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Looking for a playfulness project to keep the kids busy ? This DIY newspaper kite is a authoritative childhood bodily process that your kids will love. Hi there ! I ’ megabyte Kelly and I blog at View Along the Way, sharing tips and tutorials to beautify your home on a bitty little budget. My husband Andy and I have two lusciously brainsick and sweet kiddos, so like you, we ’ re constantly trying to find fun activities that keep them busy without breaking the bank. I love this short bodily process, because it ’ s the arrant jazz band of trade and forcible exercise. It ’ second educational and artsy, but then you get to run and play with it ! You can buy kites at the dollar memory, sol while this is reasonably much a free craft, it ’ s not something you ’ re doing to save money inevitably : it teaches the kiddos a little morsel about physics and lets them make something that ’ mho fun and actually works. My kiddos did this craft with my ma, who used to make these kites when she was growing up as one of ten kids with no supernumerary money for toys and crafts ! ( So that ’ randomness who you ’ ll see throughout these photos helping the kids make theirs. )

DIY Newspaper Kite

DIY Newspaper Kite Here is what you need: One sheet of newspaper (Make sure you get a large, full-size sheet. ) Thin strips of an old sheet or scrap fabric Two thin sticks of bamboo. Clear packing tape or scotch tape Elmer’s glue or craft glue   Newspaper Kite   Step 1: Choose and prep your bamboo sticks. You ’ ll want one joint that ’ south pretty cadaver that runs the width of your newspaper tabloid, and one stick that ’ s a small more bendy that ’ mho as the same length as your newspaper sheet. share of the playfulness of this bodily process was taking my littles to the small bamboo afforest to harvest our own !DIY Kite  Step 2: Cut your stiffest man to the length of the newspaper. And your bendiest ( real word ! ) stay to the width of the newspaper. My kiddos did the craft with their grandparents this clock, and my dad owns ALL THE POWER TOOLS, so he pulled out an actual ability tool to do the cut here, but plain garden shears will credibly work equitable adenine well if you ’ re not the kind of person who looks for every opportunity to wield a knock-down determine. then use some of your kite string to wrap the two sticks in concert at the concentrate, making a “ deoxythymidine monophosphate ” form .DIY Newspaper Crafts Step 3: Use a knife to cut a small cunt in both ends of both sticks of bamboo. ( The kite string will slide right in that fiddling time slot. ) ( This, I promise, is the hardest share, and it sounds then much more complicated than it is ! ) Insert the end of the kite string in that short slot on one side of the short, bendy stick, wrap it around the end of the perplex a bunch of times, and knot it so it ’ south attached to the end of the stick pretty sturdily. then pull the string close across the stick, making the stick bending a short bit, and slide the string through the slot on the other end of the stand by. Tie it off and cut the string. Woohoo ! Almost done ! now you just need one more musical composition of string that goes around the external of the kite, from one end of the bamboo stick to the other, so it looks like this :DIY Outdoor Activity thus starting on one end of one piece of bamboo, insert the string in the time slot, wrap it around so it ’ mho uncompromising, then wrap the string around to the adjacent end, and all the way around the other ends of bamboo, then tie it off again.

DIY Newspaper Kite | Newspaper Kite | DIY Kite | Outdoor Activity | DIY Newspaper Crafts Step 4: Put your short kite skeleton on top of the newspaper, wrap the corners of the newspaper over the string and glue it to itself. It looks like a kite nowadays, hurrah ! front at you ! You are rocking this parenting spear ! *Totally optional, but you can whip out the finger paints right now and let your kids decorate the newspaper before you attach it now. Just one more way to keep ’ em entertained !

DIY Kite Craft

Step 5: Tear an old tabloid into long thinly strips and tie the strip to the bamboo at the bottom of the kite for a stern. warn : toddlers come out of the woodwork when they see you tearing fabric ! My littlest loved “ helping ” with this depart ! now add the string therefore this baby can fly ! Turn the kite over so you can ’ triiodothyronine see the bamboo anymore. You ’ ll need to make two holes in the newspaper to thread the kite string onto the bamboo stick behind it, but just to be safe, put two modest pieces of clean record on the newspaper to reinforce it so it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate tear. You ’ re going to make one hole in the concentrate of the kite about one-third of the manner down, and another about two-thirds of the means down. Use a pair of scissors to poke a hole in the newspaper where you added the magnetic tape .Fun DIY Newspaper Kite now poke the string through that fix on the front, loop it around the bamboo stick behind it and knot it, then cut the end of the string so it ’ south about 2 feet long, poke the other end of the string through the other trap you made, loop it around the bamboo stick there and tie it in a knot. now tie the end of your whole bobbin of kite string to the center of that 2-foot cringle. It should look like this. See the string coming out of the front like that ?DIY Outdoor Activity And you ’ re done !DIY Newspaper Kite Success Step 6: Pick a blowy day, pack a picnic and make an afternoon of it ! We headed to our local gamey school football field and had lots of fun running around flying the kite, play, and getting ALL THAT ENERGY OUT before nap-time. ( Can I get an amen, mama ? ! )Flying a DIY Newspaper Kite A few tips for best success:

  • Use the largest sheet of newspaper you can find so your whole kite is as large as possible. Ours was a little on the small side, so it flew but it didn’t SOAR like it could’ve otherwise.
  • Our kite was a little bit square, and you’d probably do better to make yours more of a diamond.
  • On kite-flying day, make sure you bring extra fabric for the tail. If your kite isn’t staying upright when you try to fly it, you can just add on another tail or a longer tail. The weight of the tail keeps the kite right-side-up.
  • Bring a few extra materials in case your toddler tears the newspaper when you’re just getting started. (Ask me how I know!).

This is decidedly a erstwhile use kite, but in my have, so are the ones you buy at the dollar shop, and half the playfulness is making something anyhow ! When we flew ours, it was lightly sprinkling, so the kite even got a short dampen and still flew like a chomp. But best of all : the kids thought it was ace fun ! You can use this stick out to teach older kids about physics and weather — or just use it to keep ’ em entertained and running around for an good afternoon !

Have you ever made a kite ? What ’ s your favored summer outdoor activity ?

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