Create a Twitter Account: How To Do It Step by Step

Starting a Twitter account is becoming very trendy within professional environments. With a Twitter account, you will introduce your image as a professional or as a company to a larger consultation and at the like time, you ’ ll improve your visibility.
indeed permit ’ s see how to create a new Twitter bill !

How to create a Twitter account

Let ’ s go step by pace so you can see how easy it is to create a Twitter account in a moment.

Step 1: Sign up on Twitter

  • Enter and click on the sign up option.
  • You will have to fill in the information in five steps, as the social network is asking you:

➡️ Your  name, phone or email and password .
⚠️ When Twitter asks you for  your name it is not your name, it is  the nickname you want to use on your Twitter account .

After adding your data and selecting your preferences, Twitter will send you a code then you can verify that you entered a correct e-mail account or call act .
And the concluding footstep is to create your password. Make certain you will remember it and that utah is 6 characters or more .

Step 2: Optimize your new Twitter account

Twitter will ask you to add a profile word picture, write a bio and surveil people. This are actually authoritative steps, as is the trope you are going to transmit to other people with your Twitter report .

✅ Find followers on Twitter

Before finishing the process of creating your chirrup account, you will be asked to follow a minimal number of people. fortunately, there are millions of people with a Twitter explanation sol it won ’ t be besides unmanageable to find person to follow .
From a business position,  we advise you to follow users that can add value or be of any interest to your company .
For example, you can choose followers of a specific category or group, so it will be easier to follow users and professionals related to your activity. skill and Technology, television receiver and Movies, Politics and Government, Sports, Music or Entertainment are some of the groups of pastime that you can access .

✅ Twitter Profile Photo

It ’ mho not mandate to add a profile movie, however, it ’ mho highly recommend if you want to make a dear impression for your business or companies .
Neglecting to include a photo on your account profile doesn’t show transparency or credibility and it will make it more unmanageable to reach your potential clients or followers .
💡 Doubt about Twitter photos ? Find hera a lead about the size of Twitter photos .

✅ Your Biography

Your Twitter bio is besides  very important and you should focus on this part. You want to boost your company, emphasize the rate that your occupation can add or what it makes it different from others. Don’t forget to introduce a URL ( web site, web log, LinkedIn profile, about me ) thus your electric potential hearing can well access your information or that of your ship’s company .

✅ Twitter Access

After completing all the previous steps to create your Twitter report, you can easily access your recently created visibility and logarithm in whenever you want. As we explained ahead, to get the most out of Twitter,  you should have followers and follow professionals that you are really interested in .
➡️  You  can synchronize your Twitter account with your email accounts or your accounts in other social networks.
For case, you can link your new Twitter account to your e-mail accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or AOL, so if one of your contacts has a Twitter account, they will appear so you can follow them .

Twitter Terminology

now you have your Twitter account created, let ’ s clear matters up. If you are one of those who are not familiar with Twitter so far, this brief guidepost of Twitter slang will be very useful .
✅ Tweet: To write a pinch, any text up to 280 characters .
✅ Retweet : To share a tweet posted by another person and show it on your Twitter profile. When you retweet you can either share the tweet or Quote Tweet. When you quote tweet you can add a remark as an introduction and bellow the pinch that you quoted .
✅ Twitter Followers: Users who follow your chirrup account sol they can see your tweets in their timeline .
✅ Hashtag: What is a hashtag ? A son or string of words with no spaces preceded by the pound symbol ( # ) that it ’ s used to identify specific topics. The more interactions received, the better possibilities to gain visibility .
▶️ With Metricool you can also measure a hashtag ◀️

✅ Trending Topic or TT: Refers to those topics receiving more comments and attention than others on the social network in a specific period of time. Something can be a Trending Topic for just few days, hours or even minutes. A micronesia can be generated in a particular country or at a global level .
✅ Unfollower : when a exploiter decides to stop following a finical account
✅ Twitter Verified Account:  It ’ s identified by a gloomy badge and indicates that an report from a commercial enterprise or person is authentic .

Tips for your new Twitter account

If you have already a Twitter report here you have some tips to follow and have a good chirrup report :

How to have a good Twitter account

⚡️ Choosing a Twitter user name

Choosing a drug user name is one of the most important steps when you are creating your chitter history. The user name must identify either you as a professional or your company .
➡️ Take your clock and make indisputable that you find the best name potential to represent you or your company .
however, if you decided to use the identify that Twitter suggested, breathe easy, you can change your name any time and as much as you want.
Try to find an original and attractive Twitter user name, constantly keeping in heed that it should represent your business .
For case, you shouldn ’ triiodothyronine use the name ‘ unavowed muffin ’, when your company sells towels. You could opt to use the actual appoint of your company always considering that the name can’t contain more than 20 characters. The ideal is to find a short-circuit name that is easy to remember. Try to be original without using words besides unusual. Use a appoint related to your brand or character of clientele to the extent possible .

Common mistakes to avoid 

There is a common mistake when users are creating their chirrup account. many users feel comfortable when they complete all the steps that we barely mentioned before, wholly forgetting about how to manage their account and put it into consumption .
If you want to promote your company professionally we advise that you :
✅ Often enter your Twitter account : See the new notifications, find new followers and keep your profile updated with relevant information .
✅ Follow and you will be followed : Be loose to follow other companies that are related to you and that of your business. Find strategic collaborators .
✅ Comment and interact : interact and you will get better visibility and more contacts .
✅ Use Twitter wisely : answer to all mentions or questions that you receive from your followers .
In brusque, a commercial enterprise explanation on Twitter shows your more professional side. however, remember to alwaysbe yourself and display that authenticity that makes you alone .

Measure and Analyze your Twitter Account

now that you have a Twitter account for your company, manipulation tools to analyze and know when your targeted users are more active, monitor what has been said about your business on Twitter or find out when it ’ randomness best to tweet .
➡️ These will be aspects of vital importance to reach a larger number of people .
With Metricool, you can measure the current situation of your published content on Twitter and analyze, oversee and measuring stick the success of your tweets .
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Remember that creating a Twitter report can help you gain more clients, improve your brand ’ mho visibility and notoriety. Don ’ t be afraid, create your profile and start tweet, find followers and interact with others .
Discover the reach of Twitter and tell us your username so we can follow you!

How to create a Twitter account

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