How to Turn On the Flash for Your iPhone Camera

Want to force your iPhone to use the flaunt while you ‘re taking a photograph ? All you need to do is hit the right toggle in the Camera app. As iPhone cameras get more feature-packed, the increasing icons and buttons inside the Camera app might be confusing for some. You may want to use the television camera ostentation alternatively of Night Mode in surroundings with insufficient sparkle. And since the icons do n’t have labels anymore, it ‘s bully to figure out how to turn on the iPhone flash .
To help, we ‘ll look at what the different dart icons mean and the steps you can take to switch on the iPhone blink of an eye in a flash .

What Do iPhone Flash Icons Mean?

You ‘ll see versatile round icons in the Camera app on your iPhone. In general, they follow the be rules :

  • When there is a slash through the flash icon, it means the flash is off.
  • When there is no slash and the flash icon is white, it means camera flash is set to auto. In good light, it won’t flash, and in very poor light, it will.
  • When the iPhone camera flash icon is yellow, it means it will always flash when you take the picture. This may be because it is set to always-on or, if it’s in auto mode, it is because your iPhone thinks it needs to use the flash.

What do iPhone Flash Icons Mean?

How to Turn On the Flash on a Newer iPhone

The instructions to turn on the iPhone camera flaunt change depending on your model. here ‘s how to enable news bulletin for an iPhone 11, 12, SE ( 2nd coevals ), 13, and thus on :

  1. Open the Camera app and swipe away from the shutter or tap the arrow.
  2. Tap the flash icon.
  3. Tap On to set the iPhone camera flash to always-on.

MAKEUSEOF VIDEO OF THE DAY Image Gallery (3 Images)
Swipe up or tap tiny arrow on newer iPhones inside the Camera screen


Tap the camera flash icon to choose an option


Tap on to enable iPhone Camera flash


Please note that you can besides follow the above steps to turn on the front blind flash while taking selfies .

How to Turn On the iPhone Flash for Video

When you ‘re in the iPhone Camera app ‘s Video, Slo-Mo, or cinematic modality, swipe away from the record button to see the news bulletin icon and wiretap On. It ‘ll switch on immediately, even when you ‘re not recording. Whenever ready, tap the criminal record button to start the videography with the television camera flare enabled .
Image Gallery (3 Images)
Swipe up from the Video screen inside iPhone Camera app


Tap the flash icon when in video mode


Tap on to enable iPhone camera flash while video recording


You can not use the iPhone camera dart in Pano ( Panorama ) and Time-Lapse modes .
The above steps show you how to set the iPhone television camera flash to stay on and not be taken over by Night manner. If you change your mind and enable Night mode, it will disable the flash .

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How to Enable Camera Flash on Older iPhones

If you have an older iPhone with a Home button, like an iPhone 6S, iPhone 8, or iPhone SE ( 1st generation ), open the Camera app, tap the flash icon and choose On. Follow these same steps to turn on the flash for Video or Slo-Mo modes .
On the iPhone 6S and late, this besides enables the screen to flash when you switch on the front man camera to take selfies .
Image Gallery (2 Images)
Tap Camera Flash icon on older iPhones


Tap On to Turn on Flash on older iPhones


iPhone Camera With Flash, Light, and Action!

By now, you know how to set the iPhone television camera blink of an eye to always-on alternatively of flashing automatically. In low environments, newer iPhones automatically start shooting in Night mode, during which flash and Live Photos are off. But now you know how to force the television camera to flash rather of shooting in Night modality .

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