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Easy Printable DIY Creeper and Steve costumes! | saynotsweetanne.com | #halloween #minecraft #costume
indeed, I like Minecraft. You might has guessed as a lot after my DIY Creeper Peeps and Minecraft World Building Marshmallows. So it may not come as a surprise to you that one of our ideas for Halloween this year is to dress up like Steve ( the player character ) and a creeper !
therefore, I set to work making the printables we would need. The printable heads are meant to be printed big and then spray-glued to a square box that will go on the head. For Steve, all you need beyond that is a blue shirt and jeans ! The Creeper could get a little more in depth, but we ’ ra plan on a k tshirt and pants under a breast sized box to complete the ensemble .
Check it out !

Easy Printable DIY Creeper and Steve costumes! | saynotsweetanne.com | #halloween #minecraft #costume
Steve was the hardest, as his confront has 5 visible sides. I studied the in-game graphics and then created these in Illustrator in a HUGE size. That way those pixelly squares are chip and clean and… well… not pixelly .


immediately there ’ s a Minecraft Alex Printable TOO !

What You Need:

  • A box the size of your head that you can fit comfortably in.
  • Matching shirt and pants
  • A rectangular box that your body will fit in (optional).
  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Spray adhesive (my fave) or rubber cement.

How To Make It:

The Creeper:
Grab a square box that fits you or your child ’ s head. Print the base file, and apply it to all but the front side of the box. Print the face file and apply it to the front of the box. Cut out eye holes ( choose one of the squares if you want it to be covert ) and Voila ! A creeper head costume ! Wear all green and you are good to go. Perfect for the game-minded person in your life !

additionally, if you want to be a little more authentic, use a rectangular box as a thorax. I ’ ve included a texture to print and paste onto the breast box to mimic the Creeper ’ s chest of drawers. That ’ s going all out !
Creeper Costume Sample
Start again with the box. Print all the sides of Steve ’ mho headway, and apply them to the box consequently. Cut out eyeholes and a neck hole for the wearer. Steve is just a boy in a shirt and jeans, so you can decidedly stop there. But, I ’ ve included a breast design for Steve besides – so you could grab another corner and go to town !

For The Creeper:

use : right chatter > “ Save As… ” to save files to your calculator and print belated !

For Steve:

habit : good snap > “ Save As… ” to save files to your calculator and print late !

source : https://enrolldetroit.org
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