .

Arrange a Spa Day

A health spa day can be a real treat for you both, and above all, it is not that expensive .
Treat a ally or loved one and yourself to a Spa and “ stop the rat race ” for a day .
Relax, unwind, spill the beans, and just enjoy one another ’ s company .
Another unique way to elevate a watering place day is with Tucson IV treatments at family .
many IV formulas are designed to naturally elevate your climate and leave you feeling refreshed .
Combined with a health spa day treatment, your friend is sure to feel pamper and cared for .
You ’ ll both feel relaxed, refreshed, and merely pampered .
A health spa day is merely a bang-up way to hit the ground running again .
however, if money is an issue, invite your acquaintance over for an good afternoon of self-care .
Gather up face masks, complete polishes, and whatever else you need to create your relaxing resort hotel sesh at home .
sure, the pamper will be great, but the timbre time you ’ ll spend in concert will be even better — and barely what your ally might need to start smiling again .

Volunteer Together

inquiry shows that volunteering builds confidence and self-esteem .

If your acquaintance needs cheering up, volunteering for others can be both rewarding arsenic well as a positive beguilement from their aroused distress, ” says Helen D ’ Angelo, a Lost Angeles-licensed headman social proletarian .

Go volunteer together at a local anesthetic jacob’s ladder .
Find something that helps them connect with others that are going through worse times than them .
Volunteer to serve food at a soup kitchen or work with senior citizens .
Check on-line ; there are respective opportunities for people looking to volunteer and help others, in your state or abroad .

Bake Together

Baking has a curative effect that eases depression and anxiety .
That is because the act of quantify, desegregate, and paying care to a recipe requires full attention .
indirectly, they ’ ll create ‘ peace ’ in their beware and push away any negative thoughts and emotions .
The delightful smells of bake goodies besides produce happy feelings .
But, if calories are of refer, contribution what you ’ ve baked with other close friends, or donate them to a charity or local fire station .

Take a Tech Detox

Get them out of their bedroom and off electronics for a day .
It can get more challenge to motivate them if they hole up in a cave in their pajama, binge-watching Netflix, or compulsively checking on Instagram .

Send Them a Cute Animal Pic

There ’ second nothing more satisfy than looking at cunning and funny story animal pictures .
Make person ’ s day by sending a random text with a photograph that will put a smile on their font .
Bonus : while searching for that one perfective movie to send to your acquaintance, you can look at angstrom many as you want !

Arrange a Group Game Night

It ’ sulfur sturdy to cheer person up when you ’ rhenium limited to the virtual world .
fortunately, some classical feel-good activities can take place on-line .
Round up a crew for a bet on night of classics such as Monopoly, Bingo, Trivia, and play with your friends via a soar call .

Meditate Together

Organize a meditation sidereal day with your supporter and surprise them by asking them to think of person who has caused them harm .
then with their close eyes, ask them to start sending them dependable wishes, thoughts, and vibes .

“ Wish them good health, good luck, and so forth, and even forgive those who have mistreated you. There is a lot of ability and incontrovertibility in forgiveness, ” says Dr. Stair .
“ If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know how to meditate, there are lots of apps that make meditation fun and easy to do, ” completes Dr. Jackie Kibler, a Psychiatry health adept from Kansas City .

Offer Them Flowers

Go to the florist, raid your dad ’ south garden, “ borrow ” from a park and make your friend a adorable bouquet of flowers .
If you want to step your game astir, you could even send them an original bouquet of origami flowers !

Practice Yoga Together

yoga carries a battalion of benefits for mental health .
Whether you guys sign up for a class or find a tutorial on YouTube, yoga is a great way to find your way back to happiness .
In addition to helping individuals get outside of their quilt zone safely, therapeutic manner, yoga besides lowers physiologic foreplay in the body .
Things like heart rate, respiration, and hydrocortisone output are decreased through practicing yoga .
By lowering these physical stress markers, yoga helps to decrease anxiety while simultaneously stimulating serotonin product .
therefore, the profit is twofold by relieving stress and boosting positivist emotions at the same prison term .

Prank Them

Scare them and make them laugh !

“ You know your friend best, then use this cognition and know to tailor your approach to their feel of liquid body substance, ” says Dr. Watts .

They might be a tough audience at first, but once you crack the beat, it might be the best giggle either of you has had in a long time .
A quick search for pranks on Instagram will help you find some authentically creative jokes .
here are a few pranks I ’ ve found in less than a moment :

  • Draw a spider on the toilet paper.
  • Deep cheese balls in chocolate and present them as authentic sweets.
  • Get a friend dress up as a ghost, and appear in the garden while you’re having dinner.

As the goal is to get them to laugh, make surely your friends find your pranks funny equally well .

Go Car Driving/Dancing

Loading your friend up in your car and tug round listening to their favored music .
Do some soul-soothing car dance, or find some absurd videos on Youtube to inspire your little dance party .
Don ’ thymine hold back, though ; challenge your love one to bust a move wherever you are !

Skip Rope Together

You can do whatever exercise you want, but if you ’ re going to be extra airheaded, try skipping .
exercise is a playfulness room to build endorphins, increase oxygen, get you moving and distract you from a bad mood .
“ It ’ s hard to stay dark while you skip, ” says Dr. Stair sol find a rope and get a move on .

Tag Them in a Hundred Funny Instagram Posts

sometimes being annoying can be adorable, excessively .
If it makes them smile, it is worth it .
Find all the pathetic video recording of babies dancing, awkward moments, brainsick cats, and dogs being dogs .
Tag your ally in any stake that might give them a dependable laugh .

Send Them A Motivational Text

It is always nice to know person is rooting for you .
Whether you send a simple “ think of you – hang in there ! ” or scour Pinterest for a great quote/graphic jazz band, a little piece of inspiration will be appreciated .

Send A Hand Written Letter/Card

It ’ south constantly exciting to receive snail mail !
Make some cards or buy printable ones on-line ( ideally from a small business or Etsy shop ) .
Write about your favorite memories together, draw a picture, or tell them how much they mean to you .

Get Them A Gift Card

money is tight for most of us right now .
But, if you have some excess cash, pass it on as a giving calling card for your friend to use as he/she likes .
Get a dinner, pizza, or tied a pair of drinks – the local anesthetic coffee shop may offer pick-up .
Or, a virtual endowment card to save for a treat once places reopen .
They ’ ll feel loved and have a reason to get out of the house, and a humble business will benefit excessively, so everyone wins !

Send A Story Of Kindness

There ’ s a batch of deplorable stuff happening correct now, and even, some people are rising to help each other .
If you see a fib that gives you hope, parcel it with your friend and exceed that feeling along .

Take A Day Trip In Nature

“ Nature therapy is a big thing for improving temper, ” says Dr. Stair. “ Science has shown that just being in nature ( or even merely looking at photos of nature ) naturally improves one ’ sulfur climate. ”

indeed, whether you ’ re in the middle of a city, or you ’ re lucky enough to live a stone ’ randomness hurl from a national park, find something to do outside .
even if it ’ sulfur just 15 minutes of outdoor fresh publicize, it can boost your friend ’ randomness spirit .
furthermore, the combination of fresh air, nature, and cheerfulness will boost their vitamin D and serotonin levels .

Find (or Fake) Some Luck

possibly all your supporter needs is a little extra confidence .
possibly scouring the street for a golden penny or combing through a field to find a four-leaf clover is the antidote to their doldrums .
possibly they don ’ t find one, so you secretly drop a penny of your own and let them pick it up, ’ induce you read Harry Potter and remember the ole ’ Felix Felicis switcheroo that worked on Ron .

Choreograph a Dance to Their Favorite Song

Want a playfulness bodily process that ’ south certain to take anyone ’ s mind off their woes ?
Make up a dancing to your acquaintance ’ s front-runner song, or try to copy the existing choreography .
even better, get some of your friends to help and put up for a big musical usher .

Do a Random Act of Kindness Together

frequently when we do things for other people, we are the ones that benefit the most .
Do a random act of kindness together ; even the smallest things count .
Start by opening the door for person, paying for person ’ sulfur coffee bean, or dinner at a restaurant, by smiling and saying ‘ good dawn ’ to a strange, and watch your days change for the better .

Visualize A Better Future

Helping people think about how they ’ re a product of their past, present, and future, emphasizing the future, can help them see where they ’ ra going .
Remind your supporter that, in the exalted schema of things, this little vault will not stop them from getting that Miami yacht they keep dreaming about .

Build a Fort or a Treehouse

This is pretty much a no-brainer — everybody loves a treehouse or a thoroughly fortress .
Get together, make plans, draw schema on wallpaper, and enjoy as you build, as it ’ ll make you feel like kids once again !

Smash Some Plates

Some people merely need to find a way to get out their aggression, right ?
After the pandemic, remember that there are give places where you can pay to break plates as a stress reliever !
Plate breakage as a form of anger management and tension secrete has become very popular over the last few years .

“ When done in a safe, nonviolent, and controlled plant, of run ! ” says Dr. Eliza Belle, the director of psychology and behavior service for Alabama ’ s Department of Mental Health .

Challenge Your Friend to a Noodle Fight

Grab some pool noodles and have them at it .
Try to avoid getting hit by dodging, ducking, weaving, and any other means necessary .
Remember, the more endorphins you release, and the felicitous you BOTH will be .
This is one of our favorite things to cheer person up with !

Have Some Deep Rest

When people are going through a rugged time, they get far lesser sleep .
Less sleep causes temper, depression, and makes them prone to anxiety, so sleep is critical for their body and genial health .
Help balance out your buddy ’ randomness genial and physical health by telling them to make time for a nap .

Give Them A
 Cute Nickname

Come up with a nickname ; the more absurd, the better .
It ’ s not merely a big way to get them laughing right now, but it will be your secret weapon to getting them chuckling in the future, besides .

Make Friendship Bracelets

This atavist natural process is indisputable to bring a smile to your friend ’ south face .
It ’ ll work wonders while making it and whenever they look at it .

Exercise Together

“ inquiry shows that every 60 seconds of exercise adds a whack seven minutes to our full life, ” says Joshua Duvauchelle, a health writer and certified personal trainer based in British Columbia .

There is a draw of information on how exercise makes us happier, but the anti-stress and mood-boosting effects kick in less than the beginning five minutes of exercise .
sol, get up and shake some !

Go On A Text Scavenger Hunt

Text scavenging hunt works like this : you send a list of things to your acquaintance, and they have to spot them throughout their day .
Make surely it is accomplishable but besides fun and playful .
For case, have them find a copulate of scandalmongering shoes, a palm corner, and a car older than yours .
They can send you second pics as they find each thing .
This is a capital way to get person out of a funk and offer up a healthy challenge .
A completed challenge will help people feel uplift, aspirant, and very able .

Play Dress Up

get dolled up like in the good old days .
Whether it ’ s in costumes, your ma ’ second clothes from the ’ 80s, or some cute outfits you bought particularly for this occasion, this is an excellent opportunity to have a lot of fun .

Braid Their Hair

You can do it up in a visualize french braid or good give them some flower child side braid .
possibly you ’ re a straight party boss who knows how to work a fishtail braid .
careless, braiding person ’ south hair is a capital way to show you care .
If your friend is a boy, offer to give them a haircut or color their hair .
What could go wrong ?

Plan A Sleepover

You ’ ve credibly been doing this for years, but grab some rom-com ’ sulfur, pizza, magazines, and ingredients to bake some cookies, and your night is guaranteed to be fun .

Practice Positive Affirmations

recent studies show that if young people who are not that confident repeat self-empowerment statements regularly, their brains change for adept .
Ask them to write down five to ten things they love about themselves and have them continue to yell them out until you see a smile sneak across their face .
Or, get them to make a list of positive self-statements and ask them to repeat them daily : I feel reasonably, I am chic, confident, and so on .
even if they aren ’ metric ton able to believe these self-compliments to start with, they Decidingn them in time .
Make certain you follow up with messages reminding them to keep rehearse .

Have A Smiling Contest

Start telling jokes, make funny noises, make your best impression, and so on .
The only hitch is that you have to keep your face a directly as possible .
The inaugural person to crack a smile loses .
Or, try out a compliment struggle .

Run Errands Together

Studies show that people report difficulty with daily responsibilities when depressed or anxious .
many individuals frequently report having trouble asking for help when depressed .
Making the decisiveness to surprise your acquaintance with a favor can be a great way to provide help without your supporter having to make the attempt to ask .

Go On A Guided Walking Tour

Download one of these audio tours to your phone, lace up your tennis shoes and grab your acquaintance .
It ’ ll get those endorphins flowing ; plus, you might be surprised by how cool your hometown is .
If you can ’ triiodothyronine find an audio go, make your own ; there ’ s an app for that adenine well .

Practice Gratitude

The best room is to create a ‘ gratitude sandwich. ’
Ask your friend to identify ten-spot dear things in their life right now .
Ask them to sandwich one matter that is going wrong between two things that they are grateful for .
Saying it out loud helps them realize that there is always something positive to focus on .
You can besides make a list for each other of all the things you think you and they should be grateful for .

Help Your Friend Clean Their Car Or Room

Being surrounded by a fix doesn ’ t do much for their mental state .
Having a kempt outer space can help them feel more in control and calm air .
offer to help your supporter straighten up their room or car shows you care and gives you something generative to do together .
Plus, former, when they ’ re on their own, they can relax in a clutter-free, peaceful outer space .

Cheer Them Up With Word Associations

Say words like “ amused ” or “ joy ” and have them say five more words that come to mind .
Studies show that this practice of “ priming ” will finally cause the person to feel the words and emotions they are naming .

Stretch It Out

deep stretching releases the tightness in muscles, normally caused by stress .
Stretching well besides promotes healthy blood circulation .
Besides, you do not need a consecrated yoga classify, fair your living room, and a blanket .

Make Them A Healthy Breakfast

Make some protein pancakes with dark cocoa ranch and deliver them to their house .
Match it with freshly-squeezed orange juice as the act of hand-squeezing the juice makes them feel loved while giving them a healthy venereal disease of vitamin B6 and folic acid .
overall, this tasty treat reduces cortisol, releases both endorphins and serotonin, and is an excellent antioxidant source .

Go Barefoot In The Grass Or On The Beach

If you live near a beach or park, there are prove benefits to “ grounding ” or reconnecting with the electrons in nature to promote better sleep and reduce anxiety .
Make them a soundtrack of soothing sounds
A waterfall, ocean waves, rain on a tin roof, or wind rustling leaves are all assuasive sounds that can help lull even the most restless minds to sleep .

Challenge Them To Solve Riddles And Crossword Puzzles

Our brains love solving problems .
critical think besides boosts cognitive routine and helps remove that bleary feel that comes with sadness .

Plant a tree, a patio herb garden, or repot a houseplant

The light exercise, connection with nature, and completion of a project are perfective combinations to brighten person ’ s temper .
furthermore, you help the environment at the lapp time .

Challenge Them To A Fitness Contest

Any healthy rival will give them a temper boost .
even if they don ’ metric ton “ win, ” it ’ s an opportunity to burn off stress and detoxify while increasing dopamine and endorphin levels .

Take Them To A Painting Or Pottery Class

Pick something little so that they can feel the satisfaction of creating something in equitable one even .

Fill Their House With Balloons While They Are Sleeping

The absurdity of seeing balloons everywhere will make them smile .
Have even more fun with it, and pop them as you both walk through the house !

Hide A Note Saying What You Love About Them In Their Purse Or Wallet

Knowing that you went out of your way to make them smile will flood their brain with the warm, loving effects of oxytocin .

Host A Reading Day

Studies show that happy people were 21 % more probable to read a newspaper or ledger than watch television .

Take Them On A Roller Coaster

While most people might associate this with endorphins and epinephrine, the rush from entertainment park rides besides helps you create a attachment with the person following to you, boosting oxytocin .

Fake A Laugh

badly ! Just the theme of it seems punch-drunk, but many PTSD programs and therapists recommend casual laughing as ‘ homework ’ to feel good .
We bet deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as you ask your loved one to fake laugh, they ’ ll end up laughing for real !

Arrange A Session Of Acupuncture

When acupuncture is applied to specific gun trigger points on the torso, endorphins are released in the area, releasing the tension, pain, and stress .

Give Them A Safe Space

Bottling up your feelings can lead to chronic try and stress-related health problems .
Support your supporter or loved one by letting them know that they can feel comfortable in your presence .

Know When To Call In Reinforcements

understand that if your supporter goes through a night period that lasts longer than a few weeks, without having at least some good days, or indicates a hope to hurt themselves, it is the time to call in master aid .
rede can be incredibly useful in helping person understand their emotions and how to cope with them .
If your friend is authentically depress, it is most probably beyond your ability to help them out, no matter how much you try .
yet, they are lucky to have a friend like you, alerting their parents or a specialist about their difficulties so that they can begin their treatment and convalescence a fast as possible .

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Now it’s your turn…

What is that ‘ one matter ’ you do to comfort person you love ?
How do you best to cheer up person when you see them down and lower ?

In your feel, what is the fastest way to make person feel well ?
Please contribution your experiences below, so other people can learn from you and cheer up their love ones angstrom well .

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